Chapter 51:

King Of The Demons, Part 3


This was supposed to be a one-man mission. Bookmark here

It was supposed to be simple. Bookmark here

Now it's an eighty-man war. I was in charge of a massive army in the blink of an eye. We charged the small, weak gates of the western trail. We used our overwhelming numbers to break down the feeble wall. It was a massive battle, with the almost entire tribe fighting with us. I was on the front lines chopping limbs off with my plasma ax and fighting hard to win the day. The army is at a standstill with the demons. I needed to help turn the did. I get an idea to run off the trail into a shack, looking like an old gift shop. I see two Demons running after me. I had an idea, so I keep on the chase. After seeing I'm close enough, I stop suddenly, turning on a dime to cut the monster in half, using my mighty ax to get a proper baseball swing in. I should've got into sports back then. The other Demon had a bone sword. He was quick, but I was quicker. I dodged the slices and deflected the thrusts. Once I get a proper deflect that left him open, I ram the spear end into its neck. I turned it to the side and pushed, opening the throat. I start to chop at the head to finish it. It was a bloody mess when I was done. I then ran into the shack and looked around, seeing what I need to step up the fight: Angel Waste. Bookmark here

I cover my mouth once I see it, stepping in. I look in, It's a more solid form like what the NRF made in a barrel. Must be the last batch. I then look around the gift shop to see glasses of booze, plenty of it too. Seeing both gave me an idea. I snatched the drinks off the counter and empty the bottles, then scoop the waste in the bottles, shaking it a bit. The unstable substance violently reacts in the bottle. It should be enough to get rid of them, but not too harmful for breathing it. I took in six bottles and ran to the battlefield, ready to save the day. Bookmark here

I climb off the rocks overlooking the fight. I turn and start chucking the four glass bottles. The white puff exploded all over the battlefield, burning and eating the Demons. It also spread around the enemy field, spreading around like a plague. The poison they consumed is now the reason for their fall. That was the turning point for my boys. The men pushed through, making it a bloodbath for the monsters. I was smiling. It looks like we won. Unfountarly, I catch an arrow in the shoulder. I fall, hitting my head on the rocky ground below. I snap awake, pulling the arrow out. I bleed a lot, yelling in pain. I grit my teeth, holding my shoulder as my clothes stain. I had to continue the brawl, so I had to sprint with the army.Bookmark here

As I ran, I use a piece of my clothes to wrap my injured shoulder as we charge the tight spaces into the other trail. This path was a lot more bloody. The mist was thick, it held the sick corpses of the Demons and more sacrificed people. It was also darker. The sky was covered by a fog of red. We ignored it and freed the prisoners to keep fighting, killing the Demons in small pockets as we came. We keep up the pressure. I see it was obvious that we were gonna win this fight. I see a big cell as we headed into the center. I walked up, only to see a smaller Demon with double daggers charging at me. I tried to swing at it, but my arm was killing me. The Demon drove its daggers into my sides, hurting me especially. I drop the ax and fall to the ground. It pulled out and went to stab my chest, I kick it off, kick up, and toss my fifth bottle of waste. it blocked with its arm, having the arm waste and rot away. Taking advantage, I run to stab the freak in the head, having it gush with the grassy blood. In frustration, I continue punching, destroying the head and neck as I frustratingly finish off the brute. cough, lean on the rocks, dragging myself to open the cells seeing...Bookmark here

Sera.Bookmark here

She was on the floor, wasting away. The room was covered in blood, with a few dead Demons accompanying her. She was clinging to life. I fall next to her, holding her head.Bookmark here

"Hey..." She quietly said. I looked down. She was stabbed. She was bleeding out for a while. I start to panic. My eyes were rapid, looking all over her as I started to shake. Bookmark here

She weakly coughed. "No tears...Please."Bookmark here

I shake my head rapidly. "How c-can I not cry?! You're gonna..."
Bookmark here

She puts her bloody finger to my lips. I break down and held her close. "It's not your fault, Dopeman. You did all this f-for me..."Bookmark here

"Always. I'll do so much for you, Sera." I say in the middle of my fit. "I can't...I won't..."Bookmark here

She grunts. "Remember when you told me the story of Dani's death? How you didn't say goodbye?"Bookmark here

I look at her, the tears falling off my disgusting chin. "G-goodbye...Sera. I love you."Bookmark here

"I love you too, Dopeman..."Bookmark here

She wiped my tears away. I kiss her one last time. She started to tear up as well, feeling all the love I had for her. Bookmark here

We sat in silence for a few minutes. I was trying to think of what to do, anything. I didn't want to say goodbye. I didn't want to see her go. Bookmark here

"Sera..." I say. Bookmark here

No response.Bookmark here

"Sera...Sera..." I look down and see her, gone. I shake and break down, beginning to break down and cry.Bookmark here

At least I was able to say goodbye.Bookmark here

Ant Daddy
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