Chapter 18:

Makoto On A Mission

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

It is now the next day in the morning and unlike other days Makoto is feeling determined and motivated. This change of emotions is due to the club being on the brink of being shut down. He is determined to convince Futaba to join if not he will find someone.Bookmark here

As Makoto is walking to the table where his breakfast is, his dad sees Makoto with a serious face.Bookmark here

"What's with the serious face? Is something wrong?" Bookmark here

"I'm on a mission today. It relates to the club I'm in." Makoto said with confidence and a serious tone.Bookmark here

"Okay." Makoto's dad said with a worried face.Bookmark here

-At school-Bookmark here

Makoto walks into class and doesn't see Kota in his desk which means he must be outside. Having some time by himself he decides to look for Futaba to talk too. While Makoto is walking in the hallway he feels like someone is following him. He begins to wonder if his instincts are really true because he felt the same presence from yesterday.Bookmark here

'Is there really someone following me? I should pick up the pace.' Makoto thought to himself as he starts to speed walk.Bookmark here

Finally Makoto has found Futaba's classroom and sees her sitting down waiting for class to start.Bookmark here

"Futaba-san!" Makoto called out to her which caught the attention of the people in the classroom.Bookmark here

"Eh?!" Futaba looked to the door and saw Makoto which caught her off guard.Bookmark here

Futaba quickly walked up to Makoto.Bookmark here

"What are you doing here?!" Futaba shouted in confusion.Bookmark here

"I came here to talk to you."Bookmark here

Futaba instinctively figured out what Makoto wanted to talk about and quickly dismissed the conversation.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but I don't want to join..." Futaba said.Bookmark here

"What? How did you know?" Bookmark here

Futaba turned to walk back to her seat. She wanted to join the club but she felt that she couldn't because of her bullying toward Sakuri. So she thought it would be best to avoid joining.Bookmark here

"Wait." Makoto grabbed her shoulder to stop her from walking.Bookmark here

"I know you feel bad for all you did,'ve been forgiven. I can tell you mean it with your heart when you say you're sorry for your actions. So, come on." Makoto puts his hand up for a handshake to confirm the joining but yet again Futaba leaves him hanging.Bookmark here

Makoto sighs and just walks back to his classroom. While walking back he comes across Sasaki from the Anime & Manga Appreciation Club and goes up to him.Bookmark here

"Hey Sasaki-san it's been a while."Bookmark here

"Oh hello, Haku-san. What are you doing?" Sasaki says with a shaky voice since he is a shy person.Bookmark here

"I was just talking to someone I know trying to convince her to join the Art Club since we're short one member."Bookmark here

"You're short one member that sucks. I-If you need any help I'm here."Bookmark here

"Thank you but I wouldn't want to disturb your time." Makoto said.Bookmark here

"Okay.." Sasaki said with a monotone voice.Bookmark here

"Class is about to start soon. I'll see you later Sasaki-san. Tell everyone in the club I said hi." Makoto said while walking away.Bookmark here

Back at the classroom Kota is sitting down in his desk and is wondering where Makoto is.Bookmark here

'Where the hell is Makoto?' Kota thought to himself.Bookmark here

Seven minutes later Makoto can be seen entering the classroom and Kota notices.Bookmark here

"Hey Makoto where were you?"Bookmark here

"I was talking to someone ,hoping that they would join the club but it didn't come to fruition." Makoto said in a disappointed tone.Bookmark here

"Who was it?" Kota asked.Bookmark here

" was Futaba-san."Bookmark here

Kota stares silently in shock that Makoto was talking with Futaba.Bookmark here

"Wow that's a surprise. I thought you hated her."Bookmark here

"Not really. I was just annoyed by her but now she truly changed. But it's a disappointment that she can't come to the realization that Sakuri forgives her since she has changed for the better." Makoto said with a sigh.Bookmark here

The teacher comes in and class starts.Bookmark here

-Lunch time-Bookmark here

The first half of the day has passed and Makoto and Kota stroll around the hallways trying to see if anyone is interested in joining the Art Club.Bookmark here

"Wait a minute...hey Kota since we're out here doing this...what are Sakuri-san and Aoki-san doing?" Makoto came to a realization that he and Kota were the only one's that they have seen trying to find a fifth member.Bookmark here

"What're right." Kota said.Bookmark here

Both of them sigh in unison.Bookmark here

"Whatever let's keep doing this." Makoto said then continued to talk to people.Bookmark here

School has now ended and the Art Club is in the club room with all of them worried and not knowing what to do.Bookmark here

"What are we supposed to do?" Aoki said with a sad face.Bookmark here

Makoto gets up from his seat and everyone looks at him thinking of what he is going to do.Bookmark here

"I'll come back. I have to go somewhere." Bookmark here

Kota knew what he meant but didn't want to bring him down knowing that Futaba wasn't going to join after two tries. Makoto moves his hand to open the sliding door. When he opens it someone is on the other side and falls to the floor.Bookmark here

"Wait a second aren't you the one that Kaneko was bullying some days ago?"Bookmark here

Makoto recognized who it was. It was the first year that Kaneko was messing with.Bookmark here

"Oh no you saw me!" The first year gets up quickly and goes to run away but is stopped by Makoto.Bookmark here

"Hey wait. Are you the one who has been following for some days now?"Bookmark here

"Uhhh..." The first year student was left speechless in being found out.Bookmark here

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