Chapter 19:

Wait Who Wants To Join?

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"W-Wait I c-can explain!" The first year blurted.Bookmark here

"Alright then elaborate." Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"Well since you saved me from Kaneko-san I was wanting to be friends with you since you were so cool. So when I would see you I wanted to talk to you but I would get nervous."Bookmark here

Makoto stood still uncomfortable by how he was talking about him.Bookmark here

"Uhh...okay. So what were you doing outside the door."Bookmark here

"I wanted to see if I could join the club. I know you need a fifth member or the club will be disbanded so..." Bookmark here

"Really! Of course you can join! You're a lifesaver!" Makoto said while grabbing his shoulders smiling with happiness with sparkles in his eyes.Bookmark here

Everyone in the club room was looking at Makoto and felt relieved.Bookmark here

"Wait I can't make the final decision. We all have to come together with a decision."Bookmark here

Makoto turned to Aoki and Kato.Bookmark here

"What do you guys think. Do we all agree." Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah so we can get rid of this problem." Kota replied.Bookmark here

"If Sakuri-senpai accepts it I agree." Aoki said.Bookmark here

"So club president what is your decision." Makoto asked Sakuri.Bookmark here

"Yes it's fine." Sakuri said.Bookmark here

"What's your name?" Makoto asked the first year student.Bookmark here

"It's Habiki Kiyoshi, Haku-senpai."Bookmark here

"Well then Kiyoshi-san welcome to the Art Club as our fifth member."Bookmark here

Kiyoshi has a smile form in his face.Bookmark here

"Thank you everyone!"Bookmark here

Everyone welcomes Kiyoshi into the club and introduces themselves.Bookmark here

"Hey there my name is Kota Nakahara. Nice to meet ya."Bookmark here

"Welcome to the club the name is Aoi Aoki and I am the vice club president."Bookmark here

"H-Hello my name is Yasu Sakuri and I am the club president. Nice to meet you."Bookmark here

"Nice to meet all of you and thank you again for accepting me." Kiyoshi replied.Bookmark here

Makoto lets out a sigh of relief because their problem is now solved.Bookmark here

'Finally it's over but now this means Futaba doesn't need to join anymore. Damn.' Makoto thought to himself.Bookmark here

"Haku-senpai we have to go to our supervisor to let him know that we have a full club now." Aoki told Makoto letting him know what they needed to do.Bookmark here

"Okay then let's all go." Makoto suggested back.Bookmark here

All of them head over to where the supervisor is at his desk.Bookmark here

"Hey Kota we've never meet our supervisor for the club before have we?" Makoto looked over at Kota.Bookmark here

"Actually I have hehe." Kota chuckled.Bookmark here

Makoto stared blankly at Kota.Bookmark here

"So Kota you're telling me that even though we joined the club at the same time you've known who our supervisor is and I am the only one who hasn't besides the newcomer."Bookmark here

"Yes." Kota replied nervously knowing when Makoto gets into this tone he gets weird.Bookmark here

"Ok." Makoto simply replied.Bookmark here

After some time walking they have finally arrived at the supervisors desk.Bookmark here

"What...Tanaka-sensei you're the Art Club supervisor?" Makoto said with confusion.Bookmark here

The Art Club supervisor was Makoto, Kota, and Sakuri's homeroom teacher.Bookmark here

"Hello Haku-san I guess this is the first time we've meet as your supervisor for your club." Tanaka replied to Makoto's confusion.Bookmark here

"So what brings you all here?" Tanaka asked.Bookmark here

Makoto nodded to Sakuri for her to talk since she is the club president.Bookmark here

"W-Well now we have a f-full club. We now have f-five members." Sakuri then motioned toward Kiyoshi.Bookmark here

"Oh I see so now. I can let the principal know to cancel the Art Clubs closure." Tanaka assured them.Bookmark here

"Alright!" Makoto shouted in excitement which caused everyone else to get excited.Bookmark here

"Yay!" Sakuri surprisingly shouted with happiness and with a smile on her face.Bookmark here

Makoto looked in shock at hearing Sakuri who is usually shy and nervous with a shaky voice has shouted with excitement in her voice. And Makoto stared at Sakuri and noticed her smile which reminded him about how cute she looks when she is smiling.Bookmark here

"Hey Makoto are you okay?" Kota waved a hand in front of Makoto's face to grab his attention.Bookmark here

"Huh?" Makoto snapped out of his staring.Bookmark here

"What were you looking at for so long. You didn't move at all."Bookmark here

"Huh?! Uhh...I-I was was nothing." Makoto got flustered and started to blush from embarrassment.Bookmark here

"Are you sure? You were staring at Sakuri-san for a long time." Kota said in a teasing way.Bookmark here

Sakuri hears her name and overheard what Kota said and started to blush because he said Makoto was staring at her. Makoto looks back and forth between the two of them and begins to stutter trying to explain.Bookmark here

"I-I uhm...Uhh." Makoto gets completely red in the face from the teasing from Kota and Sakuri knowing he was staring at her.Bookmark here

Kota starts to laugh and so does Aoki since she was listening to the whole conversation. Kiyoshi just stood there just looking at them.Bookmark here

Everything is settled and they all head back to the club room. Makoto is still slightly blushing with discomfort from the teasing earlier. They have now arrived and settled in.Bookmark here

"So what are we doing today?" Kota asked.Bookmark here

"How about we-" Aoki started to reply but got cut off from the sound of the door sliding open.Bookmark here

"Haku-san! Where are you!" Bookmark here

Makoto quickly turned around to see who was calling him and lo in behold it is none other than Futaba.Bookmark here

"Futaba-san why are you here?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"I-I want to j-join the club." Futaba said with a stutter in her voice nervous to tell Makoto.Bookmark here

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