Chapter 0:

Prologue Nova


“Their rotten voices; killed every fragile cell in me, this isn’t even the life I signed up for. Well, I got nothing better to do. Come on! I’m still going all out!”Bookmark here

Demons, androids, and gods desire this power. It could be a myth, but just knowing there's a possibility throws all the star systems and realms into chaos.Bookmark here

Two boys hurry away from the Invaders; laser-blasting near their heads. The boys both hurry away inside a crashed airplane seeking cover. Both were gasping for a single breath, while some Invaders close towards the plane. Bookmark here

"There's an exit towards the back," the younger brother tells his brother, but the other boy disagrees with the plan; he suggests the younger brother go.Bookmark here

While the brothers are talking, an arm rips through the airplane steel grabs the older boy pulling him through the airplane; the kid rushes out only to find his sibling dead with a fiery hole through the chest. Bookmark here

Rainfall strikes his eye; he doesn’t even flinch. The boy sees a reflection of himself from a puddle of blood draining out his brother. Tears fall into the pool. Bookmark here

AHHH!" His vision blurs; filled with rage.
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"BURN, BURN YOU, BASTARDS!" He screams. Bookmark here

He runs towards the opposite way. The invaders' fear has overcome the boy; he doesn't make it far before being shot in both legs, he tries to roll away, but he’s stopped dragged back to his tragic ending.
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“Die! You dirty fucks! I’ll kill you all, how could you? What did we do? Answer me! Bookmark here

Burning flesh smokes out his wound into the bleeding moonlight. The rotten smell doesn’t bother these monsters, they bathe in the chaos.Bookmark here

He’s dropped on his cold stale brother's body; he looks up to the sky to find a full moon upon him; the invaders enclose him; he splits among them multiple times afterward a gun, forced​ into his mouth, BANG!!!Bookmark here

There's no good or bad, only greed for true strength. Can this power fill the void of all the people you will lose along the way? Will you be ready to disregard everyone and everything to be with Nova.Bookmark here

Essence is life, it embodies ninety percent of all beings in the seven-star systems. Clans can share a similar essence chain; all-natural elements and strength flourish through essence. Is this Nova’s doing, giving you a chance? Perhaps something mighty blesses essence upon you.Bookmark here



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