Chapter 20:

The Art Clubs Final Member

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Makoto's jaw dropped from shock because of what Futaba has just said.Bookmark here

"W-What?" Makoto exclaimed.Bookmark here

Everyone else is just as shocked as Makoto is because they wouldn't think Futaba would join. Kota was feeling the same way Makoto was coming from the fact that Makoto said she was not interested in it.Bookmark here

"I-I gave it more thought and I decided to a-accept your offer to join." Futaba said while fidgeting.Bookmark here

Makoto came back down from his shock and contemplated what Futaba said.Bookmark here

"Nah, we already got a fifth member. We don't need you to join anymore." Makoto thought it would be funny to mess with Futaba.Bookmark here

"Eh! W-What do you mean!" Futaba felt embarrassed enough not joining when Makoto asked the first time but even worse not being accepted right now.Bookmark here

Kota knowing Makoto he knew what he was doing and was trying not to laugh.Bookmark here

"Someone already joined today. It's him, his name is Habiki Kiyoshi and is our final member so see ya."Bookmark here

Makoto then went to escort Futaba outside but he noticed that she appeared to be tearing up and it made Makoto snap out of his act.Bookmark here

"Hey Futaba-san are you crying?"Bookmark here

Futaba didn't respond and walked out.Bookmark here

"Wait Futaba-san I-I was just kidding! I w-wasn't being serious!" Makoto stopped her before taking another step.Bookmark here

Futaba stopped and clenched both her teeth and fists.Bookmark here

"You idiot what's wrong with you!" Futaba screamed at Makoto.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry I thought it would have been a funny joke. Anyways come on inside so we can have you officially join." Makoto said while getting nervous since he started to feel the stares of Aoki and Sakuri.Bookmark here

When Makoto turns around with Futaba he notices that Aoki is giving him a death stare for being mean and he sees that Sakuri is giving him a mean glare as well which stuns him.Bookmark here

'What the...Sakuri-san is actually mad at me?' Makoto said to himself.Bookmark here

"S-So everyone what do we think? D-Do we let Futaba-san join?" Makoto had an idea of what the response was going to be but he didn't know for sure.Bookmark here

"Of course!" Aoki yelled.Bookmark here

"Sure." Kota and Kiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Club president?" Makoto asked for her opinion.Bookmark here

"Yes she can join you meanie."Bookmark here

Makoto took a step back dumbfounded that Sakuri just called him a meanie and even more in shock that she didn't stutter at all. Kota was laughing silently with his hand covering his mouth.Bookmark here

"O-Ok then Futaba-san welcome to the club."Bookmark here

Futaba this time put her hand out to shake. Makoto looked down to her hand and then turned to his side.Bookmark here

"Alright let's do some painting today what do you guys think?" Makoto spoke out to everyone.Bookmark here

Futaba got mad at being left hanging and looked at Makoto angry just standing there.Bookmark here

"Urgh! Haku-san!" Bookmark here

" you know how it feels huh?" Makoto joked.Bookmark here

All Futaba could do was just accept it and let it go since she did it twice to him.Bookmark here

Makoto put his left hand out and Futaba stared in doubt but went to shake it to confirm her joining to the club.Bookmark here

"Just so you know I didn't shake your hand because you had your right hand was out and with this new cast I couldn't."Bookmark here

Futaba forgot about his hand and felt embarrassed. Bookmark here

After some time everyone is now painting besides Makoto who is just watching. Makoto moves over to where Kota is.Bookmark here

"Wow that's a nice flower Kota."Bookmark here

"Thanks. You know I just noticed you have a new cast; so did you end up going to the hospital?" Kota was not informed by Makoto that he had it professionally checked on.Bookmark here

"Oh yeah I didn't get to tell you I forgot since we were so busy. I went yesterday after we ended club activities. It's a lot more comfortable now."Bookmark here

"So what's the problem with your hand?" Kota asked.Bookmark here

"The doctor said my index finger knuckle and middle finger got slightly fractured. It's going to take 3 weeks to heal; this sucks..." Makoto cried out at the end of his sentenceBookmark here

"That means you're not going to be able to do club activities."Bookmark here

"I know...but who knows maybe I'll try to do it with my left hand."Bookmark here

The Art Club continued to work on their paintings and showed it off to each other while Makoto watched jealous he was missing out on the fun.Bookmark here

'How hard is Kaneko's face? How hard did I punch him?' Makoto pondered to himself wondering how his hand got like this from one punch.Bookmark here

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