Chapter 53:

King Of The Demons, Part 5


There was a storm brewing. The gray clouds grumbled with the lightning flashing in the sky. I thought it was gonna be sand or some form of Angel Wast but it was...Bookmark here

Rain. Bookmark here

 It started to rain. It was crazy to see the water spill from the sky. We all looked in the sky, shocked. I had to shake it off, we needed to advance quickly. "MEN!" I yell as we cleared the gate. "The rain is a sign. We must strike! Go!" We charge down the trail, keeping our spirits high as we run down the area. We see must be the main camp. The Demons were prepared, shooting a volley of arrows at us. Many of us fall. but we hit the camp soon. It was another battle, with both sides in the deep contest. I was in the middle of it all, fighting.Bookmark here

I see some Demons cutting down and killing the prisoners. I see the prisoners hurt and cut the Demons. We hit and brutalize each other, making sure we don't go down with harsh strikes, hurtful cuts, and bashes. I kept up the tempo, brawling with the Demons while I was pushing forward. I was caked in green and red, using my ax to claim these monster's lives. I was getting cut myself, making my body bleed. I leaked as I kept the battle going. The Demons went out more and more. They tried to keep a strong momentum going, but it was to no avail. We kept it pushing over to the center of the camp, leaving a trail of bodies behind us.Bookmark here

As we reached a bonfire, I see four marked Demons, ready to attack. I move out of the way of the first spear attack. I throw my ax at the second one, killing it. I grab the first monster and slit its throat. The other two tried to stab me at the same time. use the corpse of the dead beast as a meat shield, hopped back, and chucked the last bottle of Angel Waste at the two, killing the two. As I landed, I collapsed. I was cut all over. As I got up, more Demons tried to attack me. I rolled out of the way put the ax on one of their legs. I hopped on his neck and started thrusting my arm blade into the retched best. I repeated the striking until it stopped moving. I grabbed the ax from its legs and repeated the process of chopping the neck until removal. Bookmark here

I panted as I looked past the rain. My face gets covered in water for the very first time in over a decade. I open my mouth to just drink the water. It tasted wonderful. I grabbed the bottom of the mountain and I start to slowly climb. Bookmark here

I was taking my trip up, being careful not to slip and fall. The rain felt nice, at least. The lightning strikes all over the mountain, the wind was strong, and the rain was heavy. I was halfway there when I feel scales around my waist. The big Demon pulled me off, sending the both of us flying, I lost my ax on the way down. I hit back first on a high platform, gasping and losing my breath. I pant, slowly getting up to see a massive Desert Demon. He must've been the chief. He was strong, stood tall like a human. He had piercings and tattoos. He smiled and cracked his knuckles. Bookmark here

I held my fists up. I'm gonna take him down myself. I go aggressive and attempt to punch his gut He took it with no effort and put his knee to my stomach. He punched me to the floor. I stumbled up and got on the offensive and started to so go for rapid strikes and kicks. He blocked them all. He was invincible. He wasn't phased by a single hit I threw at him. Constantly he throwing me to the side. I just thought if I kept up the punching and kicking.Bookmark here

He caught my fist and threw me with ease. I was getting frustrated. What do I need to do? Wait, I'm playing his game. All my fights, all my victories, I played it my way. That's why I lost to Kaos. I played on her terms. With this in mind, I charge. I dodge the hook and unleashed the arm blade, sending it right up his side. Chief wasn't expecting that. He bleeds more and more as I send more punches his way. I poke hole after hole in his scaled body. I grabbed his shoulder and started to ruthlessly drive my blade in his gut. With one final punch to punch to the face, he fell flat, bleeding out and crawling away. I walk up to him and grab his head. I put the blade to start sawing his head off, making sure the crowd saw. I drove the blade in the neck, the ground being stained as I got deeper and deeper. The Demons looked on at my act of violence. I yelled as I pulled it off. The Demons and prisoners paused in horror. Thousands had their eyes on me, gripping the head of the strongest monster in the canyon. Bookmark here

All I could do is yell. Bookmark here

Yell in frustration, relief.Bookmark here

The Demons looked on with terror as they bowed suddenly. Bookmark here

The king is dead. long live the king. Bookmark here

I toss the head on the ground in my final act of frustration and started to climb the slick rocks as the rain stopped. The journey was just as long as the canyon war. I was hurt, I was tired from all that fighting earlier. I pushed onward to the top.Bookmark here

I soon reached the top. I reached for the radio. It was cracked, but it was working. I pressed the button. "Hello? HQ! This is Dopeman!"Bookmark here

Static. Bookmark here

"Please...Pick up! HQ! HQ!"Bookmark here

Static.Bookmark here

"No...Damnit!"Bookmark here

Static..."Hello? This is Green, over."Bookmark here

"Thank God! We're in Arizona! We need back up, ASAP."
Bookmark here

"Got it. Send the cords and we'll be there soon." Bookmark here

Mission complete. Bookmark here

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