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The 7 Lost Horrors Movies by Carmine BasileusBookmark here

Quality cinema that was lost to time because of greedy Hollywood companies couldn't let their creatives be creative! By this definition there are mostly more than 7 lost films, but going through my sources I have come up with 7 films from high-profile horror directors that fans of their work would love to see.

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Curse of the Skull ServantThe first of the batch is of course the by the great Aiden Perry. It was scheduled to come out in1995. The last Aiden film before his long hiatus. There was always a rumor of this existence, but nothing was confirmed until 2011 when Aiden's Son, Jericho, mentioned when Aiden appeared at an anniversary panel for Cosmic Blood. The story goes after the string of financial flops, Sleazy Strippers in Blood Manor, Abominations from the Arctic and Hornet Homicide, The studio was begging him to do another Cosmic Blood film. He said no, wanting to do a movie in a connected world with his fellow director friend, Gabriel Russo, creator of Arcade of the Living Dead. The studio heads refused, stating, “Nobody wants to see anything from you except for Damn Space Vampires!”

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Aiden scrapped up his savings and started to work on the film, consulting with Gabriel along the way. After the grueling 6-month shoot, the film was completed. That was only the start of Aiden's problem. The studio head, incredibly pissed that Aiden didn't come back to do another Comic Blood, basically had him blacklisted from the industry. With no way to get the film out, it stayed with Aiden as he fell out of the public eye and the industry completely until the talks of the Cosmic Blood remake started.

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That Is Until Now. Check after this article for the First review of Curse of the Skull Servant.
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