Chapter 54:

Demon Class Of 2093


 spoke the coordinates out. Bookmark here

"Got it. We'll be there in Aproximently three weeks." Green said. I rest my head on the rocks, nodding along. I was so happy. I didn't care I was so high up. I didn't care that I was this close to falling into the depths below. I opened my eyes to really got the scope of the land. The destroyed landscapes and the sand. I breathed out for a moment, feeling the cold air in my face, I could almost cry. Eventually, I decided to climb down. My legs gave out at the last step as I landed. I laughed to myself. It was finally over. Once I could gather my strength I took my hat off and placed my head on the rocks. I closed my eyes, starting to rest. I feel myself starting to relax. For once, I can just sleep...Bookmark here

I was out for who knows how long. I was poked awake by a Demon. "Gruap?" It said. I yelled, scooting away. It stared at me blankly and titled its head. I had my wrist blade ready to strike. It didn't move. Bookmark here

"W-what?" I replied, suddenly realizing it's not trying to kill me. "I...don't understand." Bookmark here

It made a symbol like food. Was he asking me to eat? "G...Hungrup?" Bookmark here

I put my hat back on and followed. "Uh, sure..."Bookmark here

It leads me to the bonfire. The prisoners uneasily eat with their former enemies. They're serving cooked meat of some kind. I can assume they're giving their own kind as an apology. I sit at the head. The hooded stranger was next to me. "Call me crazy but I think you're the new chief." Bookmark here

"I think so." Bookmark here

"You should be more excited. You have a whole army at the palm in your hands!" Bookmark here

I mean...I suppose it's possible but I can't stay here. I need to transfer the power."Bookmark here

"It's your tribe. What you say, goes." Bookmark here

"If they can understand what...Oh! I can just teach these Demons English!" Bookmark here

The stranger laughs. "Is it that easy?"
Bookmark here

I shrug. "I mean it shouldn't be terrible right? Just a little something before I leave this place. I don't think I could even leave without settling this." I then get the biggest piece of meat of the group. Benefits of the chief. I start slowly eating, enjoying the food with my new tribe.Bookmark here

The next day, I put the prisoners to work. I have them teach the Demons English. It was like a community center, I loved it. Over time, the Demons spoke like us better and better. I choose the best creature that spoke the best English and told him to follow me. Bookmark here

"Hmm...Your language is strange, Chief." He says, his voice was rough. Bookmark here

"I know. What's your name?"Bookmark here

"Hm, I was called Selfton."Bookmark here

"Selfton. Cool. Tell me about the chief customs."Bookmark here

"We as a people follow one person. What he says goes. We follow him, hear his commands." Bookmark here

"Do you mesh well with other tribes?" Bookmark here

Selfton scoffed. "No. They betray who we are. They fought against us. The traitors are scum. They do nothing. Where are they now?"
Bookmark here

"Not here, that's for sure. Things won't change over there. I won't be fighting any more chiefs that's for sure."Bookmark here

The Demon nods. "What's the plan, Chief?"Bookmark here

"I'm gonna make you chief after the lesson is over, ok?"Bookmark here

He was shocked, he shook his head. "N-no, I couldn't possibly..."Bookmark here

"Nonsense. You were here longer than me. Just two things. No more sacrifices and no more Angel Waste. Got it?"Bookmark here

"Easier said than done, chief. We've been doing it so for so long. We'll definitely try."Bookmark here

I tapped his shoulder. "And that's the first step to change." Bookmark here

Once the week was up, I taught the Demons properly. They can finally communicate with us now. At the same time, Selfton teaches me Demon. Or the basic form of it. I also learn the different markings of the creatures. With all I can do, I give the leadership role to Selfton. The Demons bow to him as I head over to the old path. I picked up a wrapped-up Sera and walk to leave, planning to inform the others. I expect the prisoners to follow me but, they stay. I approach the Samurai. "You're not leaving?"Bookmark here

"No." He answered. "I like it here. These Demons are ok. I'm pretty happy here."Bookmark here

I smiled. "Wow. I can't believe it. Good luck, friend." I shook his hand and started walking away. I turned for the last time, looking at the crowd of Demons and humans, chatting and eating in harmony over the campfire. I gave them one last wave and made my way out the canyon. Bookmark here

Looks like I solved racism.Bookmark here

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