Chapter 21:

Budoshi Stratagem!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

After knowing the full truth behind the train's disappearance and also knowing what happened after the rail line was built in Etsuchi. Chairman Ryochi still didn't get the answer he wanted nor the way to save those passengers. The diary can be written on one side because it was the word where Sakichi was present. The full truth is still to be known as to who was behind the dragon's awakening, why and what happened to Etsuchi after that. Who is Akiyama's last survivor? his identity. How will they find a way to save those passengers?"Bookmark here

Chairman Ryochi punched the wall and said, "Tusk! I figured this would find a way to help those passengers. Now what should we do?"Bookmark here

Then Rongi says something, "Don't lose your temper here. I'm the best fit for this. For now, let's go back to the East Japan Railway Company."Bookmark here

Chairman Ryochi asked, "Why?"Bookmark here

Rongi replied, "That's the least we can do to find out who that boy is."Bookmark here

"Okay! You're right. Let's go." Chairman Ryochi agreed. Then they both left for the East Japan Railway Company to search for the identity of Eiji Grandson.Bookmark here

In present-day Etsuchi, two men were talking in a room. One had a bud on his shoulder with green sparkling eyes reflecting on the table and the other had a fancy cap on his head with an iron suit.Bookmark here

"I didn't think of your cooperation, Zel." Bud on shoulder Man says.Bookmark here

Zel smiles and replies, "Budoshi, you left no choice for me. Your word and purpose deserves to be fulfilled."Bookmark here

Then Zel remembered the day when the well was destroyed.Bookmark here

All except the princess and other suspicious women were in the throne hall. Your Excellency Beryuu, Zel, Reina, Trono were talking about who destroyed the well and why and how?Bookmark here

Then Budoshi came with the tea, and he served it. Everyone appreciate and he says, "It's because of your innocence, Your Majesty. That bastard Sakichi stole some crystal bombs from the heritage room and put them in the well."Bookmark here

"But why would he do this, what would he get from it? There must be something else or you would have got a wrong idea." His Majesty says while taking a sip of tea.Bookmark here

In it, Zel suspiciously asks, "Do you have any evidence, Budoshi?"Bookmark here

Trono also asks the same thing, because Reina was not interested in this conversation, so she was going to have a sip of tea. Suddenly, His Excellency Beryuu fell from his chair and peeped out blood from his mouth. Everyone saw that, then Trono looked at Budoshi and asked, "What did you put in the tea?"Then Trono glanced over his left shoulder and he saw that big flower now turned into very small like in its starting phase.Bookmark here

Walking from his place, Budoshi came to the fallen Majesty, bowed down and looked at him and said, "I will run this world in the right way, till then you rest in your long sleep, His Majesty."Bookmark here

Trono gets furious and asks, "What do you mean, Budoshi?"Bookmark here

"I knew Trono, you would defy me. But it's in vain, your flawed power will never win against me. So just keep calm and listen to my motives." Budoshi says after sitting at His Majesty Beryuu place.Bookmark here

But even now Trono, who was loyal to His Majesty, tried to attack Budoshi. But before he gets a chance, Budoshi leaves a lot of vines from his hand toward him. Those creepers get all over Trono's body and imprison him inside it, then they squeeze him inside and a lot of blood spills to the surface and he dies.Bookmark here

As Reina saw this, she got up from chair and bowed down in front of Budoshi.Bookmark here

Then Budoshi asks Zel, "Won't you defy me? Or Will you give your cooperation?"Bookmark here

"Okay, first I want to know about your intentions. What do you mean by ruling the right way? Then I'll decide what to do." Zel put his hat on the table and said.Bookmark here

Budoshi said, "You're right. Look at it first." He takes something out of his chest and puts it on the table.Bookmark here

Shocked Zel, "It's so.."Bookmark here

"Yeah! Seal Dragon Staff, that's my plan. It's already eaten sixty-five human brains, now there's only one hundred thirty-five left." Tell Budoshi.Bookmark here

Zel looks at him and asks, "When did you start all this?"Bookmark here

"From the start,I always knew this staff location. Now everything was there to unsealed him, I made several plans but nothing worked. After that, when Eiji and Sakichi came and started their rail line work here I saw hope for my plan. On the day of the party, Beryuu had erased the memories of everyone expecting Sakichi and Eiji. Eiji was close to me before he left. I gave him a fruit, which I had. It was from part of the tree from the seed in my body. From that he was in my possession and was sending a human. Until yesterday, Sakichi came in the middle. Then he destroyed the well in the early morning." Explain Budoshi.Bookmark here

Reina intervened, "Why didn't Sakichi come to tell Beryuu? Meaning it would have been a good move."Bookmark here

"For that, I had already threatened him well, the last time Eiji was coming with his daughter. I told Sakichi, if he interferes I will tell Eiji to kill himself and his daughter," Budoshi answered.Bookmark here

Budoshi continues, "So now on to my whole plan and motive." Before that he showed his real face which was very old - his long luscious hair turned into greyish long hair. The vines all over his body started looking very tight and dried. The buds were also getting dries.His eyes were getting squeezed but that green eyeball was reflecting very clearly.Bookmark here

Reina and Zel see him but weren't that much surprised, then he says, "I'm older than you can imagine,look at this. I don't plan to rule this world or destroy other worlds. My real plan is to give us freedom from this world and let us live the life we ​​want. One should not be in misery with this faulty power and in return for bestowing an eternal power or in another word you can say I want to remove this curse of flawed power from us. No matter what way I have to choose."Bookmark here

Zel interrupted, "What do you mean?"Bookmark here

“As I said I am older than you all, this seal dragon is no ordinary dragon. I have all the knowledge of this world and the day when I searched about this dragon, I found this. It cannot be controlled or is rampaging but when you ride on it, you will be able to go into any dimension, wherever you want to. Wish there, you won't even have to die from a brain burst if you don't have crystals. This world is getting boring for me and I think for all of you too." Budoshi says.Bookmark here

He then takes out a smartphone, he tells Reina and Zel to see the picture inside it. "This is Eiji and Sakichi's world. Light, beauty and technology. Everything is so much prettier and advanced than our world. That's my plan, once the dragon is unsealed. We'll ride it, get to this world and will live like that the way we want." Bookmark here

Reina gets excited and jumps in, "So I'm your comrade in this, Your Excellency Budoshi."Bookmark here

"Hmm! That's interesting, Budoshi. But what about the princess and her? Because the princess still has a dragon that can get in your way and if she gets that woman's help, they're invincible." says Zel.Bookmark here

"I've already planned for it. Especially for her because the princess is still naive so she won't be such a big problem." Budhoshi replied.Bookmark here

Zel took the kettle in his hand, spilled all the tea out of it and said, "I have the essence of many things. But how did you kill the king and how would you connect to the other world? the dragons still need one Hundred and thirty five human brains and now the Well have also been destroyed."Bookmark here

"How did I kill the king first - do you remember I had a big bud on my left shoulder. It grows like this every 500 years. Its power is so powerful that it can kill any majesty. So I put it inside the tea." Budoshi explained.Bookmark here

"Are you that old? 500 years?" says Reina.Bookmark here

"Yes! I'm 1504 years old..." Budoshi revealed.Bookmark here

Budoshi says again, "So now the point is to connect with that world. For this, I already put Dr.Agath on this."Bookmark here

"Meaning?" Jail asks.Bookmark here

"You remembered once when Eiji told us that he has a grandson. He belongs to the Akiyama clan. There is some blood of that child in Dr.Agath's lab."Bookmark here

"How did you get that?" Zel asks.Bookmark here

Budoshi stands from there and says,"I asked Eiji for backup of my plan. But blood is very low, so connecting to that child will take time around decades or more. Let's skip this many questions. Because questions don't always need to be answered. So tell me about your cooperation?"Bookmark here

"Okay! I will play along with you. But if I found some other motive or you are lying.I will be your biggest nightmare." Zel says and gives his hand for shaking. They shook hands.Bookmark here

Now in the present again,"It looks like you are having fun inside of your mind." Budoshi says as looking him.Bookmark here

"Nah! It's just that I remember something." Zel denies.Bookmark here

Budoshi questioned,"Why can't we teleport other passengers here by your power?"Bookmark here

"I would love to do that. But Teleporting above hundred humans with my flaw powers would worn me out. For that first I need a lot of crimson crystal, we don't have even that much stock. That's why I'm making them play these games and there is no wrap in the last compartment. Everyone is held hostage there." Zel explains.Bookmark here

Budoshi smiles and says,"That sounds good."Bookmark here

Kyle comes rushing in anger, informing Budoshi and Zel. That Zel little sister took the Two hostage from the last compartment and directly headed for the next stage.Bookmark here

Zel stands and walks from there to go to check what his sister is upto. While going to that place, someone intervened."Looks like you are in a rush." Voice was similar to someone Zel knew.Bookmark here

"Ah! It's you,Reina. I thought you were inside the cell." Zel looks at her.Bookmark here

"Yeah I was! But then I begged Budoshi, he released me in exchange for one thing." She chuckles and says. Come closer to the Zel ears and whispered,", About that Princess is still not dead, someone from inside hiding her."Bookmark here

"You intend to fight against me,do you really think you have a chance to win against me?" Zel grabbed her neck in his hand and said.Bookmark here

On the other Hand,when Jon and his friends entered the compartment, they saw two people lying down. One was an old man in a horseshoe moustache in a blue -green overall dress. Another was a woman in pure cloth like she is a female priest, which is confirmed with a yin-yang tattoo on her neck. One side was yin and the other was yang.Bookmark here

They all went there after that Voice,"Welcome you weakling and lowly species."Bookmark here

Germon looked here and there,and asked," Who are you?"Bookmark here

She introduced,"I'm Ziesha. Little sister of Zel and host of this stage."Bookmark here

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