Chapter 55:

Love With Dopeman


I started my hike back to the camp with my old lover in my arms. I'm happy for the new tribe. I remember when I was blowing the Demon's head to many bloody pieces. Once I head back to Nevada It'll be the same, but at least I'll be able to understand them. Arizona will definitely be better now with the new crew. It at least stops the massive sacrifices. I kept my pace up, walking through the sand-covered landscape.Bookmark here

I didn't really take the time to soak in the trail. I was refreshed a bit, but I was really tired overall. My clothes were still stained with green blood from the mini-war we had. I was still beaten. After walking for a bit. I squat and rest next to an old restroom with her. I took my hat off and really soak in what happened. I look over, gritting my teeth. It sucks. It hurts. I had to bring her back to camp. I stand and kept my walk on as the night starts. It was cold, clear skies. The stars were nicer than usual. I felt like If I collapse right now, I wouldn't complain. Sera wouldn't like it if I dropped her right now. I hiked for a few more hours, reaching the camp in the middle of the night. Fisher was keeping watch. He flicked his cigarette and sprinted toward me. "Dopeman! What happened? It's been a week! Where's...Sera..." He looked down at the wrapped body in my hands. "No..." He shook his head. I set her down as he started to process what happened to the woman. "No! NO!" He cried hysterically, a rush of emotion and heartbreak taking him over. The soldiers and Kyle run out hearing the commotion. The stop, seeing what happened. I placed my arm around the man, comforting him. We stayed like this for an hour. After he fell asleep, I picked him up and set him down in his tent, and went to sleep in my own tent.Bookmark here

The next day, I was sitting with Kyle. I explained everything that happened in that canyon. From the prison to the war to the death to the chief to the Demon-Human tribe formation. Kyle pops a cigarette in his mouth to smoke. "Huh. What a story." He blows the smoke, looking at the sky. he held the lit ciggy in his robot arm. "You're telling me that you can do all that? Why the hell do you deliver mail all day?" He had an unusual tone. Bookmark here

I shrug. "I told you I dislike war. And since when did you smoke? I thought you tried to keep yourself clean."Bookmark here

"You know, I remember when I was training. I was keeping my body up fresh and in shape for people I didn't even see. I never saw the general again after he recruited me. Then I just lost my arm. All I got was a new arm and no breaks. Then I get pushed to Arizona. I lose almost all of my soldiers, I fight Demons and NRF for months and just feel like crap. While I was waiting for you I was offered a cigarette by one of my men." He smiled. "Who cares? What they're gonna do, fire me? I need the vacation anyways." offered me the box. Bookmark here

I grabbed the box. "I haven't smoked in years..." I shrug and took his lighter, smoking as well. "I hate war."Bookmark here

"Me too, Dopeman. Me too."Bookmark here

I laughed. "So, what are ya gonna do once you head back?"Bookmark here

"See my kid. They can discharge me for all I care."Bookmark here

"Man, it's sad to see the young military man turn into a hardened rebel."Bookmark here

He scoffed as he took a drag. "Don't get me wrong, I'm loyal to the army. I will always be in Miller Corps. I still believe in the vision of a return to democracy. I'm just going to do it..."Bookmark here

"Your way?" I put up a fist. Bookmark here

"My way." He fist-bumps me.Bookmark here

Later, I walk over to Fisher's tent. He hasn't been outside all day. I walk in to see the man in bed, quietly crying. I sit on the bed, placing a hand on his arm. "It's my fault. If I could've..."Bookmark here

He cuts me off. "No. Don't say that." He stood up and sat next to me, wiping his eyes. "Please don't say that. You did all you could. You're so strong and loyal and capable." We welled up, resting his head on my shoulders. "I always wanted to be like you ever since I saw you fight. You bring your all. Don't say anything like that again."Bookmark here

"Fisher, what are you trying to say?"Bookmark here

He looked at me. "I like you, Dopeman. Ever since I saw how much of a man I wish I could be."Bookmark here

"Fisher...You're funny, a good shooter, just a fun guy. You don't have to be me..." Bookmark here

He smiled. "I don't know if you liked people like me, ya know?"Bookmark here

I shrug. "I never tried it. I mean...I'm pretty willing. I didn't hate the kiss..."Bookmark here

He held my chin. "Wanna do it again?"Bookmark here

I shrug and moved in for a kiss. We locked lips for a passionate smooch for a few minutes. We pulled away, smiling. "Not bad." I utter.Bookmark here

FIsher smiled and playfully smacked my face. "Glad it wasn't terrible." Bookmark here

With that out the way, the soldiers had gathered as we burned the body. I watched the fire, slowly crying. I stand and walk in front, starting to speak. "Sera was a caregiver. She always wanted to take care of me, of all of us. She was the mother of Miller Corps. She was a fighter till the end. She would be proud of us. All of us. Sera to me anchor. She was the reason I didn't break down in those wars. She was the reason I was recovering as quickly as I could. I loved her..." I pause. I then wiped my face. We will all drink in her name. Here's to Sera, mother of the Miller Corps!"Bookmark here

They all chant. Bookmark here

Here's to you, Sera...Bookmark here

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