Chapter 0:


Valiant's Call: The MMORPG of Reality

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The sun appeared above the sky in a blink of an eye, bringing the light and brightness to everyone in land, an assumptive necessity for all…but was it really the ‘sun’ of what everyone around lived? The ‘sun’ did what was supposed to do but why is it in a shape unordinary to its original and actual form? A round ball that everyone called a ‘star’, emitting the needed light for life to continue its existence. Now no longer round but in a shape that combines a hexagonal prism and two hexagonal pyramids, thereby resulting to a quartz crystal form in a size equivalent to the sun that everyone once called a ‘star’ before. Unordinary as it looked but what’s more were its means of appearing. Rather than arising from the horizon at dawn, the ‘sun’ stayed above the sky, the center of the land, never moving an inch or less. Could there be a new name to this entity? What happens if nighttime arrived? How would it change in form, or would it even do so? And most of all, why did everything become vastly different?Bookmark here

“Everything is so different now, right?” Two boys wandered around what seemed to be the neighborhood they once lived in, slowly ravaged by stones, grass, roots, vines, trees, and such vegetation but not in green color.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m not used to this yet… What even happened for all of the things around to change?”Bookmark here

“…Dunno…but look! The streets we lived in changed drastically. It’s completely different than usual… Even the surroundings too.”Bookmark here

“Houses turning to trees slowly…but why? Why is there even a forest replacing all of what’s around?”Bookmark here

“…Let’s keep walking down this road.”Bookmark here

“It was all cement before, and it turned to dirt now.”Bookmark here

“And I don’t know how to bring things back as they originally were.”Bookmark here

“So do I…”Bookmark here

“We need to find a way to stop all of these changes!”Bookmark here

“Look, I understand how you feel but you need to calm down. We don’t know how to stop this, and we don’t even know who to ask about them all nor the right person to approach.”Bookmark here

“Then what do we do?!”Bookmark here

“I don’t know! …You know what… I think you should wander around here, explore more of this forest while I go gather some hemp and flax around…if there’s any.”Bookmark here

He left him and explored more of the place they were at. A young girl was following them both unnoticed and went on to follow the wanderer.Bookmark here

He roamed around the area that was once his neighborhood, now a forest swallowing all what remains left. Houses, street structures, cars, and pavements submerged by the palm of nature, disappearing supernaturally with no trace left behind. All have been replaced by trees that never existed before and mysterious entities he had never seen in his life, like neon butterflies flying around while leaving a trail of dust of their colors, and creatures undetermined and unknown to the previous reality he lived in, a reality that he had lived since he was born prior to everything around now.Bookmark here

He came upon the remains of his home embraced by twisted wood of forestry colors and vines wrapped around it. Each time he looked away; his awareness triggered as things can be unexpected of what’s around. And when he looked back to it, a portion of his home disappears with no sound in the slightest bit.Bookmark here

He heard footsteps of someone from behind. There came the young girl who followed him, sobbing for a reason he already knew. He felt her tears, but he didn’t give in to his emotions, and instead, he numbed himself to embrace the new reality he is living in.Bookmark here

He looked back to his home only to find nothing anymore but a massive syrup-brown tree whose leaves were different shades of indigo as so were the other trees around, with a mist in the thinnest and pinkish with glitters of white and pink giving such a dazzling gleam. Bookmark here

But even if what was around was beautiful, his home had disappeared completely… Why did it happen just like that…?Bookmark here

He closed his eyes to his dismay and opened it again…Bookmark here

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“Will there be a way to bring things back to normal…?”Bookmark here

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