Chapter 5:

Chapter 5

Saint Wizard's 2nd run-through

After the moronic scene Teru withnesses, he walks back to the carriage only to be stopped by Nakano. Catching her breath, she asks straightfowardly "Hey Teru, why not join us on our trip?"

Maruki slaps the back off Nakano's head, "Are you stupid? There's no way he can join us" Nakano pouts "Huuuuhh? Why not? Who knows, we might need a priest with us on our travels!"

"No way in hell is he coming with us. You do realise he was the same person who tried to shank me a few moments ago, and then passed it off as a commission?"

Teru blankly stares at Maruki while he rants right in front of him.

"Putting that personal experience aside, we still don't know nor understand his full capabilities are, he may as well be a 3rd rate priest in for extra coins"

Teru after a long stare breaks silenece "Couldn't agree you anymore, honestly"

Teru shifts his point of view to Nakano and replies "Thank you for the offer and letting me have this opportunity, unlike him, but I'll have to decline due to.. uh.. personal reasons.. right"

Nakano replies back "Well if that's the case.. then thanks for the commision and have a safe trip back!" As she hands him over a few bronze coins

As the carriage rides off into the distance, Teru looks back to Nakano waving frantically goodbye.

"A trip huh.. That'd sound nice.. if only he's gone.."

The coachman thought to himself how did a bedridden patient can suddenly run outside so enegetically, and why did he also want to beat up the reputable hero, Sora?