Chapter 14:

March 19: A Crazy Idea

One Month to Figure out my Future

The next morning I put the little gift I bought for Rihoko, in my bag. This time I wanted to get to school pretty early so I texted Hayato telling him to wait for me.Bookmark here

“I’m off early today.”Bookmark here

“And you leave you little sister all alone?”Bookmark here

“Can you manage everything on your own?”Bookmark here

“Of course I can!! Go to Rihoko, I know you are dying to see her.”Bookmark here

“The only one I’m going to be seeing is Hayato. Byeee.”Bookmark here

I closed the door and got into the elevator. I had a specific reason why I wanted to get to school early and it was not to give Rihoko her gift.Bookmark here

I arrived to the usual underground station and Hayato was there waiting for me.Bookmark here

“Good morning Satoshi.”Bookmark here

“Hey Hayato, thanks for waiting.”Bookmark here

“No problem, it is always nice to have someone to get to school with. Is there a specific reason why you want to be early today? It doesn’t happen that often.”Bookmark here

“I need to talk with someone.”Bookmark here

“I see, and this someone is Rihoko, right?”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry but you are wrong.”Bookmark here

“Miss. Kamuro then?”Bookmark here

“Wrong again.”Bookmark here

“I surrender, who is this mysterious person?”Bookmark here

“You’ll see eventually.”Bookmark here

“Not fair…”Bookmark here

I was not going to tell him yet, because if I have to be honest, I was still unsure about what I was going to do. I had many doubts especially because my actions could have caused mixed reactions.Bookmark here

“I almost forgot, did you find out what was wrong with Rihoko yesterday?”Bookmark here

“Yes, it was just a misunderstanding, now everything is clear again.”Bookmark here

We arrived at school and I decided I was going to go ahead with my idea.Bookmark here

“Well, I have to go now, Hayato. See you in a couple of minutes in class, hopefully.”Bookmark here

“It seems like you are going into war, are you sure you are ok?Bookmark here

“Yes, I think.”Bookmark here

I waved at him and headed for the student’s council president room. Yes, I wanted to speak with Megumi, the girl who, until two days ago, I always tried to avoid as much as possible.Bookmark here

Once in front of the “office” I knocked.Bookmark here

“Come in!”Bookmark here

I could clearly tell that this was Megumi’s voice. I opened the door and got in.Bookmark here

“Oh Satoshi, what are you doing here?”Bookmark here

I still had a bit of hesitation, but after a deep breath, I spit everything out.Bookmark here

“Would you like to join the literary club?”Bookmark here

She looked at me as if I was crazy. Maybe I was, but I had my reasons for asking her something like this.Bookmark here

“Sorry I think I didn’t understand correctly, you want me to join the literary club?”Bookmark here

“Exactly.”Bookmark here

“You know it’s impossible right?”Bookmark here

“And why is that?”Bookmark here

“I mean, for many reasons! I am already the president of a club, and what do you think would say Rihoko?”Bookmark here

“You are not worried about that, you are worried that you family might get angry because of you abandoning the traditions. Tell me, you want to join the literary club?”Bookmark here

She didn’t reply.Bookmark here

“You must change your own situation yourself. You can’t wait for things to get better on their own. You are not interested in literature and reading? No problem, join another club or even found your own, nothing and nobody should have the right to be stopping you.”Bookmark here

“I… I appreciate your interest but…”Bookmark here

“But, what? Don’t tell me that I can’t understand or that you can’t do anything to change. You have many options and the best part is that, you are the one in control.”Bookmark here

“You understand that this is too sudden?”Bookmark here

“Maybe, but there are two more weeks of school left, I don’t think you have much time to think about.”Bookmark here

In that moment, someone else knocked on the door. Megumi immediately put herself back together and once again said: “Come in!”Bookmark here

The door opened and this time the vice president came in.Bookmark here

“Oh we have a gust, should I leave?”Bookmark here

“No, don’t worry, I already said what I needed to say. I’ll leave now, thank you.”Bookmark here

I did not want to put more pressure on her so I just decided to leave her some time to think. Maybe I sounded a bit dramatic back then, but I think it was necessary to really catch her attention.Bookmark here

I went back to the classroom.Bookmark here

Hayato was already waiting for me: “So, can you tell me now what you have been up to?”Bookmark here

“I asked Megumi to join the literary club.”Bookmark here

“Megumi? Megumi Takano? The student’s council president? The same girl who wanted the club to be shut down?”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

Hayato put the palm of his hand on my forehead.Bookmark here

“Nah, it doesn’t seem like you have a fever. Maybe you are a clone, a robot, you actually feel a bit too cold to be human.”Bookmark here

I pushed away his hand.Bookmark here

“I’m totally fine, many things happened and I felt this was the right thing to do.”Bookmark here

“Now you have to tell me the whole story, but before that, did she accept and joined?”Bookmark here

“She hasn’t decided yet, but I guess now it’s a good time to tell you everything that happened regarding Megumi.”Bookmark here

While explaining everything to Hayato I tried to be quick and go straight to the point even if he kept interrupting me by asking so many questions.Bookmark here

“You actually went to her house and she drove you back home on a luxury car with a driver????”Bookmark here

“Pretty much.”Bookmark here

“I’m so jealous, since when you have become so irresistible to girls.”Bookmark here

I would not put it that way but whatever…Bookmark here

“Anyways now I just wanted to give her a bit of a hand, I don’t think that what she goes trough daily is worth it.”Bookmark here

“You are going a lot out of your way to help her, it’s not like you. I guess people change, and you are becoming a really good person.”Bookmark here

“I’m paying her back, that’s all.”Bookmark here

He started laughing loudly, the other people in the class started looking at us and I tried to disappear underneath my desk.Bookmark here

“What are you doing Satoshi.”Bookmark here

“I’m trying to pretend I don’t know you.”Bookmark here

“That’s not really going to work, everyone here knows, I’m basically the only person you talk to.”Bookmark here

That was really true and sad at the same time. I got to a proper sitting position and Hayato went to sit at his desk, but shortly after he turned back to me again.Bookmark here

“Oh right, I forgot to ask, what do you think will Rihoko think about it.”Bookmark here

“Weeeell, that’s a little detail I still have figure out.”Bookmark here

“Rough times await you Satoshi, especially if Megumi really decides to join the club.”Bookmark here

“You may be right, we will see.”Bookmark here

Speaking of Rihoko, I still had to give her the gift. I might as well ask her to see me after school in the club room so that it will be much easier.Bookmark here

I went to Rihoko’s desk where she was reading a book, and was also wearing her messy bun.Bookmark here

“Hey Rihoko, after school are you going to the club room.”Bookmark here

“Oh, hi Satoshi. Yes, I think I will. You need something?”Bookmark here

“Kind of, I will be there too. Nothing important, see you later.”Bookmark here

“Sure.”Bookmark here

And this matter was settled too; now I just had to survive another school day.Bookmark here

We were in math class when something different happened. Miss. Katsuragi was making us solve various different problems to prepare us for the math exam we would have had the next day. Suddenly she called up Hayato to the blackboard.Bookmark here

“Narukami please come and solve this one.”Bookmark here

“Sure Miss. Katszuragi.”Bookmark here

He felt weirdly confided. Usually he would start looking at me desperately hoping for an answer. Once at the blackboard it did not take long for him to reach the solution.Bookmark here

“And if I’m correct the answer should be 27.”Bookmark here

It was correct, impressive. He really committed to learning math this time.Bookmark here

“Precisely, good job Narukami. This time you showed your true capabilities.”Bookmark here

Shortly after he went back to his desk and while sitting down he whispered at me: “Now we can get in trouble and I will be able to solve any problems that she throws at me.”Bookmark here

Classic cocky Hayato, he will never change.Bookmark here

I responded: “Shut up jerk.”Bookmark here

Hayato’s redemption was the only interesting event of the day and when classes were finally over, I went to the club room with some delay so that I would be sure to find Rihoko already there.Bookmark here

When I came in I was greeted by Rihoko: “Good to see you vice president.”Bookmark here

“Good to see you too, president.”Bookmark here

We had a little laugh and then I put my bag on the table.Bookmark here

“There is something that I would like to show you.”Bookmark here

“Is it a book?”Bookmark here

“It has letters but it’s certainly not a book.”Bookmark here

“Alright let’s see.”Bookmark here

I took out the calligraphy artwork which was wrapped in the same paper I used yesterday for Miyo’s gift, but this time she actually wrapped it so that it would look cleaner.Bookmark here

“This is for you.”Bookmark here

“Really? Is it for me?”Bookmark here

“Sure, it’s a little gift nothing, special.”Bookmark here

She took the package with her usual red face and said: “Thanks, you are very kind. Can I open it?”Bookmark here

“Go ahead.”Bookmark here

She unwrapped it like there was no tomorrow and looked at the artwork.Bookmark here

“It’s my name, and this is a cherry wood frame. It’s so cute I love it.”Bookmark here

“I’m glad you like.”Bookmark here

“Where did you get it?”Bookmark here

“Well, I found out that Megumi’s grandfather is a calligraphy expert and has a little shop where he does custom works like this.”Bookmark here

I think she still wasn’t really happy to hear Megumi’s name too often, but at the end she seemed pretty happy.Bookmark here

“Thank you. I really appreciate it. I think I will hang it in my bedroom so I always can remember the nice person who bought it for me.”Bookmark here

That was embarrassing but I understood what she was trying to say, I think.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I could have asked her what she would have thought if Megumi was to join our club, but I didn’t want to ruin her mood, so I just decided to call it a day and go home. This time I didn’t meet anybody on my way and nothing stopped me. I felt really good and I had the opportunity rest a bit, but as soon as I dropped the bag on the floor (maybe it was a divine message) the math book came out and reminded me that, the next I was going to take an annoying math test. At the end I had to postpone my resting to do some more math exercises.Bookmark here

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