Chapter 21:

A School Day in Yasu Sakuri's Perspective

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"Yasu! Come down your breakfast is ready!" Sakuri's mother called out to her daughter.Bookmark here

"Coming!" Sakuri was well ready to go to school and was just needing to eat her breakfast to start her day off.Bookmark here

Sakuri goes down the stairs to sit on the table where she sees her mother setting down the plates for the both of them to eat.Bookmark here

"Thank you for the food!" They both said in unison as they began to chow down on their plates.Bookmark here

"So Yasu how has school been lately?" Her mother asked.Bookmark here

"It's been good. My friends are the best and are always taking care of me. Especially Hak-..." Sakuri stops abruptly before finishing that last sentence as she realized what she was about to say.Bookmark here

Sakuri's mother took notice and immediately knew what she was thinking.Bookmark here

"Hmm? What was that about Haku-san? It seems your still fond of him." Sakuri's mother teases her daughter.Bookmark here

Sakuri started to blush at her mom teasing her about the feelings she has for Makoto.Bookmark here

"You know Yasu, that boy is good for you. He is a very nice kid and I can tell he cares deeply about you." Bookmark here

"Really you think so?" Sakuri questioned her mother's thoughts.Bookmark here

As they both kept eating Sakuri kept on thinking of her mother's words and about Makoto. She finishes up and heads out for school but before that she stops by the memorial of her father near the front door.Bookmark here

"Hey there dad. Please watch over me today and keep me safe. Bye." Sakuri said while having her hands in a praying manner.Bookmark here

-At School-Bookmark here

Sakuri arrived at school and goes up to her class. She makes it to the classroom and spots Makoto and Kota chatting in their desks. Sakuri stares at Makoto's face and blushes while looking at him laughing. Makoto notices Sakuri staring at him and turns to wave at her with a smile. Sakuri returns the wave and quickly goes to her seat and buries her head in her arms on the desk to hid her red face.Bookmark here

-Lunch Break-Bookmark here

Sakuri started to eat on top of the roof of the school since she liked the feeling of the wind passing by while she eats and liked to be alone even though she would enjoy to eat with Makoto and her fellow club members. As she is thinking this the door to the roof opens and it is Makoto.Bookmark here

"There you are Sakuri-san. What are you doing here?" Makoto walks up to her.Bookmark here

"H-Haku-san. W-Well I-I wanted to eat up here." Sakuri talked with a shaky voice.Bookmark here

"Why? Don't you hang out with Aoki-san at this time?"Bookmark here

"N-No...she goes with her friends. It's okay you don't need to worry. I'm fine up here alone." Sakuri said with a slight sad tone in her voice.Bookmark here

Makoto did not respond and left to go back down. Sakuri looked back down on her food and as soon as the door closed she began to tear up.Bookmark here

'Of course he leaves...who would want to eat with me...' Sakuri thought to herself while eating and crying.Bookmark here

Some time has passed and Sakuri is halfway through her bento box. Her eyes have puffed up and are red from crying but she has since calmed down. Then the door to the roof opens up and she sees that this time it's Makoto with Kota, Aoki, Kiyoshi and Futaba.Bookmark here

"Hey Sakuri-san I'm here with everyone. Come on everyone let's eat our lunch together." Makoto walked up to where Sakuri was and sat next to her.Bookmark here

"Sorry I took so long. It was hard to find everyone and to convince Futaba-san especially hehe." Makoto laughed thinking how stubborn Futaba is.Bookmark here

Sakuri couldn't believe it. She thought Makoto had left her but in reality he went to grab everyone to be able to eat together.Bookmark here

"Sakuri-senpai I'm sorry! I didn't know you had to eat alone everyday. I'll make sure to always hang out with you." Aoki said apologetically to Sakuri.Bookmark here

"I-It's okay." Sakuri stuttered.Bookmark here

Sakuri did not know how to feel. She didn't know that her friends cared deeply about her. She looked at Makoto and saw that he was smiling looking at everyone else chatting and having fun with each other. Makoto turned his head to look at Sakuri.Bookmark here

"I'm also sorry I never noticed. I hope I was able to make it up to you." Makoto said with a smile.Bookmark here

Sakuri began to smile back.Bookmark here

"T-Thank you H-Haku-san." Sakuri started to tear up again but this time from happiness.Bookmark here

Everyone continues to eat with each other throughout the lunch break. All of them can be seen smiling and laughing having fun with each other. Sakuri is having fun being with all of them and finally realizes something.Bookmark here

'I really do have caring friends.' Sakuri thought to herself with a big smile.Bookmark here

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