Chapter 1:

First Monday: Strays like men in uniforms, too!

Monday Monster Girls

Cold winds snap at exposed skin, visibility is next to zero, and howling winds shake buildings while blocking out all other noises.

Except for one sound.

He hears a pained cough come from the alley next to his apartment.

Somebody homeless?

No matter who it may be, he could never leave somebody exposed to this severe weather.

“Hey! Somebody over here?” he shouts into the alley, stomping through the snow.

The sound of rustling trashcans reaches his ears.

“Come on! You can come inside until the storm calms!” he shouts, unable to see whoever is in the alley.

A cloaked figure shakily stands up from behind the snow-covered trashcans. All he can see beneath the robe is dark skin that alluringly contrasts against its white surroundings.

And then the figure collapses face-down in the snow.

“Hang on! I’m coming!” the man shouts while charging through the snow to reach the figure. Turning the figure over, he sees a young woman with flushed cheeks, eyes closed in pain, and grimy dirt covering her skin. “It’ll be alright, I’ll take you inside. I’m going to pick you up, alright?” he tries confirming with her, but he doesn’t get a response.

Wasting no further time, he loops his arms underneath her and carries her up to his apartment.

The girl wakes up when she hears a loud crash! Jolting up from where she’s lying, she looks around and sees a crack in the window on the wall next to her. Those ravenous winds outside must have flung something into it.

That’s one concern addressed. Now, the more pressing matter is this: where is she?

Looking around, she sees that she is in a small room and on top of something soft. She looks down. It’s a bed.

Her feline eyes widen at what else she sees. It has been so, so long since she last looked at her skin and didn’t see filth staining it. There is no dried blood, no dirt and grime – for the first time in years, she is clean. Even the clothes that she is wearing are clean! But now she is faced with another question: whose clothes are these? She has a baggy, white t-shirt on with sweatpants that are still too loose on her despite its strings being tied together as tightly as possible.

She runs her hands through her hair and, rather than get blocked by knots and dirtied clumps, she is able to smoothly run her hands through it. When she looks at her hands afterward, there is not a single bit of dirt on them. If anything, her hands smell sweet now. Her hands aren’t the only pleasant scent, either. Even the shirt that she is wearing and the sheets on top of her smell so… comforting – warm.

Tentatively, she lowers her head back unto the pillow. It smells like her hands do, but also has the scent of the shirt and sheets mixed in with it.

Nuzzling her face into the pillow is so comforting that it completely overrides the urge to scratch that itch on her right ear. Well, only for a few seconds. She still ends up giving in to scratch at the unpleasant feeling on one of those large, pointed feline ears atop her head.

“Sorry, did I miss some fleas?” a deep, masculine voice asks from the other side of the room.

The girl shoots up from the bed, brings her knees to her chest, and wraps all but her face with the blankets as she hisses at the strange man!

Wait… she can see him perfectly? What happened to the bangs that she had hanging over her eyes? If she can see him without her bangs in the way, that means he can see—

She brings a single hand up to cover most of her eyes, only peaking through a small gap in her fingers as she continues hissing.

He holds a glass of milk out. “It’s alright. I was only coming in here to set this milk down for you for when you’d wake up… which you have, so feeling thirsty?” he asks her. He smiles when he hears her gulp.

However, as soon as he takes a step closer to her, she swipes at the air between them. “Alright, alright. I’m going to set the milk down on the floor right here for you. Then I’ll walk away. Alright?”

She looks around, trying to find a spot to hide or escape through.

“I know that look. Listen, if you want to leave after the storm then you can, but I can’t in good conscious let you leave while this storm is hitting us. I’m not going to force you to stay, but you can be sure that I am going to try annoying you into staying. Oh, I should probably… here, take this milk,” the man says, setting the milk down on the floor before leaving the room.

She waits a few moments before carefully sliding a single foot off of the bed onto the floor.

“I’m coming back in, alright?” he asks from outside of view.

That foot on the floor is immediately pulled back up underneath the covers.

Stepping back into the room, he places what looks like an opened wallet down on the floor next to the glass of milk. “This is my badge. I’m a police officer, alright? Actually, since you seem too afraid to come over here in the first place, I’m going to go ahead and toss it onto the bed. Alright?” he asks, picking his badge wallet back up and then gently tossing it over to her on the bed.

She flinches when she sees him toss it, then again when it lands right in front of her.

The hand not covering most of her eyes grabs it to examine it.

His name is Daniel Anderson. He is twenty-four years old, six foot two, and has blue eyes. She looks at the picture on the ID and then back up at him. Both the man in the picture and the man in front of her look tall, have blue eyes, short brown hair, and are clean-shaven. The police badge looks authentic as well, but she doubts that she would be able to spot a fake one as long as it’s even slightly convincing.

“Also, sorry, but I hope you don’t mind that I cleaned you up and dressed you. Your old clothes are in the washer right now, but with how torn up and stained they were, I’m not sure you’d—” Daniel gets cut off when his badge flies right into his face!

Looking at her, he sees blushing cheeks and quivering eyes behind the small gaps in her fingers.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that without asking you first, but you weren’t waking up and covered in dirt. I wanted to make sure that you weren’t hurt anywhere, and once I stripped you, I figured that I would wash you since there were fleas all over yo—”

This time it’s his pillow that comes crashing into his face.

“Alright, I deserve that. I’m sorry. I promise that I didn’t do anything weird, though.”

She looks ready to throw another pillow at him but instead hugs it against her.

Is this his scent? Does this warm, comforting scent belong to him? Even after throwing things at him, when she looks at his face, she sees nothing but concerned and genuine eyes.

“Thanks,” she quietly says.

He smiles. “You’re welcome. I couldn’t just leave you out there, and I would have called an ambulance if they could get out here.”


“Femi?” he asks.

“My name. Femi,” Femi says.

Daniel finds Femi’s voice just as alluring as her looks are. It is soft, yet feminine. She sounds serious, but also wise. “I like that name. It’s cute,” he says.

She completely covers her eyes now. “You cut my hair?” she asks.

“Just your bangs and the knots that I couldn’t get out. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Now you can see my eyes,” she says, her voice sounding worried.

“Is that a bad thing?”

She nods her head behind her hand. “My eyes scare people. I grew my hair as long as I could to cover them, and it took me a really long time…”

“You’re a Sphynx, aren’t you?”

She nods her head again, this time slower than before, and she leaves it hanging downward.

“Sorry, I’m sure it must have taken a really long time for your bangs to grow that long, but they were badly knotted and covered in fleas. As for your eyes, I don’t think they’re scary at all.”

Femi raises her head and looks at him. The gap between her fingers is slightly larger than before, allowing him to see that her eyes have widened.

“I only caught a quick look at them before you covered them up, but I thought they were beautiful if I’m being honest. They shine like gold! I’ve never seen somebody with eyes like yours before.”

“I’ve – I’ve always been told that they are scary. I was tossed out as a kitten after nobody would buy me. All my brothers and sisters were sold but me.”

“You’re a first generation?” Daniel asks her.

“What does that mean?”

“First generations are animals that started off like, in your case I’m assuming, regular cats, and then somehow got transformed into having a human form later on rather than being born that way. Were you originally just a cat, and then you got this current body?”

“I… I am still just a cat as far as I am concerned, but you are correct. My original body was much smaller and weaker. I have only had this body for the past few weeks.”

“Do you know how old you are?”

“I believe… perhaps one and a half years old?”

“If you were that old when you transformed, that puts you between eighteen and twenty years old in human years.”

“That is such a high number… am I to die soon then?” she asks, tightly clutching the pillow now.

“Oh, no. As long as you’re healthy, you’ve got another… anywhere from sixty to eighty years in you, probably. You’ve got to go by human years now. Even if you still have your ears and tail, you’re more human than cat now,” he explains.

“I… I see. What am I supposed to do for that long of a time?”

“Whatever you want! You can get a job, go to school, get married and have kids, play games or read books, watch movies, explore the world – anything that humans do.”

“Sounds like a lot of effort,” she says, sounding disappointed.

“See? I told you that your eyes are beautiful.”

She looks up at him with a confused expression. It takes her several seconds to realize that she is no longer covering her eyes up. Her free hand instinctively tries raising back up to cover them, but she hesitates. “Do you truly mean that?” she asks, unable to look him in the eyes.

“I do. Can I come closer to get a better look at them?”

“You may approach me,” she says under her breath.

“Already sounding like you’re the boss of this place, you’re definitely a cat.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asks with a pout.

“Nothing at all,” he answers. She flinches when she hears just how close his voice is to her now. “You have the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen, Femi, and that’s a promise.”’

Femi finally brings herself to look him in the eyes. “Are – aren’t you too close?” she asks, realizing there is hardly any space between them.

“I wanted to get a good look at them. They are even more beautiful up close. You really should be proud of them. I bet you could go and be a famous model just for your eyes alone!”

Rather than listen to his words, she wrinkles her nose and sniffs. The scent on the shirt she is wearing and the sheets are far stronger than before, and it is coming directly from him.

“Sorry,” he says, stepping away from her. “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, so I probably shouldn’t be talking right in front of your face.”

“It’s fine. You… I like how you smell, so you may stay close to me. You smell warm.”

“I smell warm? I’ve heard that I smell before, but never that I’ve smell warm. Also, you’re pretty honest when you aren’t throwing things at me,” he teases her.

“I was simply startled before. Would you not be startled as well if you woke up in a strange place and somebody told you that they stripped and bathed you while you slept?”

“You’ve got a pretty good point there,” he says while picking up his badge wallet and pillow, setting the former down on his desk while tossing the latter back onto the bed. “So, you’ve been alone ever since you were a kitten? It’s a miracle that you’ve survived on your own out there for so long. Must have been tough.”

She hangs her head again and nods.

Daniel sits on the bed in front of her and brings a single hand up to pet her head between her ears.

The sudden touch causes her to jump and swipe at his arm! Her sharp nails cut right through the top layer of his skin, causing his blood to drip down onto the sheets.

She looks at him with widened eyes. She looks afraid. “I’m sorry, I was—”

All she sees is that same genuine, concerned expression from earlier. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. Did I scare you?” he asks.

He completely ignores his cut arm and the blood seeping out from it onto his pants and bedsheets.

“Aren’t you… angry at me?” Femi asks, looking up into his eyes with quivering eyes of her own.

“Of course not. I’m the one who touched you without warning, and after everything you’ve been through, I should have been more considerate and thought about how it might make you feel. So, please don’t feel bad. It was my fault,” he explains, causing her eyes to widen even more.

She finally lets go of the pillow to instead grab onto his arm with each of her hands. Gently pulling it toward her, she brings the cut skin in front of her mouth and carefully licks where she cut him.

“H-hey, you don’t need to do that. I’ve got bandages,” he tries talking her out of it, but she doesn’t let go. If anything, he feels her grip on his arm tighten as her tongue gently yet firmly licks his wounds.

Her tongue doesn’t feel nearly as rough as he thought it would. It is strong and not as soft as a regular human’s tongue, but not rough nor scratchy.

She continues licking until the blood clots and no longer bleeds.

“You must have some vampire blood in you as well,” he jokes. “Thanks, Femi.”

Femi pulls her head away from his arm and wipes the blood off of her lips onto the back of her hand. “Vampire? What is that?” she asks.

“Oh, another species of demi-humans who live off of human blood.”

“That sounds horrible. Blood does not taste pleasant.”

“I told you that you didn’t have to do that.”

“…I owed it to you. You most likely saved my life tonight, so… that means that I am indebted to you for the rest of my life,” she says, looking away once more to hide her expression.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m a cop. Helping people is what I do. I literally make a living off of it, you know? Well, I’m pretty sure handing out tickets pays my paycheck more than helping people does, but you get my point.”


“Like I said, don’t worry about it. Anyways, how about staying the night? You can have this room to yourself, and it locks from the inside. I have the day off tomorrow, so if the storm dies down, I’ll go ahead and get you registered as a new demi-human at the offices.”

“The offices?”

“Yeah. The Demi-Human Integration Society offices. They register any demi-humans who get transformed, like you, or any that come out of hiding and want to join human society. They will get you on track with whatever you want to do as well. College, work, volunteering – whatever you’re interested in doing, they’ll help you out. They do more than that, but the rest is boring stuff related to laws and my job. Oh, and they’ll get you set up with temporary housing until you can be independent.”

“Temporary housing?”

“Yeah, you’ll get your own apartment like what I’ve got here. It’ll probably be a bit smaller, and it’ll already be furnished so they all look the same, but you’ll get to live on your own in your own pl—”

Femi jumps into his arms and almost knocks him off the bed!

“What’s wrong?” he asks, being careful not to touch her to surprise her.

“I want to stay here. I want to stay with you. You told me my eyes are beautiful… so you must take responsibility for me now,” she explains while nuzzling her face against his chest. “I want to smell you more, I want you to tell me my eyes are beautiful, I want you to touch my head again – please don’t make me be alone again…”

Hearing everything she just said – it’s impossible for Daniel to not gently wrap his arms around her in a hug. He carefully places one hand on her back while resting the other hand on the back of her head. “It’s alright. I’m not going to force you out, and you can stay until you’re ready to leave.”

“I told you that I am indebted to you. I will never leave you.”

“Come on, you’ll get bored of this tiny apartment in no time. I’m sure there’re tons of things you want to go do out in the world. But like I said, you can stay until you’re ready to leave.”

“Like I said, I will never leave you.”

“You’re stubborn, aren’t you? Well, I’ve been pretty bored and lonely lately, so I don’t mind you sticking around. Just remember that you can lea—”

“I will forget it as soon as you say it for it is not something that I will ever do.”

He looks down at her.

She looks up at him.

As pouty and defiant as she looks, she looks happy and so does he.

“I grant you permission to pet my head,” Femi says.

“You’re such a cat,” Daniel teases, moving his hand from the back of her head to up between her ears to pet her.

She shows him a proper cat smile as he pets her head. “What is that supposed to mean?” she asks again.

“That you’re cute like a cat,” he answers.

“Well, I am a cat, after all. I am obviously going to be cute like what I am,” she says while nuzzling her head up against his hand.

And so, the police officer finds himself with a live-in cat that proves she means it when she says that she will never leave him.

He also finds her sleeping in piles of his clothes and sheets whenever he gets home from work.

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