Chapter 22:

Our Friendship

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

It is now the weekend everyone is doing their own thing. Makoto, Kota and Kiyoshi are playing video games at Makoto's house. Futaba is hanging out with her separate friends. And Sakuri is currently home helping her mother with cleaning the house.Bookmark here

"Yasu you know you don't have to help me around the house." Her mother said.Bookmark here

"I know, but I enjoy helping around the house." Sakuri said with joy.Bookmark here

Her mother sighs.Bookmark here

"Kids your age should be having fun and hanging out with friends going places. When I was your age I was going up and down town with my friends and also having fun times with your father." Sakuri's mother started to have a frown near the end of her sentence thinking of the past.Bookmark here

Sakuri's phone started to ring.Bookmark here

"Hmm. Who could that be?" Sakuri's mother asked.Bookmark here

Sakuri picks up her phone and answers.Bookmark here

"Hello?"Bookmark here

"Hey Sakuri-senpai what are you doing right now?"Bookmark here

"Aoki-san? I'm just cleaning around my house." Sakuri repliedBookmark here

"Oh if you're busy today then I'll leave you alone if you want."Bookmark here

Sakuri's mother quickly walked toward the phone and next to Sakuri.Bookmark here

"Hey Yasu go and hang out with your friend. I can take care of the house today." Sakuri's mother had a smile in her face knowing more about her daughters friends.Bookmark here

"O-Okay then. Aoki-san I'm actually available today."Bookmark here

"Really! Yeah! Alright I'll text you where to meet up. See you soon." Aoki hung up with excitement.Bookmark here

-Half an hour later-Bookmark here

Sakuri is waiting at the meetup spot in the middle of town and Aoki is nowhere to be seen.Bookmark here

'Aoki is running late. I wonder what's going on.' Sakuri thought to herself.Bookmark here

Then from afar Aoki can be seen running while waving her hand.Bookmark here

"Sakuri-senpai!" Aoki yelled while running to let her know that she is here.Bookmark here

"Aoki-san your late what happened?"Bookmark here

"Sorry I lost track of time." Aoki said while trying to catch her breath.Bookmark here

"So where are we going today?" Sakuri asked.Bookmark here

"How about we go get some ice cream and sit down in the meantime as I cool down." Aoki suggested.Bookmark here

Sakuri and Aoki walk for a while looking for an ice cream shop and finally arrive at one.Bookmark here

"Hello what can I get you today?" The man working behind the counter said.Bookmark here

"Can I get a vanilla and chocolate double scoop ice cream on a cone." Aoki ordered.Bookmark here

"Can I get vanilla ice cream in a cup." Sakuri didn't want to worry about the ice cream dripping out of the cone.Bookmark here

As they are waiting Aoki can't believe how simple Sakuri's order was.Bookmark here

"How could you just get vanilla in a cup? What's wrong with a cone?"Bookmark here

"I-It's just I wanted to have it be e-easy to eat t-that's all." Sakuri stuttered away.Bookmark here

They receive their ice creams and sit on a bench outside and begin to eat.Bookmark here

"This taste so good!" Aoki was jumping with joy from eating her ice cream.Bookmark here

"Hey Aoki-san you have a job don't you? How are you able to go out today?" Sakuri wondered.Bookmark here

"Today I have a day off. My mom let me take it easy for one day since she said that she was closing today because she ran out of ingredients." Aoki replied.Bookmark here

"How did she run out of ingredients?"Bookmark here

"Well my mom says it has something to do with all of the customers lately. She said that after that day Haku-senpai came to our ramen shop that more people had noticed it and arrived more. Speaking about it now it actually makes sense."Bookmark here

"What makes sense?" Sakuri asked.Bookmark here

"I think that Haku-senpai secretly helped in making our restaurant be more out there. I notice a week ago there was signs that were posted that lead to our direction and we didn't put them there at all. That Haku-senpai he really is something huh?" Aoki said while thinking how caring of a person Makoto is.Bookmark here

"Yeah I know." Sakuri said with a smile forming which Aoki noticed.Bookmark here

"Speaking of which you like Haku-senpai don't you?" Aoki teasingly said.Bookmark here

 This caused Sakuri to blush and start to stutter even more.Bookmark here

"W-What a-are you talking a-about?"Bookmark here

"It's okay I know already and in fact I've been knowing for some time now. You know he is a good choice for you. You should just confess to him already what's their to risk anyway." Aoki said trying to encourage Sakuri.Bookmark here

"W-Well a lot...I don't w-want to risk our friendship." Sakuri seemed down thinking of how she would feel if Makoto would reject her causing the end of their friendship.Bookmark here

"That's silly that would never happen. Haku-senpai thinks of you as one of his best friends. You just need to have more confidence in yourself." Aoki said while tapping Sakuri in the back.Bookmark here

They both continue eating their ice cream after that which leaves Sakuri thinking of what to do. She ponders about the possible outcomes that can arise if she were to confess.Bookmark here

'Me confessing to Haku-san?' Sakuri thinks to herself.Bookmark here

She imagines the scene playing out and Makoto saying yes which makes her get super red and steam to come out of her. Aoki tries to cool her down. Bookmark here

For the rest of the day Aoki and Sakuri hang out doing various things like shopping, trying on new clothes, doing karoake and walking around town. Sakuri arrives home and thinks how much fun they had together and how good of a friendship she has with Aoki.Bookmark here

'Our friendship truly is strong.' Sakuri said to herself.Bookmark here

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