Chapter 1:

Pet Rocks are a Man's Best Friend

Friday Monster Girls

There are some in the world who take “pet rocks” a bit too far. The mage Leon Tralan is one such man.

“Finally!” Leon exclaims as he finishes drawing a magic circle on the ground around what appears to be a normal rock. Of course, normal rocks don’t have eyes, mouths, nor the ability to move by rolling themselves around. “I told you to stay put in the center!” he groans at the seemingly-alive rock.

It keeps on rolling toward him regardless of his orders.

“I know, I know, but you must be patient. If you just sit still for five minutes then you can move as much as you want! Now, please, return to the center of the circle,” Leon pleads.

Reluctantly, the rock rolls back into the center of the circle and pouts. Yes, a pouting rock. It is something that most would assume is impossible, but ever since the discovery of that cave several months ago, the world has learned that expressive rocks are apparently a thing.

Their mouths are not good for much other than eating any insects unfortunate enough to crawl on them and expressing their emotions, though.

Well, some individuals have found other uses for their mouths. Such individuals are also seen as questionable members of society. Respectable members of society do what Leon is about to do before doing that.

“Alright, hold this in your mouth,” Leon says.

The rock looks excited until it sees what he’s talking about. Rather than hand over the thing it is craving, all the rock gets is a small crystal. It pouts some more.

“You can have that after you have this. Please, cooperate. I assure you that I want to do that as much as you do, but there is an order to these things.”

The rock’s tongue slips out from its mouth to wrap around the man’s fingers, lewdly slipping around them and covering them in its saliva, before wrapping around the crystal in his palm and placing it in its mouth. Of course, the entire inside of its “body” is more or less its mouth, so the crystal is currently in the center of its body.

“Now then,” Leon pauses and places a hand down on a smaller magic circle next to the one the rock is in. By transferring some of his natural aether into the smaller circle, it glows and transfers his mana from itself to the larger circle by a chalk line connecting the two. This activates the chalk-drawn instructions of the larger circle. Activated, the circle glows and forms a purple dome of aether around itself.

“Here’s to hoping it works,” Leon says, crossing his fingers as the dome sucks in the natural aether of its surroundings.

Several minutes are spent tapping his feet, pacing back and forth, cleaning random things up, debating whether or not to kill that scarily-sized spiders in the corner of his ceiling that has kept him from going anywhere near that corner for a good three weeks now, and thinking of names.

His anxious heart beats only faster when he hears the fading crackling of the dome dissipating. Spinning around to look at the results, a huge grin spreads from ear to ear as the ritual turns out to be a resounding success!

“It worked! It worked! I mean, there was only a very small chance of you exploding, but I’m still amazed it actually worked!” Leon happily shouts.

What used to be a small, androgynous rock with only eyes and a mouth is now a cute girl tailored to his specifications. Naturally, the instructions of the magic circle included the sort of body that he wanted her to have, and now she looks exactly like he wants her to.

Both her “skin” and shoulder-length “hair” are umber in color with her hair only being slightly darker than the tone of her skin, her eyes are grey but have a magical glow to them which causes them to look bright, and she’s short enough to only reach up to his waist but her mature body starkly contrasts her immature height.

Leon feels himself getting excited at the sight of her wide hips, thick thighs, plump ass, and breasts that are as large as her head is! She is the definition of a short stack with an emphasis on the short. As for her face, it is cute and rounded with puffy cheeks that give her a young appearance more fitting for her height despite having the curves of a woman designed to work in brothels wearing corsets and skirts.

Her body looks incredibly soft, and it jiggles in all the right places when she makes any movements, but he knows better than to assume that she’s soft like any normal girl.

“Uuu…” she says – or rather, she doesn’t really say anything. She just makes noises to test out her new vocal cords. “Ah? Hhnnn. Uuunnn. Ooo. Zo! Woooo…buh?” She tilts her head from side to side as she sounds out various noises. Her eyes narrow on Leon. She almost looks as if she’s suspicious of him, but after looking him up and down a few times over, she smiles and leaps into the air! “Maastuh!” she cries out, her voice and expression full of joy as she wraps her arms around his shoulders in a tight hug!

Now, because of how short she is, her feet can’t reach the ground to support herself. This means that Leon is supporting all of her weight.

This means that Leon is supporting all of her weight.

He drops to his knees and brings her with him. When her own knees crash into the floor, she cracks right through the wooden floorboards of his home and makes the whole room shake! She feels close to three times as heavy as he is from a quick guess. He probably shouldn’t have wanted her to be as thick and jiggly as she is, but it’s too late for that. The cost of repairing his floorboards will be more than worth it with what he’s gotten in exchange.

“Maaastuuuhhh!” the girl happily cries out, nuzzling her face against his own. While her cheeks feel soft, as does the rest of her body that he can feel pressing against him which just so happens to be those large breasts of hers, she feels as hard as rock from her knees to her ankles, from her elbows to her wrists, and her entire back as well as most of her front aside from her breasts.

“Maasttuuuhhh! Mastuh!”

“It’s ‘Master.’ Repeat after me, ‘Master,’” Leon slowly enunciates.

“Maa…stur? Maastur!”


“Mastur!” she practically sings it.

“You’re close, but not quite there. Let’s try it one more time, alright? Master. Mast. Er,” Leon says as he pets her head, causing her to happily nudge up against it with closed eyes.

“Master?” she finally says it properly.

“You got it! That’s a good girl,” he praises her.

“Master! Master! Master, master, master!” she repeats, back to singing her name for him.

“Good girl, good girl. Now then,” Leon looks into her eyes.

She looks directly into his own and immediately picks up on what that look means. After all, no monster would ever fail to recognize that look in a man’s eyes.

“Wait, we need to name you,” Leon says.

“Master? Name?” the girl asks, head cocked like a confused dog’s.

“That’s right. You need a name. How about… Sedi? I’ve never been good with names, but I think Sedi is kind of cute, and you deserve a cute name.”

She looks up and wiggles her eyebrows with every tilt of her head. “Sedi?” she asks.

“Right. Sedi. Is that an alright name?”

“Master’s Sedi!” Sedi nods and hugs him, placing a kiss on his cheek before pushing him down onto his back.

“Master’s Sedi… make Master give white… white stuff!” Sedi explains with an excited grin as she brings her head directly over his crotch.

“Of course you can talk well enough to say something like that. You are still a monster, after all,” Leon says, leaning up on his shoulders and not even daring to stop what she is about to do.

Sedi nods and starts fumbling with his pants. It’s only a matter of seconds before she figures out how to take them off on her own. “I guess living with me and watching me get changed all the time has taught you everything you need to know,” Leon says.

“Master’s Sedi smart!” Sedi nods a couple of times as she yanks his pants down. His briefs are next.

Finally, his aching tool springs up without any cloth confines to restrict it. With hearts in her eyes, Sedi wastes no time pressing her face down against his length and happily nuzzling it against her cheek. “Master’s thing!”

“It’s called a ‘penis’ and the white stuff is called ‘sperm,’” he explains.

“Master’s penis! Master’s Sedi wants Master’s penis’s sperm!” Sedi says before wrapping her lips around the pre-covered tip of his cock. She moans as soon as she gets the first taste of what is now the most delicious treat in the world to her. Her warm, wet tongue needily laps at the slit on the tip of his cock as if trying to get more of his cum out and to lick up whatever is already on it. However, when she runs out, she switches to a more intense method of persuading his tool to give him more of its delicious treat.

Sedi lowers head bit by bit on his cock until half of it is in her mouth. Leon doesn’t know whether to think she looks cute or insanely sexy when she presses his tip against her cheeks, causing her cheeks to bulge out cutely – like she’s purposely puffing them up.

She’s even making eye contact with him the entire time to watch for his reactions, and every time she sees or hears him moan, she focuses on doing whatever just caused that reaction. At one point, he moans while she’s sucking and licking right underneath the tip of his cock, so she continues doing that.

“Mwashur fweel hood?” Sedi asks.

As much as he feels like he should tell her not to speak with a full mouth, he finds it erotically exciting when she does.

“Master feels very good, Sedi. You’re doing a very good job,” he praises, petting her head as she slowly bobs it up and down on his length.

“Mmmnnn… Mwashturr… sho tashty,” Sedi moans out as her lower lips glisten with her own excited arousal.

She starts repeatedly moaning his name out as she works him. The pleasure she’s causing by dedicating her mouth and tongue to pleasuring his cock, the excitement that he feels from looking at her do so, and the arousal that she causes by moaning his name and thoroughly enjoying sucking on his cock all result in him reaching the edge of what he can handle.

“Sedi, I’m—” Leon moans out.

Sedi knows exactly what’s about to happen. Even if his moans interrupted his speech, they didn’t interrupt the hot throbbing of his cock as he comes to a pulsating finish. Every pulse of his cock causes thick ropes of his seed to splash into her mouth! Her entire body shakes and shivers as he paints the inside of her mouth white with his sticky seed. When he opens his eyes to look at her, he sees her own eyes practically rolling up into her head from the pleasure of just tasting so much of his cum in her mouth.

Despite being mid-orgasm herself, she doesn’t stop sucking his tool and twirling her tongue around his tip for even a second. Every drop of his sperm is more pleasure for her, so she is going to keep on milking his cock until not a single drop of it is left.

Even when he asks her to relax and tries to gently push her head off of his now-sensitive tool, she continues sucking and sucking. If anything, him trying to get her off of his cock only convinces her to take all of his limpening length into her mouth.

Leon shakes from a mixture of pain and pleasure from just how sensitive he is now. He even tries to push himself backward on the floor, but as soon as she sees that he’s trying to get away from her, she grabs onto his waist with an incredible grip and pulls him back.

Now in a state of feral desire and need to milk him, she bobs her head faster and sucks more intensely than before. She takes the entirety of his cock into her mouth until it starts pushing into her throat, smooshing her nose into his crotch and then still trying to get even more of it despite no more length being available.

She doesn’t even look up at his eyes anymore. At this point, her eyes are fixated on his crotch and her entire existence revolves not around pleasuring her master but draining him of his seed.

Fortunately for Leon, his sensitivity is replaced by a new erection.

Feeling that his cock is as stiff as before, Sedi finally releases his cock from her mouth.

“A-alright, thanks, Sedi, but you can stop now. You’re a good… girl?” he says, changing his mind halfway through his sentence when she pulls her knees out from the floor and climbs up onto his thighs.

While her thighs are soft, being straddled by a girl as heavy as she is isn’t exactly a pain-free experience. Sure, he planned on having actual sex with her, but he always figured that she’d be the bottom and he’d be on top to avoid being crushed by her weight.

She has other plans.

Sedi scoots her crotch up to his rigid tool and spreads her legs. Without even considering checking for his consent, she grabs his cock with one hand and aims it right against the entrance between her lower lips.

“Sedi! Wait, I need to – there’s a chance that you’ll—” Leon is cut off by his own pleasured moan as she slams herself down onto his cock.

“Master! Master’s penis is – Master!” Sedi moans as she rocks her hips back and forth.

“Alright, as long as she just rocks back and forth like this, I should be fine. Still, I have to find a way to not cum inside of her,” Leon thinks.

Sedi starts bouncing herself up and down on his cock.

Each bounce causes as much pleasure as pain in the lower half of his body, and he’s about to ask her to stop, but seeing her supple and generous breasts bouncing up and down along with the rest of her body causes him to hold his tongue. Plus, it feels really good.

Leon comes up with a plan. If he can hurry up and cum, she’ll be able to spend less time bouncing on him and causing him to feel like his body is about to snap in half while still getting the pleasure of cumming.

Not cumming inside of her is no longer a concern of his. Now, pleasure and not breaking in half are all he cares about.

Grabbing onto her hips, Leon starts thrusting up each time she’s about to drop back down onto his cock. This causes a more intense pleasure for both of them.

“Maahster, Maahster, give Sedi Master’s wh-white stuf—give Sedi Maahster’s sperm!” Sedi moans out as the speed and roughness of her bouncing increases.

“I’m going to literally break in half,” Leon thinks to himself.

At least he’s going to feel pleasure as he leaves this world.

Part of him now understands why some deviants will fuck monsters such as Sedi without giving them humanoid forms. At least when they only have the bodies of rocks, they can easily be handled and are just as desperate to be pumped full of men’s seed.

Sedi’s body convulses as she rides him. A powerful orgasm tears throughout her being. With an arched back, head back with her tongue out, and hearts in her eyes, Sedi’s arousal soaks his cock as her inner walls tightly grip his cock.

Thanks to the pleasure of her now-tighter grip on his cock, Leon is finally able to reach his second orgasm and pump his seed directly into her womb. Her grip on his tool tightens even more as an even more powerful orgasm takes over her body without even finishing her second one. His name repeatedly leaves her lips, each subsequent call of it more slurred than the last as desperate moans interrupt her speech.

He's finished for a second time and she’s distracted by her own orgasm, so now is the perfect time for him to escape!

Leon starts to crawl out from underneath her.

Sedi leans forward and grabs him by his shoulders as she starts rocking her hips back and forth again. Even more painful pleasure wracks his cock now that he’s finished twice and is still being held within her despite being mostly flaccid.

“Sedi, that’s enough, I need a break. We can continue later, alright? I promise,” Leon says.

He looks Sedi in the eyes. She’s looking directly back at him, but it’s clear that she’s not listening to a single word that he is saying. Her lustful eyes only care about one thing, and that is draining him until he has does not have a single droplet of seed to give her.

She starts lifting and lowering her hips.

Within a minute, his cock is erect again and she is bouncing even more vigorously than before. Every single bounce causes the everything in the room to shake. He’s already heard some cracking going on with his bones, but he’s hoping that it was the same as cracking his knuckles instead of never being able to walk again.

“Sedi – Sedi loooovhes Mashster!”

Leon’s only concern now is surviving.

Family: Elemental

Species: Living Rock

Classification: Simple Monster

Danger Level: Trivial

Habitat: Can adapt to live anywhere but prefer caves and mountainous regions

Intelligence: Below-average

Behavior: Friendly, simpleminded, lustful

Diet: Insects, semen

Living Rocks, a type of Elemental, were only recently discovered when miners discovered a new cave in the eastern region of the Southern Coalition of Human-Monster States. Upon exploring the depths of the caves, the human miners discovered that some of the rocks scattered about it were occasionally seen moving on their own. Further investigation revealed that, when close to a human, the rocks would open their eyes and mouths as if to greet the miners. Because of how dusty the cave was, it was originally presumed that dust-caused hallucinations were behind why rocks were seemingly alive.

However, after bringing in golems to mine in place of the humans, they discovered that the rocks were indeed alive. Their diet was discovered when one spider made the mistake of crawling on top of one of their bodies, and their love for semen was noted when one of the miners woke up to a rock with its tongue wrapped around his penis. The scent of his sperm attracted more rocks to him. They took turns milking his penis, and the rocks that were not milking him were lying on top of him to prevent him from escaping.

Since their discovery, living rocks have found their way into the homes of many humans and monsters as pets. It is advised to visit a mage talented in transformative magic if one wishes to have sexual relations with their living rock(s), and it is also advised to give them easily-manageable forms as they can grow aggressive after getting a taste of semen.

Because of their simple monster classification, living rocks make great pets for women and children. However, it is advised to keep them away from young boys that are around the age of hitting puberty.

“Ugh, Sedi, can you please bring me that book?” Leon asks from his bed. He is heavily bandaged from his waist to his hips.

“Yesh, Mashstur!” Sedi says with her mouth full of spider, happily slurping in its legs before skipping over to Leon with the requested book in hand.

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