Chapter 22:

Find Your Portrayal!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Now the truth has come out but only us people know it, hence the "Shhh! Jon and his friends still have to learn about it and solve the problem ahead and find out who their enemies are. Zel's little sister, Ziesha, appears in the next compartment where Jon and his friends were going and after picking up the two hostages from the last compartment. When Jon and his friend saw the hostage lying on the surface and unconscious, they ran towards them.Bookmark here

One was an old man in a blue-green overall dress and the other was a woman in pure cloth as she was from the shrine.Bookmark here

After that, Ziesha comes out of the shadows and appears in front of Jon and his friends. She actually looked very different from her brother. With an ear pierced in the shape of a skull, a mark on all over his left eyes. Her Grown-out pixie red hair looked like it was covered with blood. She opens her mouth again ruthlessly, "Welcome to hell, the weak and lowly species this hell I have created with my hand just for all of you."Bookmark here

"Huh! Can you tell us your name again? We haven't heard because you're talking too far?" Jon teases.Bookmark here

To this Ashya punched him on the head and replied, "Why are you making her angry?"Bookmark here

"It hurts, idiot!" Jon says this for the first time.Bookmark here

Hearing Kyora laugh at him, Germon lowers the so-called princess and then he and Shingo try to wake up the two unknown hostages.Bookmark here

In it, Ziesha calmly reintroduces, "I'm Ziesha, Zel's little sister, and I'm going to beat you to win my brother's heart."Bookmark here

But then Ziesha saw that no one was paying attention to her. So she let them do whatever they wanted for a few minutes.Bookmark here

Jon and Ashya are pacified as soon as Kyora talks to them. The two hostages woke up and stood up with their eyes barely open. Everyone was confused, which means this is the ninth stage and without chains, two hostages are here. Everyone had a question,"Why?How?"Bookmark here

When both the Old Man and the woman were completely at ease, they looked at Jon and the other and were very confused as to what was going on. So Germon asked, "Are you both okay?"Bookmark here

The woman said yes! But the old man asked, "Where's my compartment and my food which I order? How did I get here?"Bookmark here

The old man looked at Jon very frightfully and asked, "Where did my food go? I gave money also for it, what happened to my food? I want to know."Bookmark here

Jon was scared and hid behind Ashya.Bookmark here

So Germon begins to tell the story of what happened, why they were there. About the train in loop to game, he told them everything.Bookmark here

The woman says something unexpected, "Sorry, Lord! If I Amaiya Hasegawa did something wrong in this world or a sin I couldn't see. I'll accept any of your decisions. But please don't kill innocent people. When I will come there, then I will be your slave.Bookmark here

"Huh! What the hell are you talking about?" Ashya did not like Amaiya's words, so she asked.Bookmark here

Amaiya Tanabe is a woman who has crossed thirty but is still not married. Because she gave everything from his heart to the body to God. And she wants to be under God's shadow even after she dies. Bookmark here

Amaiya comes up to Ashya and Kyora, hugs them both from behind and says, "No need to be afraid, little girls. I won't let God take you as long as I'm here." Both Ashya and Kyora were confused about what she was grumbling about, but did not react as she was older than them.Bookmark here

Shingo asked the old man his name. The old man becomes fired up, no one knows why. He moves on, makes his own standing pose and says, "I am Jireosan Tanabe. When my soul and passion burn, the other flames disappear. When the magma inside me awakens I can overcome any natural disasters. I am the hero and the firefighter of Ikebukuro Town.Bookmark here

With my own hands, I have saved many people, many times. But now that I am retired, I saw about this train in a magazine. I wanted to ride on it and eat from that new catering system. But now we are really in trouble. You all don't have to worry anymore, because Jiroesan Tanabe is here and I will protect you like I used to protect people in the past."Bookmark here

When Jon heard this, he found the old man interesting, stopped trembling and went to him. He too gets up in his pose and starts cheering on the old man as "Now Jireosan Tanabe, a real hero is on stage."Bookmark here

Germom asked, "What are you doing, Jon?"Bookmark here

"He's a real hero, Dude. We need to cheer like hell and he'll protect us too." Jon smiles and starts cheering again.Bookmark here

Germon lets him do whatever he wants, Ashya says as if in Amaiya's arms, "That idiot, start his shit again."Bookmark here

"Oh! You don't have to worry, little girls. If that old man is saving them, I'll save both of you." Amaiya says.Bookmark here

Before things start getting worse for Ashya and Kyora. They turn away from her and say, "We don't need your help. We are strong enough."Bookmark here

Just as, someone was losing patience because she thought they would pay attention to her a bit . But they were all busy in them, so she screams, "I feel like you're forgetting me or the situation you all are in. If you don't listen to me, I'll go and erase the other people without telling you the game and allowing you to play."Bookmark here

Germon heard this, "Sorry for that! But you're actually very different from Zel. Still whatever the game tells us and what are the two people doing here?"Bookmark here

"They are here for my game which needs seven guys. Now you are all seven, so I can beat you and show my brother that I can take the responsibility too." She says.Bookmark here

Shingo says, "But we're eight years old, can't you see him?"Bookmark here

"Huh! What are you talking about? There are only seven people. My eyes are a thousand times better than those of yours." Ziesha repleid.Bookmark here

Germon comes to the conclusion in his mind that she cannot see the so-called princess but why this question arises in his mind and who is this so-called princess who is only visible to them. He then tells Shingo to shut his mouth and not to say more to Ziesha about that so-called princess.Bookmark here

After that, Germon asks Ziesha to explain the game stage, what it is and what they should do. He ordered everyone to pay attention to her.Bookmark here

Ziesha starts explaining," As you know my game needs seven people because there are seven portrayal-room in this game. There is none in the room except in the middle there is a table on which there is one book. It is also a small room and some of you will find it scary. You have to connect three things which you will get from that book and then you have to tell me what you represent there. That is the way to get out of things or you can say an answer. Now I'm telling you what two things are and third you have to find out for yourself. So first is the title of the book and second is the phrase on the last page. Third, which are you going to figure out on your own? Now when you all enter the room it will not be by your choice, I will tell you who is going in which room. Here the wall is sound proof, so your voice won't be heard by others."Bookmark here

"What is the difficulty in this? " Shingo intervenes.Bookmark here

"The next person's book page won't open Until previous one says his/her representation. After that, the next person will be able to see the title of the book - which is on the first page, not on the cover and phrase on the last page. For all this, you have a total of three hours. You can distribute time on the basis of people.Even if one person fails to say his/her portrayal word, you all will be erased. Remember that Portrayal is a word what you are. " She finished.Bookmark here

Jon was impressed by her," Interesting rule you put on this, Zel little sister."Bookmark here

"What do you mean, Jon?" Ashya asked.Bookmark here

"She wants to create a ruckus inside of us.If any person takes more time then it will put a lot of burden on the others, right, Jon." Germon answered.Bookmark here

"Yeah but we won't play in her hand." Jon says.Bookmark here

Everyone was ready to play the game, they told each other a plan, shared the time and said that there is no need to worry how much time you are taking and whether it will be a burden on others or not. Just believe in each other and finish the game, so we can move on.Bookmark here

Ziesha placed them in their order which was first the Ashya in the room, then Jon followed by Jireosan, Shingo, Germon, Kyora, and finally Amaiya. The so-called princess was still sleeping. The game begins.Bookmark here

Everyone was in their room. First it was the turn of Ashya. When she went inside she saw the room was very simple and as Ziesha said there was a table in the middle and the book on it.Bookmark here

She moves on, taking the book in her hand. First read the title which was - "Wonders in Effort."Bookmark here

Then going to the last page, she reads the phrase which was - The way God works in our lives and in this world. We must also work like him and you are that person. But you have to find what you should be called?"Bookmark here

Repeat the phrase so that she can understand it well. She was thinking in his mind and kept repeating the phrase and title. Time was also ticking, ten had passed, then she remembered about the third thing which she had to find from the book.Bookmark here

While doing that, she saw the cover page which was of an Owl. Then she again repeated the phrase,"The way God works in our lives and in this world. We must also work like him and you are that person. But you have to find what you should be called? And wonders in effort and an Owl.Bookmark here

Then she called Ziesha and Ziesha asked,"If I guess,I think you got the answer."Bookmark here

"Yeah! I represent the word is "Wisdom!"" She says. The door opened, Ziesha said that it was correct and she came out of that room.Bookmark here

Jon in his room was trying a futile way to open the book and says,"Ah! Looks like until Ashya clears her part it won't open."Bookmark here

Suddenly the book opened but Jon fell down. He got up,"Oh! She cleared it in just fifteen minutes. That was nice. Now my turn."Bookmark here

He opened the book, read the title which was - "Apprehension of Truth!" and the phrase in the last page - "You are a person who is not confused by all the conflicting messages in our culture about the right way to live. But still you need to know what you are?"Bookmark here

After that he closed the book and sat down. He was repeating the word loudly. Ten minute passed, he call ZieshaBookmark here

Ziesha comes and says,"So what you got, Zel's Favourite Boy?"Bookmark here

"The word is understanding!" Jon answered. And Door opens. Because it was correct, he came out.Bookmark here

Ashya saw him but was not surprised that he finished this within ten minutes,"Nothing less from you!"Bookmark here

Jon sat and said,"Don't praise me, just give me something to drink."Bookmark here

Ashya gives him a water bottle, he drinks and say,"Now just five remain and time is also enough."Bookmark here

"But next is that old man - Jireosan. Do you think he will be able to clear." Ashya askedBookmark here

Jon answered,"Yeah! don't underestimate him. He's a Hero."Bookmark here

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