Chapter 58:

Nevada Future


I followed Miller in the base. I get a few smiles and waves as we walk to his office. I feel famous, I like it. The room was as nice as it could be for a post-war room. The room had one desk, two chairs on both sides. It has a few shelves labeled different things of course. As for decorations, it was littered all over the room. it was metal that was preserved throughout the years. I was surprised that the metals were in this good of condition let alone saved. I sit on the chair opposite the desk. I looked out of place. My clothes were still stained from the fights I had a few weeks ago. Miller noticed this. "Problem?"Bookmark here

I shake my head. "Nah, Nah. It's just been a while since I been anywhere decent looking."Bookmark here

He laughed a bit. "I see. So, Dopeman. I've been gathering information on you naturally while you made waves in the south. You were the Foolish Courier. A man with a bounty on his head delivering packages across the wasteland. You currently have about 5-600,000 gold on your head. That's partly the reason you even joined up with the Miller Corps according to Kyle's report. That same day you had two more volunteers join you. Together, you call yourselves Team Foolish."Bookmark here

"General, I understand you read up on me, but what's the point? Not like I'm in your ranks."Bookmark here

Miller leans back in his chair. "There is a point to everything, Dopeman. I know you. But do you know us?" Bookmark here

I shake my head. I know little to nothing about these people.Bookmark here

"My grandfather, Vincent, founded Miller Corporation in 2018. It was formed in Russia of all places. It was a rebel force meant to set free the oppressed and defend them from the greedy generals that fight for the opposite of human rights. Throughout the year as we advanced, we got smarter and bigger. It got to the point where that a savior army was slowly turning unnecessary. In 2063, my father changed the army name to just Miller Corps and became a full-on nation on its own. We were a private army. An entire nation for hire. It was a beautiful sight to see. The bombs dropping was a tragic end to that era, of course. I was in charge once we resurfaced. Thankfully the army was mostly together. We were in Oakland. I see all these mercenary groups fight it was chaos."Bookmark here

"So it was there you chose to put democracy in the west."Bookmark here

"Exactly. I'll fight those NRF freaks to achieve that goal. Now that I gave you that little history lesson, Do you know who we are? What are we fighting for?"Bookmark here

"Basically, yeah. I understand a little."Bookmark here

Miller looks satisfied. "Now, the war is far from water. Whatever you've done in Arizona has put them on the ropes. I want you in my army as a major. You'll be an invaluable piece."Bookmark here

I smile. This is a big offer. I could be free from the bounty, I could get a respectable job and spread the legend of Dopeman. I give the only answer I could. "No."Bookmark here

Miller looked slightly surprised. "No?"Bookmark here

"Nope. I'm a courier. I told Kyle this. I hate war, I hate every single second of it. You can double, triple the bounty if you want. I just want to do my job again." I stand and turn to leave.Bookmark here

"Wait." He says before I step out. "You've done so much for this army in such a short time. The least I can do is clear the bounty. Now, whenever you change your mind, there's always a space open."Bookmark here

"Don't hold your breath."Bookmark here

I head out of the tent, looking outside into the Nevada sunset. It's nice to see you again. I missed the heat. I see Kyle signing a few papers. Once he was done he walked with me. "I'm on leave. I can finally take a vacation." Bookmark here

"Sounds good. Speaking of, I'm gonna tag with you for a bit."
Bookmark here

"Oh? Why?"Bookmark here

"I can assume the first thing you're gonna head over your wife."Bookmark here

"Pretty much. She hired you to take that letter to me, right?"Bookmark here

"Mhm. I just wanna complete one more mission before I take my vacation."Bookmark here

He laughed. We walked over to his house while I told him of my conversation with Miller. He seemed surprised by the offer, but not at all by my reply. He knows me. He walked on the door to a young woman. She was pretty obviously pregnant. Her excitement was overwhelmingly there. She went to kiss Kyle, not caring about how dirty he is. That's real love. She looked down to see the arm. "Baby...your..."Bookmark here

"I know," He says, looking a little disappointed. "I'm so sorry. I was trying my best." Bookmark here

"As long as you're alive." She looks over at me. "Oh! Foolish Courier! Or is it Dopeman?"Bookmark here

I shrug. "It's Dopeman. No problem. I can see why you married the stubborn man." Bookmark here

She smiled and pulled out her pocket the gold she owed me. "Here."Bookmark here

I take it happily. "Thank you, really."Bookmark here

Kyle taps my back. "Did you plan on staying in town?" Bookmark here

"Um, yeah. I like it here." Bookmark here

"You're gonna need more gold, then." He went in the house to hand me a bit more gold. "It might give a few nights at a hotel."Bookmark here

I feel so grateful. "Thanks. I mean really, thanks."Bookmark here

"You've done so much for me, Dopeman. I'll see you around. Maybe we can get a drink some time." Once the happy couple headed in, I walk away. Mission complete.Bookmark here

I walk into a water bar to sit and reflect for a bit. I needed to find Harper. She had Serena as well. While I was drinking my water, my dear old friend tapped my shoulder. "Dopeman!"Bookmark here

"Harper!" I hugged her. She smelled nice. She had a white and blue style going on. Bookmark here

"I got a little home I'm squatting in with your horse." Bookmark here

"Serena? I missed her. She's a good horse, ain't she?"Bookmark here

"You sound like you're in love, weirdo." Bookmark here

"Maybe I am."Bookmark here

"Shut up!" She says, giggling. Bookmark here

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