Chapter 6:

Epilogue - Winter's Premonition

The Premonition Winter Gave Me

"At last, I've been waiting for you all this time, Fuyuta-kun! Not seeing you every day for a year was torture!"

Sonoko strangled the recently graduated, struggling not to drown in the arms of his girlfriend. The lavender-haired girl had gone through the same experience the previous year, separating her from her beloved friends while attending college classes.

"S-S-Sonoko-san" managing to breathe, he moves away from her a little, to throw a smile full of kindness. His hair had grown back in that year free of her, happy to be able to have it in a small ponytail as always.

"... Sonoko-san?" Irritated, she arches an eyebrow. "Fuyuta-kun! We've been dating for three years and you're still using honorifics with me."

"But you do it too."

"Only because you don't stop doing it."

"All right ..." with a sigh of defeat, he looks up into a clear blue sky, made especially that day for everyone to throw their robes and diplomas. His lips parted, embarrassed. "So ... Sono... Sonoko."


"I did it wrong ...?" he closed his eyes, fearful.

"You should have done it long ago, Fuyuta" taking him by the hand, she continued. "Now I hope you take more initiative in our relationship."

The raven haired boy just blushed a little more.

"Okay, okay.... let the lovebirds make birdies on the other side of school in their own love nest" shaking his diploma, Izuno appears, shooing as if they were two repulsive animals, rolling his eyes.

"You only say that because you're jealous!" with a victorious smile, Sonoko starts one of her legendary arguments with the boy.

"Sonoko... it will be better if..." Fuyuta does his best to interrupt her.

"I beg your pardon?" Holding a mocking laugh, it was Izun's turn to feel superior.

"Yes, jealous because you don't have a girlfriend!" Crossing her arms, believing that she would have her victory assured, she tilts her face.

"Sonoko!" Fuyuta was somewhat furious, unable to stop his girlfriend's mouth.

"And who said I don't have a girlfriend?" Extending his hand, a girl they knew perfectly, stood beside him.

Kozue Shida leaned against Izuno Iwaizumi's side, laughing because of Sonoko's shocked expression.

"Since when?" her glasses slipped from the amount of information she had just received in such a short time.

"Start of the year" answers the pink haired girl. "Although I maintain my theory that I must be careful with Fuyuta-kun..."

"Kozue, I told you it's not like that!" Embarrassed, Izuno hides his face in his tanned hands.

"And YOU DID NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS!" Leaning toward her boyfriend, Fuyuta sighs to know that the beast known as Sonoko Higashimura had been unleashed.

"Sonoko, Izuno is my friend. I promised not to tell you until he told you personally" he answered earnestly.

"Hmm ..." Turning her back, she turns to Kozue, speaking to her. "Little one, I agree with your theory about these two. Alliance to watch over our boyfriends?"


Both extended their hands, forming a pact between women.


The cries of both best friends were lost between laughter.

Those voices made their way to the ears of Hanae and Kanon, both in their uniforms ready to say goodbye to the school that had joined them in their third year, thanks to a stray and impolite cat. Lost in their beauty, side by side, they sketch a melancholic smile. Lost in her blond hair, the black spot that had been the first secret between both had vanished.

"It suited you a whole lot better" she said, remembering.

"But since I took off my hat, I attracted a lot of attention ... especially from boys" she replies distressingly. "And also when I cut off the ends of my hair."

"Ah, beautiful memories of frightening them in the corridors. Beautiful third year, really" smiling with negativity, Hanae remembered how she had scared them away from her girlfriend.

Kanon was lost in her neck, that short brown growing a few. She remembered that one of his requirements for a girlfriend was that she had shorter hair than she did. Hanae had it a bit longer than her even if it was short but, even so, she was letting it grow and, she thought, it wouldn't hurt at all.

The girl with the cinnamon eyes admired Kanon, giving her best to remember that torso. The second secret was fading as the seasons passed, the wounds closing. She could see the times when they sank into a love that knew no limits, sharing every corner of their soul with each other.

Of course, they still had a secret between the two.

"How's your novel going?" Hanae's words were charged with the wind.

"Very well, I thought to take it to somewhere to see if I can get it published eventually."

"I see. It makes me very happy."

The silence reigned, so that the chestnut haired girl would break it by giving a pirouette among the cherry blossoms.

"You know, I would like this time to last forever. Repeat this last year of school so that we can be together for much longer."

The knot that formed in her throat became evident to Kanon. Approaching her, she extends her arms to, in the end, keep them in her chest, being face to face.

"So ... why don't we get married?"

Kanon smiled, tilting her face, her evident love overflowing.

"I don'tt know if you're someone amazing or just an idiot" giving her best to keep a strong act, Hanae had to rub her eyes containing the tears of joy that wanted to escape.

"That brings back many memories."

"Shut up, you dumb-dumb."

The blonde gives out her hand, Hanae receiving it. They were under the cherry petals, hypnotized in the beauty of each other.

"Guys, come here!" Sonoko shouted in the distance, waving her hand indicating that they should come. "Let's take a picture!"

"You should not be in it, you old woman" Izuno insulted her once more while Kanon and Hanae arrived.

"I'm older than you so I ask for respect!"

"A year older, please. That's nothing. I think we're only months apart."

"Higashimura-senpai! Why don't you take the camera and take the picture?" Kozue intrudes, fixing the dispute.

"Ah, little one. You're too kind to him, you should be my girlfriend" hugging her, crying a little, she moved away.

"Alliance so that does not happen?" Izuno had placed himself next to Fuyuta. "I do not want her to kidnap my girlfriend."

"Alliance. I do not want to lose mine" his best friend answers.

"Well, Hanae-chan! Kanon-san! Get together for the photo" Sonoko had put herself in position.

The two girls united by a single secret were placed among the cherry trees. Hanae, just getting to her shoulders; Kanon, taller then her. She placed an arm behind Hanae, smiling with joy. Hanae did the same, her happiness shining much more than her girlfriend's hair. They both made a sign of victory, smiling with closed eyes before the camera.

Definitely, both girls met in an unexpected way but, that meeting, if they could, they would repeat it for ever if it reaches the same result. A secret between both of them. A secret that unites them to this day, forever and ever.

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