Chapter 23:

Inside Kiyoshi's Thoughts

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Kiyoshi was sitting down in class. Since he is a first year he doesn't have the same classes as the others in the club except for Aoki who sits next to him. The classroom was filled with people chatting before the class started and Kiyoshi was one of the only people who stayed silently patient until...Bookmark here

"Kiyoshi-san don't you think it's crazy that we sat next to each other before you joined the club. Only now we noticed it's such a coincidence." Aoki said with joy.Bookmark here

"Yeah I know right hehe."Bookmark here

"I've noted something about you. You're really silent during class but in the club room you always join in having fun and talking. Why is that?" Aoki asked.Bookmark here

"I feel more comfortable around you guys there." Kiyoshi replied back.Bookmark here

The teacher walks in and class is set to start. Kiyoshi looks forward and is ready for class to begin. Aoki on the other hand is staring at Kiyoshi pondering a lot.Bookmark here

-Lunch Break-Bookmark here

Kiyoshi had been eating his lunch alone on his desk. Aoki had gone with Sakuri and Makoto was with Kota. Kiyoshi got up from his seat and picked up his bento box. He was determined to go and eat his lunch with Makoto and Kota so he set off.Bookmark here

Makoto and Kota's classroom was on the next floor so Kiyoshi had to go up the stairs. After walking around he has spotted their classroom. Kiyoshi peeks in and sees Makoto and Kota talking to each other while eating. Makoto looks to his right since he feels like someone is watching him and this startles Kiyoshi causing him to hide.Bookmark here

"Hey Kota was that Kiyoshi-san at the doorway looking at us?" Makoto asked Kota.Bookmark here

"I don't know I was talking to you. I didn't look at the doorway."Bookmark here

"Strange." Makoto wondered if he was just seeing things.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi stands outside the door thinking of what to do. After a while Kiyoshi decides to just go back to his classroom and eat his lunch there. Bookmark here

After school Kiyoshi goes to the club room but only sees Aoki locking the door.Bookmark here

"Aoki-san what's going on?"Bookmark here

"Oh Kiyoshi-san today we're not meeting today. We decided to have a rest day from the club."Bookmark here

"I see...well then I'll see you tomorrow." Kiyoshi decided to head home.Bookmark here

Aoki watches Kiyoshi leave and is confused from the way he has been acting.Bookmark here

'I wonder what's up with him?' Aoki said to herself.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi is walking outside the entrance to the school and he sees Makoto and Kota walking together so he gets in closer to hear what they are saying.Bookmark here

"Kota do you want to go to an arcade or something? I don't want to go home just yet." Makoto asked Kota.Bookmark here

"Yeah let's go I agree. I would be to bored at home."Bookmark here

Kiyoshi overhears this and he makes a choice to follow them. As Makoto and Kota are walking to the arcade Kiyoshi can be seen secretly hiding behind things following behind. Bookmark here

They have now arrived at the arcade and Makoto and Kota instantly go towards the arcade cabinets. Bookmark here

"Alright Kota what do you want to play for? We have to play for something."Bookmark here

"How about whoever loses has to buy the winner some food."Bookmark here

"No that's to simple. What about the who loses has to go in the middle of the arcade and yell 'I'm a loser'." Makoto suggested.Bookmark here

"Hehe alright then. I don't have to worry since I'm going to win anyways." Kota said with confidence.Bookmark here

"Your on Kota!" Makoto exclaimed.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi hide near them listening to them and thinking how fun it would be to play with them. Makoto is currently losing to Kota in a fighting game.Bookmark here

"Makoto looks like you are going to end up doing your little dare." Kota teased.Bookmark here

Makoto did not respond since he was trying his best to pay attention to the game. Kiyoshi was trying to hold in his laughter watching how Makoto's demeanor was changing. Kota lands the final blow and beats Makoto.Bookmark here

"That's game." Kota said.Bookmark here

"D-Dammit...I was so confident I was going to win too." Makoto said disappointed in himself.Bookmark here

"Alright Makoto go to the middle of the arcade and say it."Bookmark here

"I-I know!" Makoto said while getting nervous and getting red because of how embarrassing it's going to be.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi can't hold in his laughter anymore and he let's it out.Bookmark here

"W-What Kiyoshi-san?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi catches his laughter and stares at them scared about what they are going to say.Bookmark here

"Kiyoshi-san what brings you here?" Kota said.Bookmark here

"I-I was j-just..." Kiyoshi did not know what to say so he stood silent.Bookmark here

"Wait...did you follow us here?" Makoto started to figure out what was going on.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi decides to tell the truth and nodded his head.Bookmark here

"Yes I followed you guys here...I just wanted to hang out with you two but I didn't know if you would want too." Bookmark here

"Kiyoshi-san of course you could hang out with us. We're friends aren't we. We are in the same club why wouldn't we want you to be around us." Makoto said with a slight laugh in his voice.Bookmark here

Kota nodded agreeing with Makoto. Kiyoshi felt a sense of relief. Bookmark here

"Makoto don't forget what you have to do." Kota reminded Makoto.Bookmark here

Makoto looked down to hid his face and walked to the center of the arcade.Bookmark here

"I'm a loser! Loser! Loser! Look at me I'm a loser!" Makoto yelled out while doing a silly dance catching the attention of everyone in the arcade.Bookmark here

Kota and Kiyoshi laughed at the scene that was unfolding. For the rest of the day the three of them played games for hours and Kiyoshi was having the most fun being with his friends.Bookmark here

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