Chapter 7:

Chapter 3 Part 2

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green)

Mayu started to walk forward. She couldn't understand the crazy questions, that swirled inside her head. Mayu wanted to know why she was here?... What was the meaning, of everything that happened?... Well, that was obvious, its because she was trying to run from her pursuers, but Mayu felt that there was a deeper reason for her current problems.

Everything just didn't make sense, the healing... the voices... and how does a stone wall even have a heart... It's a piece of rock!... and most importantly... Why did it beat the same as her own?

Mayu looked around the area a bit more and watched as the insects and bugs flew around the busy lights. The stones and pebbles glowed, and illuminated the area, making it easier for Mayu to get a good view of her surroundings.

Mayu stopped to take notice of the path, that laid in front of her. On it, strange blue flowers lined it, making it shine and glow. Mayu had never seen flowers like these before.

The flowers spread out about three meters in diameter, they ranged from a blue tint, and into bright purple. They were wild, frivolous, and alive, it almost seemed as if they were paying attention to Mayu's every movement.

The strange flowers began to glow even brighter. They enlightened the path in front of Mayu, almost instinctively. It was as if they were waiting for her to continue her path. As Mayu walked, the radiance of the flowers began to pulsate... little did Mayu know, that this time, it wasn't to the beat of Mayu's heart... it was to the heartbeat of another.

As Mayu walked down the path, she quickly glimpsed to the right and left, and noticed to see strange images on the walls. Mayu watched and witnessed the drawings of creatures of all sorts and kinds. There were animals, like squirrels, and birds, and furry cute little ones like rabbits and cat's, but somehow, they looked a little more ferocious than usual. They were huge creatures, some Mayu knew very well like dragons, and trolls, but there were even monsters and creatures that Mayu couldn't even name. Mayu stared a little bit farther down the path in front if her and saw drawings of houses and villages that were filled with many people. They all looked happy.

Mayu's eyes shifted towards the center of the wall, there the animals and creatures surrounded these four people, before the animals there was a golden light that surrounded the people in the shape of a spiral. The spiral seemed to be protecting these people, or maybe it meant that they were important... since they were in the center of it all.

As Mayu continued to walk, she noticed a strange image that lay separate from the rest. Black lines leading to the roof of the path overlapped the two walls. Mayu looked up wanting to see what the lines lead to, but as soon as she did, the lights of the plants darkened and flickered. Slowly, they closed their lights. It was as if they wanted to stop Mayu from seeing what was up above. Rav looked around cautiously and noticed that all lights had began to go dark, and quickly hid within Mayu's pockets.

Soon the glow of the plants had become near to nothing, they switched from a bright gold to a dark purple. The dark light made shadows on the walls, bringing on a dark feeling throughout the cave. Mayu squinted her eyes to see what was above.

Finally, Mayu's eyes, adjusted to the light. When she glanced above she was able to see something interesting yet scary at the same time. Small silhouettes danced around the cave walls in a circle. They went up and down the roof and floors and vanished into the shadows.

Then out of nowhere, a small silhouette had jumped out from the shadows, it ran up to Mayu like a little child full of excitement. It giggled, spun around and danced. Mayu was enchanted, by this mysterious, yet beautiful sight, she reached out her hand, to try and touch the silhouette, but by the time she got close to it, it vanished into thin air.

A hard gust of wind slammed into Mayu face and sent her flying towards the ground.

"Ow! What was that?!" Mayu moaned. She began to slowly push herself off the cave floor. She had almost reached her knees when a sudden force, began to push onto her back. Mayu had almost stood up when she has suddenly spun around onto her back, her eyes facing the roof.

Mayu's attention was drawn back to the top of the cave roof. In the darkness above, an image slowly came into form. Black scratches covered the cave roof, and a dark presence began to fill the air. A strange feeling came over Mayu, it was as though something was standing over her... no... it was watching her. Mayu couldn't see it, but she knew it was there.

A cold gust of wind blew throughout the cave, and the flower lights began to flicker. They glowed and dimmed as the creature watching Mayu, slowly began to let itself be known. Dark smudges began to cover the cave walls, in random places. The walls began to look like a polka-dotted mess, and in seconds, they all resembled that of a dark cloud of smoke.

Slowly it's darkness spread across the walls, covering the pictures of villages, and townhomes. A wicked smile grew across its face, as it stared down at Mayu. Mayu had the impression that it knew what it was doing... that it was trying to scare her... and it knew it too.

A laugh escaped its dreaded lips, it was evil, and dark, like the croak of an old man, if nothing else, it had to be the laugh of the devil himself.

Mayu had been distracted by the creature before her and didn't realize that the lights behind her beginning to go out. She was so distracted that she didn't realize that Rav had been screaming the whole time, trying to warn her, but finally, the noise kicked in. She stared behind herself in shock to see that the path had disappeared.

Mayu knew that if she did not hurry she would probably get stuck in the darkness, so she began to run. The lights were going out faster than Mayu could see her next step.

"This isn't happening!" Mayu told herself.

Mayu ran, she gripped onto the walls of the cave in an attempt to pull herself further away from the darkness, but it continued to pursue her, making her run, even faster. Mayu's heartbeat began to ring in her ears, it echoed and sting like if she was pricked in the ear by a bee. She could literally feel her heartbeat thump out of her chest.

Her breathing became uneven, and her running became unsteady... Mayu was falling apart. She knew that she couldn't keep running much longer and that soon, her body would give-up, but for all Mayu knew, her mind and the fear of being caught by the darkness kept her going.

Thoughts began to intrude Mayu's head... Would she really get out?... Is there actually a way? The thoughts were so terrifying, that they caused Mayu to stutter and trip. Mayu was about to hit the ground with a loud thud, she wanted to recover... no, she could recover, but she just didn't. At this moment it all seemed hopeless in the long run.

Mayu's eyes began to shut, she had almost reached the cold ground when a sudden blind of light shined on her face. Putting out her hands she quickly propelled herself back up and lunged towards the light, and with one last effort, she leaped for the outside. With that, Mayu had vanished into the light, and the darkness wept back into the cave.

Mayu lay flat on the ground, it was warm and prickly, it was not like the cold hard surface that she was usually used to since being stuck in the ruins. It was weird because Mayu couldn't figure out what she was laying on. She turned around, got off her back, and slowly placed her hand on the bumpy ground, only to feel the prickly pines of the warm grass.

In excitement, Mayu jumped up and spun around. She was filled with relief and happiness, for she believed that she almost lost her life.

"Whoa! That was close, I can't believe we made it!" Mayu said in surprise while pulling out Rav and jiggling him up and down.

Mayu began to check for any bruises that might have been left behind by the jump. Luckily, she got through without any injuries or wounds.

Mayu decided to look around her environment... At first, she expected to see the same plane old empty walls, but when she opened her eyes, she couldn't believe what she saw. Flowers bloomed and twinkled, on every surface, the walls were covered in flowers. The flowers burst and swirled as they made their way out through the cracks, each holding their own color.

The lights danced to the pitter patter of the dew drops. Beautiful trees and flowers sprung young and free as winged creatures flew through the cave sky. A soft Music began to move throughout the cave as the wind blew, through the stones and cracks, in the cave walls.

The whistle of the rubbing leaves, the scratching of the rolling pebbles, and the singing of the flowing water through the streams and crevices was all a blessing to Mayu's ears. Mayu had never seen or experienced something so beautiful.

In excitement, Rav jumped out of Mayu's hands and ran towards the valley of green.

"Wait, Rav! Where are you going?!" Mayu yelled out, reaching out her hand towards him. Mayu ran out into the tall bushes and began to call out, but by the time she got there, Rav had already disappeared.

"Rav! Rav?!" Mayu called out, but not a sound came back.

Mayu began to turn back, she decided that it would probably be best to retrace her steps and that maybe she would run into Rav on her way back. As Mayu began to walk, a sudden sound began to ring in her ears, it was soft and silent, Mayu turned around to see if anything else reacted to the sweet sound, but as expected, they were all in their own world.

Mayu suddenly turned around and began to walk through the forest of the cave, for seem reason her body moved on its own, she knew that she should be looking for Rav, but something was calling her... begging her to come. Mayu soon came to realize that she somehow ended up on the other side of the cave, how she got there, was unknown, but that simple though, wasn't what intrigued her, for in front of her, lay something bigger than what she could comprehend.

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