Chapter 59:



We walked out of the bar once the stars came out. It was a decent little shack. I see Serena. She neighs happily ran to me and almost runs me over. Bookmark here

"Serena!!" I hug her head and kiss her forehead. "I missed you so much!"Bookmark here

Serena neighs sincerely. She was comfortable with me. I felt the same. Haper took a little note in her book and walked into the house. I did the same with Serena hanging on the outside looking in a large window. I sat down next to the window. Haper sat on a chair and began writing a few things. "You look disgusting. You gotta take a bath soon."Bookmark here

"It's been a long day. That I can say. Give me a few." Bookmark here

She nods and continues working. I walk over outside the washing pool. I got in the bath and relaxed. It was cold that night, but I didn't care. It felt amazing. I felt all the stress just fade away at the moment. I had time to just reflect. For now, All I can do right now is enjoy my vacation. I think for now I might work on the west coast. I'm way too tired to be going across the country. After a bit, I washed my clothes and hung them on the wire. I got on my underwear and walked in, sitting down. "So, what's new, Harper?"Bookmark here

"Ah, the usual. I was doing everything to figure out everything you did out there in that operation. I released a few issues. Those caught fire, let me tell you. Everyone wanted to see the cool guy with the cape and the special shotgun fight in a war. You got a following, that's for sure."Bookmark here

"Wow. I never thought that I'd lose the old name."Bookmark here

"You did. Everyone in town knows about Dopeman. They love the stories too. I think you can capitalize."Bookmark here

"How so?" I ask. Bookmark here

"I want you to write a book."Bookmark here

"You want me to write? like a whole novel?"Bookmark here

Harper taps my hand. "What? Don't you like reading, Dopeman?"Bookmark here

"I love reading. I read about rifles, history, and even fiction. Serena! What was that one book called?"Bookmark here

Serena neighs informatively. Bookmark here

"That! Yeah, that."Bookmark here

She looks at me, confused. "You can understand her?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

She stared me at for a bit. "You really need to write this book."Bookmark here

"Look, look. I need to just think about how to even start this. It's a lot of stories to tell."Bookmark here

"Just sleep on it, ok? You'll be fine. The thing about writing is that you can't force it out. You can't figure it out like that. It comes naturally. Once those first few words pop in your head, it'll be as natural as breathing."Bookmark here

"Hm..." I mumble and move to rest on the old couch. I needed to sleep it off. I said goodnight to my friend and went to bed, sleeping pretty well for once in all these months.Bookmark here

The next day, I opened my eyes and sighed happily. It's something I thought I never would feel this good ever again. I sat up and walked around the house. Haper was still asleep, so I didn't mess with her. I walked to the back to wear my sort of clean gear. I stretched a bit before walking out into the hot Nevada day. I headed over to a more populated water bar. A lot of people greeted me, told me how cool I looked, and I did my best to smile and wave, making sure all of the people felt the love. I sat on the stool and got free water. I was pretty happy. It was then that Fisher showed up. The people heard of him too and gave a warm greeting. Bookmark here

"Sup, Sam," I say as he sits with me. Bookmark here

"I'm right as rain. How's it going? Enjoying the vacation?" Bookmark here

"Oh yeah. I had some sleep, talked with my friend for a bit. She's a journalist and wants me to write a novel."Bookmark here

"A novel? What, about your life or something?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. I just never wrote like this before. Or at all, even. I wrote essays and whatever. Just never a novel. I don't even know how to start it."Bookmark here

"Why don't you start at the beginning?"Bookmark here

"What even is the beginning? Pre-war? Intro Wars?"Bookmark here

"No, no. Your beginning. Your start. How did this whole journey start?" Bookmark here

I think about it for a moment. "I guess you could say it started in Compton."Bookmark here

"How so?" Fisher asked. Bookmark here

"I mean, I was just there for a job. I took the train from here to Compton in order to complete a job. After blowing up a saloon I took the train back. It was there I met Harper."Bookmark here

He chuckled a bit. "Sounds like a Dopeman story. If that's the start of this madness, then you write your truth."Bookmark here

I finish my water and move to leave. "Thanks, Fisher. Plan on staying in town?"Bookmark here

"Of course. Might as well. I don't if I should continue the fight with them. I think I will just relax with you folk. Maybe take you out sometime?"Bookmark here

I laugh out. "Maybe. I'll see ya around."Bookmark here

I made my way over to the house again to see Harper yet again, typing a bit. "Welcome back, hero. Thought of something?"Bookmark here

I sit on the couch. "I think. I think I need a title most importantly."Bookmark here

"Ok, like that?"Bookmark here

I looked at my hands, looked at the floor. I looked at everything, everyone. Who am I? Bookmark here

Who am I?Bookmark here

That's easy. Bookmark here

"DOPEMAN," I say. Bookmark here

"Really? I like it. It's simple. I'll give you a notebook." Harper walks into her room and hands me the notebook and a pen. I grab the pen and click it a few times. My handwriting is awful, but here we are. Bookmark here

If I'm starting in Compton, where should I start?Bookmark here

On the train? The hike to town? No, the barn! Bookmark here

I know exactly how to start. Bookmark here

The day was hot. The sun beamed down on me, it felt like Satan himself was in bed with me...
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