Chapter 24:

Futaba's Feelings

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

The school day had ended and Makoto decided not to go to the art club today since his hand is still broken and he can't participate yet. So Makoto was walking home and as he is looking around the area he spots Futaba walking ahead. So he runs up to her to say hello.Bookmark here

"Hey Futaba-san! Looks like you walk in the same direction after school."Bookmark here

"Haku-san? It's weird to see you after school." Futaba responded.Bookmark here

"Weird? How come; we see each other everyday and in the art club." Bookmark here

"Y-You d-don't get it." Futaba said with a slight blush.Bookmark here

'Futaba really has changed a lot it's crazy. She acts like a tsundere now.' Makoto thought.Bookmark here

"Whatever...anyways were are you going right now?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"I was just going to go home." 
Bookmark here

"Alright then we'll I'll see you tomorrow. I'm going to the bookstore to buy some manga." Makoto walked off and waved goodbye.Bookmark here

Futaba watched as he left but she clenched her fists and built up her confidence and ran up to him. Makoto noticed she was coming onto him and stopped.Bookmark here

"H-Haku-san...c-can I go with you?" Futaba said while fidgeting her fingers.Bookmark here

"You're starting to act like Sakuri-san." Makoto covered his mouth because of his thoughts accidentally slipping out. He hoped Futaba did not hear it.Bookmark here

She stood waiting patiently for Makoto's response. Makoto let out a sigh of relief that she did not hear him.Bookmark here

"Sure why not." Makoto let her accompany him since he didn't want to be rude.Bookmark here

They are at the halfway point to the destination and it has been silent the whole way through. Futaba doesn't know how to start a conversation with Makoto and he doesn't know if he should talk.Bookmark here

"Do you also like manga?" Makoto asked Futaba.Bookmark here

"No not really."Bookmark here

"Then why did you want to come?" Makoto questioned her reason for following him.Bookmark here

"D-Does it matter! I just wanted to see if I would like it that's all." Futaba exclaimed.Bookmark here

"Well you're in good hands. I am a manga connoisseur." Makoto said using a thumbs up.Bookmark here

The sight of Makoto's smile caused Futaba to feel some sort of way. But her stubbornness stopped her from thinking that way.Bookmark here

-Arrived at the bookstore-Bookmark here

"Alright I'm going to go get what I came for so in the meantime look around at the titles and see if something catches your attention." Makoto walked off to another aisle leaving Futaba to look around.Bookmark here

Futaba looks over the aisles and reads the first couple of pages to see if any interest her.Bookmark here

"All of these seem the same. It's even the same characters."Bookmark here

"Well that's because your reading different volumes of the same title." Makoto said behind her.Bookmark here

"Uh...I k-knew that." Futaba was embarrassed from not noticing it was the same manga.Bookmark here

"Did anything catch your attention?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"No. I don't even know what I am looking for."Bookmark here

"I'll help you come on follow me. So what kind of things do you like?" Makoto first tried to understand what kind of things she liked.Bookmark here

"I'm not sure." Futaba didn't know what she truly liked so she couldn't answer him.Bookmark here

"You're a lost cause." Makoto said wanting to tease her.Bookmark here

"S-Shut up! I'm not like you who is a hardcore geek!" Futaba yelled back at Makoto.Bookmark here

Everyone in the store heard the yelling so they turned around to see what was going on.Bookmark here

"Hey be quiet everyone is looking at us." Makoto shushed Futaba.Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

Futaba looks at one of the manga covers that catches her attention. It was a shounen manga. She picks it up and reads the back of it for the summary.Bookmark here

"Oh a good choice. That manga is really good. It's surprising though."Bookmark here

"Why is it so surprising?" Futaba asked.Bookmark here

"Well not being rude or anything but your personality doesn't match up with that genre." Makoto laughed nervously.Bookmark here

"Whatever...I could like things like this too."Bookmark here

"You don't have to buy it just yet." Bookmark here

"Why not? You said to find something I get interested in." Futaba was skeptical of Makoto.Bookmark here

"That's because I own that series and you can borrow it first then afterwards if you like it you now know to buy it." Makoto suggested.Bookmark here

Futaba complies and Makoto goes to pay for his manga. They walk home and Makoto wonders how he is going to give Futaba his manga collection.Bookmark here

"Futaba-san how do you want to go about me giving you the manga?"Bookmark here

"I c-could go to your house and pick it up." Futaba replied.Bookmark here

"Alright sounds like a plan."Bookmark here

Makoto accompanies Futaba to the train station and sees her off. Futaba waves back as the train is leaving. As she is sitting down she starts to contemplate how she truly feels about Makoto. He was the first one to stand up to her when she was a bully. And after all that he accepted her as his friend and to the club. Bookmark here

'Haku-san is to much of a nice person towards me. I think...I think I fell in love with Haku-san.' Futaba finally has realized her true feelings towards Makoto and now has accepted them.Bookmark here

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