Chapter 60:



She then runs off somewhere. I shake Green's hand and walk to the caravan.Bookmark here

And most likely my death. Bookmark here

I click the pen set it on the table and look at all I wrote. I have all these chapters so far and I have yet to have title names. "Yo! Harper. I need some help!" Bookmark here

She walks in and sits with me. "What's the deal? I checked all these chapters already. You're fine, I like it. It's interesting."Bookmark here

I grunt out. "I just need a title for these chapters. I can't think of anything. Writing books is hard!" I groan. Bookmark here

Haper giggles as she checks the notebook out. "Let's make a deal. I'll make up the chapter titles, you keep up with just the writing. Also, I think you need to get into the more serious side. I think your dream part in the second chapter is cool, but I think you need to get more insightful, people would love to figure out why is your name Dopeman. People would love to figure out your past. Tell, me who were you known as before the bombs dropped?"Bookmark here

"The Dopeman. People would come to me for the drugs. That's all they would ever come to me for. It got to the point where I forgot what my name even was. So it kinda stuck after the Big Boom."Bookmark here

Harper smiles, getting an idea. "Why don't you write about that. Think about what you heard all those years ago. Take your thoughts and write those things down." She stood up and walked to her room, leaving me alone. Bookmark here

I got my pen back and started writing about my experiences.  The first thing that came to my head was what the people in San Francisco were saying to me. I jotted down the things that came to mind and the little monologue. I also added the struggle with my name. Bookmark here

 ...I can't remember, but she helped me. The girl with the white hair. She always said my name...
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The girl with the hair. Dani. Dani had beautiful white hair. That was my second favorite feature about her. The first of course being her wonderful, bright personality. I was jotting through my moments on the Soulless Road when I get a knock on the door. I set the notebook down and walk over to open it, seeing a cleaner Kyle Tann. He wore casual rags. His arm was pretty clean, looking relaxed. "Dopeman." He smiled.Bookmark here

"My man, come in." I let him in, he sits down with me. "How did you find out where I live?" I asked after he got comfortable. "How did you find out I lived here?"Bookmark here

"It wasn't hard. You're a popular name."Bookmark here

Oh yeah. I am a popular person now. "Oh yeah. Well welcome, I was just writing." Bookmark here

Tann hummed and leaned back. "Didn't take you for the writing type."
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"I'm not. I'm doing this for Harper. She wants me to write this novel so everyone can get the full scoop on me."Bookmark here

"I see. Did you write about me?" Bookmark here

"Not yet, I'm not at that part of the story." Bookmark here

"I'd love to see you write then."Bookmark here

I smile. "Why not? Sure. I'll a few more chapters here." I grabbed my pen and resumed my journey on the novel. I wrote on the fight through Soulless Road...Bookmark here

I spun behind him, shotgun aimed at its head. "Special delivery!" I yell as I send the demon to the hellscape he came from...
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...On my stunt against those raiders...Bookmark here

I loaded my high explosive slug in. I shoot at one of the already dilapidated buildings to make one-half collapse. The piece causes the ground to shake violently with a combination of the rubble and glass making a cloud on impact...
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...On my crazy night in Southland...Bookmark here

As I look at the sky, a crowd circling to laugh at me and the finally knocked out man, I say to myself one thing:Bookmark here

I'm never drinking again. Bookmark here

...And on my first interaction with (at the time) Major Kyle Tann.Bookmark here

"Dopeman. Aka, Foolish Courier. I heard what you did with those Desert Demons and the raiders. Nice work out there." Tann turns around to shake my hand.
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Kyle was silently studying me while I wrote. Bookmark here

"I really sounded like that..." He huffed. I was so full of determination. I was already tired at that point, even. Over time I got worse and worse at hiding it. Once I lost the arm It was all out the window."Bookmark here

"You decided to do things your way."Bookmark here

Tann smirked. "You could say that. Thanks, Dopeman. For everything."Bookmark here

I shook his hand as he stood to leave. "That's what brothers are for, right Tann?"
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"Exactly." He walks home.Bookmark here

I sit back down to write. I was getting obsessed with it.Bookmark here

In a few days, I write about my arrival in Arizona...Bookmark here

Arizona has a different feel for sure. There wasn't a lot of sand, just rock and rubble. It was cloudly, with sand falling from the sky instead of rain. 
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...To my capture...Bookmark here

He kicked me down and aimed his gun at me. Surprisingly, He captures me, putting me in bidings and knocking me out. 
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...To my tournament...Bookmark here

The time has come. There is no name for the tournament, but the prisoners coined it 'The Tournament of Dogs.'Bookmark here

...And my freedom.Bookmark here

I smile and hug the both of them, seeing those two off. Bookmark here

Great. Now, it's time to find my friends.
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I was in the middle of it all, three notebooks deep. Fisher came by one day while I was on break at the bar. Bookmark here

"I read some drafts," Fisher said. "It's so personal, man. Almost had me in tears when I first got through the Dani chapters."Bookmark here

"Yeah, I would've gotten done soon if it wasn't for a massive headache." I looked on with frustration. I hated setbacks.Bookmark here

"This isn't a race, dude. I'm glad you recovered. So, what chapter you're on?"Bookmark here

I finished my drink. "I was talking about heading home after Arizona. I think it would be cool to tell the people about the process of the book. How I made it."Bookmark here

"That would be pretty sick. Glad you could come with me on this date, Dopeman."Bookmark here

"Who said it was a date?"Bookmark here

"You tease me." Bookmark here

We both laugh as we leave. I head home to continue the novel, eventually finishing the book after all this time. Bookmark here

"Haper!" I yelled. Bookmark here

"You're finally done?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. Let's edit."Bookmark here

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