Chapter 25:

Sakuri Comes Down With A Fever

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Makoto has already been sitting for a while in class. Kota is in front of him talking to him about some recent anime he has watched. As he is listening in the teacher walks in which means the class is about to start but Makoto doesn't spot Sakuri.Bookmark here

"Hey Kota do you see Sakuri-san at all?"Bookmark here

"Now that you mention it she hasn't arrived yet." Kota noticed too.Bookmark here

"I wonder if something happened." Makoto started to get worried.Bookmark here

"Why don't you just call her house after school." Kota suggested.Bookmark here

Makoto decided to take the suggestion Kota made. He went through the whole day getting worked up not knowing about Sakuri's absence.Bookmark here

-After school-Bookmark here

Everyone meets up at the club room like usual and everyone else figures out that Sakuri is absent.Bookmark here

"Haku-senpai where is Sakuri-senpai?" Aoki asked.Bookmark here

"I don't know. I'm going to call her house to find out."Bookmark here

Makoto grabs his phone out of his pocket and dials her home phone.Bookmark here

"Hello?" Sakuri's mother picks up the phone.Bookmark here

"Oh hello Sakuri-san I was wondering why Yasu-san was absent today." Makoto referred to Sakuri as Yasu to not cause confusion.Bookmark here

"Oho it seems you and my daughter are getting close if you're referring to her by her first name." Sakuri's mother teased.Bookmark here

"N-No I j-just didn't want to cause a-any confusion." Makoto said blushing from what he said and forgot what it meant.Bookmark here

"In that case you can just call me Yui. Anyways Yasu has come down with a fever so she's in bed right now. If you want you can come by over to check on her." Yui said with joy in the last sentence.Bookmark here

"Okay I'll think about it."Bookmark here

"Alright then bye Haku-san." She then hangs up.Bookmark here

Everyone looks up to Makoto to see what he says to do.Bookmark here

"Why are you all looking at me?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"Well that's because we trust you the most with making decisions." Aoki responded back.Bookmark here

All of them nod in agreement with what Aoki said.Bookmark here

"Wow your the vice club president Aoki-san this should be your job. I'm just a regular member." Makoto jokes.Bookmark here

Aoki feels like she got shot in the chest from the burn that Makoto just made.Bookmark here

"I'm just kidding Aoki-san. So how are we going to decide who goes. Only one of us can go because if we all go it will make Sakuri-san have a big headache." Makoto spoke out his idea.Bookmark here

"How about we play rock paper scissors." Kiyoshi had chimed in.Bookmark here

Everyone gets in a circle and puts out their hands getting in position.Bookmark here

"Rock! Paper! Scissors!" They all said in unison.Bookmark here

"I'm out." Kota and Kiyoshi had said.Bookmark here

"Aw I lost." Aoki had lost too.Bookmark here

All that was left was Futaba and Makoto who had tied with scissors.Bookmark here

"Alright it looks like it's between us two." Makoto said to Futaba.Bookmark here

"Rock! Paper! Scissors!"
Bookmark here

Futaba had won. She had paper and Makoto threw out rock.Bookmark here

"Dammit. Well Futaba-san it looks like you're going." Makoto said.Bookmark here

Futaba stared in astonishment. She didn't want to go but couldn't say that since Makoto had given her the responsibility to go.Bookmark here

"Ok then. I'm going." Futaba said nervously.Bookmark here

Makoto stopped her before she left.Bookmark here

"Wait Futaba-san here take this. It's a copy of the notes from todays classes. Could you take this for Sakuri-san." Makoto had given Futaba a notebook with all the notes he wrote down.Bookmark here

Futaba grabs it and Makoto notices that she is slightly shaking.Bookmark here

"Futaba-san don't worry. It's not like before, you're going with good intentions so don't put yourself down because of the past." Makoto reassured Futaba.Bookmark here

"I-I know!" Futaba started to blush from how close Makoto was and she went running away from him leaving Makoto confused.Bookmark here

As Futaba is running she realizes something.Bookmark here

"Where does Sakuri-san even live!"Bookmark here

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