Chapter 61:

Epilogue (A Note From Your Pal, Dopeman)


Hey! It's Dopeman!Bookmark here

Since it's also been a few months since I wrote all of that, I better inform you all of what's new. Bookmark here

Baby Grant was born. He's so cute! I'm a proud uncle. Kyle took an extended leave to be in his son's life more often. He's never been happier. Bookmark here

Sam wanted to stay with me, so was easy to help the man build a nice home next to us. Despite everything, he still wants to date me. I gave him a chance, we're going steady. Bookmark here

Speaking of homes, I live with Harper and Serena in a way nicer home Sam helped us build. I love them both to death, just waking up is a joy now. Bookmark here

I also wanna thank all of the ones who helped me individually. Bookmark here

To the entire Tann family. Thank you for making me better with kids, making me a better fighter, a better leader, and happier.Bookmark here

To Sam aka 'Fisher.' You made me laugh countless times through it all. From getting burned by the waste through the worst parts of Arizona. You're also not a bad kisser. Bookmark here

To Haper. Without you, I wouldn't even be able to get the idea to write this entire thing. You were there. from draft to completion. You're smarter than I could ever be. So thanks for everything.Bookmark here

To Dani. You made me realize my humanity. I wasnt just some machine. I wasn't the Dopeman. I was more than that. I was my own person. I still love you.Bookmark here

To Sera. You reminded me I had people who actually cared for me. For a long time, I thought I was alone. I had nobody. You changed that. You also helped me move on from my bad past. I was greater than that. I'm better now. My heart will always be with you.Bookmark here

To Carter, Genny, and Kaos, and the prisoners. You all helped me get tougher. Become this man in tip-top shape. Genny, Kaos. If you two are reading this, come on by. I'd love to catch up.Bookmark here

I'd figure I can use these last few lines in the notebook to write a little monologue. Is my story complete? Nah. Not by a long shot. I have so many stories to tell everyone. Why would I make this story? Well, because I wanted to. I found it fun to read back on my exploits. Even if nobody picks this up in Badlands, I know somebody will. And that somebody is me. If there are any little kids reading this story feeling inspired by me pushing through my limits and breaking my body to get the job done, I have one thing to say. Don't be like me. Be better than me. I made bad choices, I'll admit. Those mistakes cost people's limbs and lives. You learn from my mistakes. Bookmark here

You're never alone.Bookmark here

Your pal,
Dopeman.Bookmark here

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