Chapter 26:

Coming To Terms With Reality

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Futaba is now standing outside Sakuri's house. She had to call Makoto for the address since she didn't know it. Futaba knocks on the door.Bookmark here

"Coming!" Sakuri's mother yells.Bookmark here

The door opens.Bookmark here

"Oh, I assume you are one of Yasu's friends?"Bookmark here

"Yes and I came here to help out." Futaba replied.Bookmark here

"Come on in." She leads Futaba into the home and she switches her shoes.Bookmark here

"What's your name?" Sakuri's mother asks.Bookmark here

"It's Meinu Futaba."Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you Futuba-san. You can just call me Yui."Bookmark here

Futaba follows Yui into the living room not knowing what to do or how to help so she decides to say whatever comes first to mind.Bookmark here

"So how is Sakuri-san doing?"Bookmark here

"She still has a high fever but is getting better by the hour." Bookmark here

"How could I help. I don't want to just be a burden here wasting your time." Futaba thought to herself that since she is here already she might as well help as much as he can.Bookmark here

" about you help me out with making her some soup and rice." Yui asked.Bookmark here

"Ok."Bookmark here

The both of them get down to work. Yui is cooking the rice and Futuba is preparing the soup. Futuba is wearing an apron and while thinking about how she is cooking Makoto comes to her mind.Bookmark here

'Is this how it would be every morning if I were to marry Makoto? Aahh! What am I thinking!' Futuba grabs her head to stop her thoughts.Bookmark here

"Futuba-san are you okay?" Yui asked.Bookmark here

"Y-Yes I'm fine." Futuba replied trying to recompose herself.Bookmark here

-1 hour later-Bookmark here

"Alright all finished." Futaba said with a smile.Bookmark here

"Let's go take this to Yasu then."Bookmark here

Futaba and Yui pick up the food and head up the stairs to where Sakuri is. Sakuri's mother Yui knocks on the door.Bookmark here

"Yasu we made you some food. We're coming in."Bookmark here

They enter and see that Sakuri is still covered by her blanket with a bad red face.Bookmark here

"F-Futuba-san i-is that you?" Sakuri noticed Futuba coming into the room.Bookmark here

"Hey Sakuri-san are you feeling better?" Futuba responded back.Bookmark here

"I could be doing better but I feel okay so far." Bookmark here

"Here you go Yasu. I'll leave you two alone now. I have to clean downstairs." Sakuri's mother exits the room.Bookmark here

"I helped make this soup for you too. Hope you like it." Futaba set the food next to Sakuri and sat down next to her.Bookmark here

Futaba looked at Sakuri and can tell that she was badly sicken. Her face was red and she seemed out of it. Sakuri picked up the spoon and ate little by little. As she was eating she thought to herself why is Futaba here.Bookmark here

"Futaba-san what are you doing here? I thought you didn't like me." Sakuri asked.Bookmark here

Futaba did not expect for Sakuri to say something like that.Bookmark here

"W-Well Makoto was told by your mother we could come but Makoto said we would all cause you a lot of trouble if we all went. So we played a game of rock, paper, scissors and I happened to win." Futaba explained.Bookmark here

"So that means you didn't come on your own free will right?" Sakuri said with a straight face.Bookmark here

"W-What's going on w-with you Sakuri-san?"Bookmark here

"I wish Haku-san would have came instead..." Sakuri then goes under her blankets.Bookmark here

Futuba is left speechless. She didn't think Sakuri had the capability of acting this way. But she put more thought into why Sakuri is acting this way. Because of the fever it is making Sakuri say things she normally wouldn't say out loud. This also means that everything she says is the truth and what she actually feels about certain things.Bookmark here

"Sakuri-san could I ask why you'd prefer Haku-san?" Futaba asked curious.Bookmark here

Sakuri peeks over her blanket and looks at Futaba.Bookmark here

"That's because I enjoy Haku-san's presence. I always feel the most comfortable with him and I appreciate him." Sakuri was saying her true feelings about Makoto without her knowing because of her fever.Bookmark here

Futaba was looking down sad. She was putting the pieces together, it looked like Sakuri loves Makoto, but she had to make sure first before coming to conclusions.Bookmark here

"So...does that mean you love Haku-san?" Futaba said with a shaky voice.Bookmark here

Sakuri stared at Futaba for a while in silence. Then looked straight and opened her mouth to talk.Bookmark here

"Yes...I love Makoto Haku." Sakuri said with a smile.Bookmark here

Futaba felt a big shockwave come to her from hearing those words coming from Sakuri. She felt the tears forming and beginning to come out.Bookmark here

"I'll be back." Futaba got up and left the room.Bookmark here

Sakuri's mother hears footsteps on the second floor and spots Futaba.Bookmark here

"Futaba-san is everything okay?"Bookmark here

"Where is the bathroom?" Futaba said trying to cover her tears.Bookmark here

"Down the hall left door."Bookmark here

Futaba enters the bathroom and goes to the sink to wash her face. She begins to cry profusely at the fact that Sakuri likes Makoto too. She doesn't know what to do.Bookmark here

"So she likes him too huh...well it looks like I'm going to have to try and get rid of these feelings." Futaba said to herself looking in the mirror with a sad smile.Bookmark here

"After everything I've done to Sakuri-san...I can't take Haku-san away from her." Futaba continued in the mirror.Bookmark here

She was able to get back to normal so she cleaned her face and went back to Sakuri's room. Futaba enters the room and sees that Sakuri is sitting up eating the soup.Bookmark here

"This soup is really good. Thanks Futaba-san sorry for what I said earlier."Bookmark here

"T-Thanks Sakuri-san."Bookmark here

Futaba decided to stay and help take care of Sakuri even though she was sad and in disbelief but she didn't want to hold it against her, Bookmark here

-Several Hours Later-Bookmark here

It's now late at night and Futaba gets up from Sakuri's side to go home. As she is leaving she waves goodbye to Sakuri and heads to the front door.Bookmark here

"Hey Futaba-san leaving already?" Yui asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah it's getting pretty late. Have a good night Yui." Futaba said as she was heading out the door.Bookmark here

"Thank you Futaba-san for today and also...don't worry everything will work out just fine."Bookmark here

Futaba looked at Sakuri's mother with shocked eyes. She must of overheard her crying in the bathroom and possibly what she said.Bookmark here

"Yes thank you." Bookmark here

And with that Futaba left and went home. Bookmark here

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