Chapter 23:

Magma Inside of Me Still Burning!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Find out your Portrayal, an amusing game given by Ziesha, who wants to impress her brother Zel by defeating those kids. For that she did a thing without asking her brother which was to take away the two hostages from the last compartment for her game which needed seven people. Ashya cleared the stage in fifteen minutes and Jon cleared the stage in ten minutes without looking for a third clue. Now only five people are left in their room and there is still a lot of time left for them.Bookmark here

Now the person most who has to find his portrayal is none other than a new character, Jireosan Tanabe. Inside his room, he waited for the previous portrayal to finish. After thirty minutes had elapsed, he went to see the book whether it was open or not.Bookmark here

When he tries to open the book by lifting it in his hand, it opens. So he read the title - "Judgemental Hero!" and then came to the last page, and read the phrase - "You know the difference between right and wrong, and you choose to do what is right. A person with right judgment avoids sin and lives out the values. So find what you are?"Bookmark here

He put the book on the table again and went around, repeating the title and phrase several times, so that he could understand what it was depicting.Bookmark here

Repeating a few words of that phrase reminds him of something about some part of his life.Bookmark here

It had been almost four years since his retirement. He was then living alone in an apartment as his son moved out of the country on the demand of his grandson as his grandson was on holiday and he was being stubborn. Jireosan has one son and daughter, daughter is studying abroad. He lives with his Son and his wife, they have a son.Bookmark here

He was enjoying the alone time at home, watching the series and eating the variety of food he had ordered.Bookmark here

Just then an alarm goes off in the entire apartment that there has been a gas leak in the third floor and the fire starts spreading. As he was on the fourth floor, his neighbor Hase Kaguyama arrived, asking Jireosan for help as he was a former firefighter, to take any steps before the fire spread throughout the apartment and casualty happens.Bookmark here

Hearing this word, he gets off the sofa and stands in his own pose, says,"When my soul and passion burn, the other flames disappear. When the magma inside me awakens I can overcome any natural disasters."Bookmark here

Firstly, he gets down on the third floor in his firefighter uniform which was too old and takes two extinguishers, they have in the apartment.. Hase was also with him and trying to call the fire force, first they cleared the apartment except the one who was inside that room on the third floor.Bookmark here

Hase told Jireosan how many people are trapped inside it. He says,"Just three I will save them,no matter what. My burning Passion is more powerful than this fire."Bookmark here

He got inside by using an extinguisher on the fire, he cleared the fire in the living room. As there were two kids, he took them and came out. Give them to Hase.Bookmark here

After that one boy from it was crying that his mom is still inside and the other boy also started crying as looking his brother.Bookmark here

Jireosan says,"I will save your mom! Even if I have to become that fire, my magma won't vanish." He got inside again. He extinguished two rooms but their mom was not there, one extinguisher got over. He tried to take another extinguisher in his hand ,as being old when he tried to lift it. His back bone pains after that. Then he heard the scream of that lady coming out from the kitchen, he said as groaning in pain,"Don't worry, I will save you! Just be calm and wait for me."Bookmark here

He decides something risky which was very unexpected from him. He dashed into the kitchen as the fire was a little dense, and kept saying,"Magma Inside of Me Still Burning! I won't fall until I save that lady."Bookmark here

And finally he gets inside the kitchen. He saw the lady, but when he turned back to take her with him out. The fire was getting wider, and the lady was on the verge of giving up. Lady says,"Now nothing can happen. Sorry for dragging you along with me."Bookmark here

Jireosan asked her name in a serious tone. She says Miruka Nazeshima. He says,"Listen, Miruka! In all my fire fighting,I have seen a lot bigger than this and I defeat them with the inside of my magma. That's what I'm going to do now, even if it's the last time. Cover yourself with water."Bookmark here

When she put the water on herself, Jireosan lifted her on his back. Even though it was paining, he again dashed in full speed but his pain was getting bigger and he fell on the living room. Fire was spreading with some speed and it could be in the living room in five minutes. He was just hoping to send this lady out but he saw she was too trembled to run on her leg.On time the fire force arrived and they cleared the fire and then they took them out. Boys hugged her mom and stopped crying. After seeing that Jireosan was happy but then he got unconscious. Jireosan was taken to hospital by his former student Doriyan Hagurama who was in that fire force team.Bookmark here

When he came out of his unconsciousness, he reported everything to Doriyan. "You are as always passionate about this work. But your decision was right to save those people even though they were just three." Doriyan was proud of him.Bookmark here

He replies," No fire can win against my inside magma!"Bookmark here

Until his son also arrived after getting the news from Hase.Bookmark here

When he came back from his thinking, one hour had passed,"Oh! looks like my magma messed up no problem!" but this time he had a gist of an answer.Bookmark here

Outside Ashya and Jon were talking, why that old man is taking this much time.Bookmark here

Jon asked,"What was your Portrayal?"Bookmark here

"Wisdom!" She answered.Bookmark here

Jon exclaims," Hmm!"Bookmark here

"Don't, Hmm! Idiot!" Ashya replies. She was feeling a little bit embarrassed, because only two of them were.Bookmark here

He gets in his pose, says a new line,"I'm Jireosan Tanabe, will overcome this void wall by taking the right decision which is right judgement or counsel." Bookmark here

Ziesha says,"Correct." Then Door opened and he came out.Bookmark here

Ashya and Jon saw him, Jireosan came toward them, bowed down his head and said sorry for taking a long time.Bookmark here

Jon says it's okay, he stands beside him and gets in pose then he repeats the same line of Jireosan. Jireosan did too.Bookmark here

When just half-an-hour left, Shingo opened the book and tried to read the title which was - " Courageous Soldier." and the phrase in the last page - ``You can overcome any fear and are willing to take any risk in that situation. Just what you are, tell me?"Bookmark here

He was a little bit confused, so he started searching for the third clue, then he saw Joan of Arc on the cover page and thought something. Says,"So this what was going on." Then he called Ziesha and said, "Fortitude!"Bookmark here

Zeish, "Tsk! Correct, you lowly man." Then the door opened and he came out. Bookmark here

Next was Germon, he saw the time and said,"Looks like someone took a lot of time to clear his/her part. He had a book in his hand already,so tried to open it and it got open.Bookmark here

The title was - Fruit of Knowledge! And the phrase was "You are more than an accumulation of facts. You just have to find, "What is your strength?"Bookmark here

Germon didn't give a thought and called Ziesha and he gave his answer which was Knowledge.Bookmark here

Ziesha was frustrated as everyone was clearing this very easily and that Germon guessed the portrayal in five minutes.Bookmark here

Kyora's turn came, she thought that now this much time has passed lets check the book. When she goes to open the book,it gets open and she reads the title and phrase. Title was - "Reverence Queen" and the Phrase was ,"A person with reverence recognizes our total reliance on God and comes before God with humility, trust, and love. So what do you find from this?" Bookmark here

Like every time she remembered Hinro and said to her heart,"My heart, no need to panic and be scared. There are just three things, we have to connect them correctly and the answer is ours. First is the title - Reverence Queen, Second is a phrase - A person with reverence recognizes our total reliance on God and comes before God with humility, trust, and love. So what do you find from this?" and let's see third.Bookmark here

She saw the book color was in blue and she noticed one strange thing which was that the font color was also blueish. She was trying to figure it out but was calm due to the fact that she had already said the line given by Hinro. Now just forty five minutes are left, then she calls Ziesha.Bookmark here

Ziesha comes in frustration and says,"Before answering your portrayal, tell me your third clue."Bookmark here

Kyora thought that this wasn't in rule but still she gave the explanation,"Third clue is Blue Color. Like the title and phrase in the book, it also represents Piety. So the answer is Piety."Bookmark here

It was correct and Kyora came out. Everyone saw her and now just one person was left, she was Amaiya. She had forty minutes to clear this.Bookmark here

Kyora was smiling like she completed it without being scared. When Jon saw her like that, he purposely teased,"You again remember your boyfriend. Why don't you tell us his name?"Bookmark here

Ashya punch on his head and says," Why don't you shut your mouth? Before I get angry."Bookmark here

Kyora laughs and replies," I will tell you once we get back into our world."Bookmark here

In her room, Amaiya,"Forty minutes have passed and until now everyone would have completed theirs. So let's go and check the book."Bookmark here

She took the book in her hand and she was astonished as looking the cover page which was of A Women in pure cloth worshipping a God in all seasons at one place without eating anything.Bookmark here

"Wow! Looks like this book is made only for me." She says and opens the first page.Bookmark here

"The title is - "Awe of Widow Women".", She says and goes to the last page to read the phrase.Bookmark here

"So the phrase is - You have a great amount of respect or admiration for someone, sometimes to the point of feeling nervous or fearful around them. Who is that Person?" She finished reading.Bookmark here

She put the book back on the table and murmured,"What is this rubbish? I have only one person whom I Fear and Repeat and he is. Then she remembered something, Oh! this is from the seven holy gifts of nature."Bookmark here

She didn't call Ziesha, she was already there and she said," Look like you got the answer."Bookmark here

"Yes! It's Fear of Lord or Wonder and Awe. Whichever can fit here." Amaiya replied. The door opened,she came out and went where everyone was.Bookmark here

Jireosan was tired, so he was eating something. Jon and others were talking, so Shingo says,"Looks like you did it."Bookmark here

"Yeah and I also know your answer or everyone's. Ashya is Wisdom, Jon is Understanding, Old Man is Counsel, You are Fortitude, Germon is Knowledge, Kyora is Piety and Mine is Fear of Lord. It all came from -"as she finished Jon interrupts," The Seven holy gifts of Nature's,right?"Bookmark here

She pouts," Don't take my chances to shine."Bookmark here

A hideous voice came out when everyone was praising each other and enjoying their victories. "What trick did you play, lowly humans?" Ziesha frustratly says.Bookmark here

Ashya asked," What do you mean? Looks like you are also a bitch."Bookmark here

"This shouldn't be cleared this easily, no one from you struggles. Until you all use some dirty trick." Ziesha replies as she was not accepting this because she wanted to impress her brother. Which looked like it slipped from her hand.Bookmark here

Germon says that," I don't know what you are talking about but we clear this stage on our own. Now give us the warp key."Bookmark here

"hahaha! Do you really think I would give you this Key? I don't consider you all worthy of this Key. So I'm taking it back with Myself." She flees from there after saying this.Bookmark here

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