Chapter 24:

Princess Memories Back!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Without a warp key they won't be able to open the Warp and escape from this loop. But now Ziesha took the key and left from there, the so-called princess woke up at that time. She saw two more people there, she was coming to see them. But everyone starts running from there because they wanted that warp key without it, they won't be able to escape from this loop. As going from there, Germon remembered about the princess, but he saw Jon was very behind of all of them. So he tells him to take the princess and come back.Bookmark here

Jon wanted to refuse but looking at the situation he agreed,went back and saw that the princess was already awake.Bookmark here

He asked her to come with him. Princess eyes caught the crystal inside Jon's pocket which was a little bit out before going. She reacts differently,"Why do you have that shiny thing?"Bookmark here

"What?" Jon confusedly says.Bookmark here

"That Crystal." She told him.Bookmark here

"This, I picked when that scary lady dropped it." He answered.Bookmark here

Princess requested to show it to her. Jon takes out the crystal from the pocket and gives it to the princess.Bookmark here

When she held the Crystal in her hand, her head started aching. It seemed like that to Jon but then that crystal got into the bracelet she had. After that a light shines and her appearance changes. She really got in the princess dress, with a nice dragon embroidery on it. She gets normal when she sees Jon and she asks very nicely,"Are you human?"Bookmark here

"Don't tell me you forgot me? Why are you sounding so good now? What did that crystal do to you?" Jon was so confused, that he asked many questions.Bookmark here

The compartment was on the verge of collapsing due to the time of dispatching, just a dragon staff appeared in the hand of the Princess and she stopped the dispatching. Bookmark here

Jon trembled and questioned,"Who are you? And why did the dragon come out from that staff? Exactly,who are you?"Bookmark here

"Don't panic! Just tell me are you human?" She asked again.Bookmark here

"Yeah but who are you?" Jon trembly answer and question.Bookmark here

"I'm Rimuryu! Princess of Etsuchi. Looks like when I came here, my previous crystal broke and I lost my memories. It happens because I have flawed powers. If I come out of my own territory and without this crystal,it happens sometimes our personality also changes.." She explains. Then she apologized if she had behaved rudely.Bookmark here

Everything was going above what Jon was thinking, then he calmed himself and said,"Can you tell me what's going on,what are you, what is Etsuchi?"Bookmark here

Rimuryu starts telling the truth to Jon," Etsuchi is another world which was used to connect through Well on Earth. Me and Zephy were out for some training, that she was giving on my dad order."Bookmark here

Zephy was a very stunning lady in our kingdom.She was not flawn.Bookmark here

"What is Flawn?" Jon interrupted.Bookmark here

"Like you species called yourself human,we call ourselves Flawn because of our flawed power. That Time my Dad meant His Majesty told Zephy to train so I can become the next Queen. Zephy is a powerful particle which can turn into a form and can live in any way with various stages of power but their life is only twenty years. We call them True. Zephy was very strict with me but on the other hand,she was like my older sister, she cared for me through all Journey and protected me even that day. After five years of training,we came back to the Palace and I got to know some very bad news.`` She continuesBookmark here

The news was that my dad meant that His Majesty Beryuu had died due to the Human that came last time. They even destroy the Well. Budoshi and Zel told me that and the human was none other than Eiji Mikawa. He killed my father, but Budoshi also had killed him until he could have escaped. When his comrades didn't reach Earth, Sakichi, the second human, destroyed the well by stealing a crystal Bomb from our Heritage Room.Bookmark here

"Hey! Wait, first can you tell me who Sakichi and Eiji are? What happened in the past? Are you going wrong? You should tell me that first?" Jon again throws many questionsBookmark here

"Oh! Sorry, let me start from there?" Rimuryu says.Bookmark here

Rimuryu told everything from Sakichi and Eiji discovering the Etsuchi, About talking with Her dad, Akiyama Clan, then a new deal with Her dad given by Sakichi to the Party day. Because After that she went for training.Bookmark here

"Oh! That's amazing! Another world like Isekai. But why are you here?" Jon excitedly says.Bookmark here

Rimuryu then says another story," When I heard about Eiji Killing my dad. That toxin was inside my head, Budoshi used that, he told me there is still one survivor of the Akiyama clan and we can again connect Etsuchi to Earth and take revenge if I want. But connecting him will take about decades. When it connects, this train gets in the Loop because that survivor was inside here."Bookmark here

I was in my room trying to focus on connecting with my dragon. We had a Talk and then Zephy came with a wound on her body. She closed the door, told me something.Bookmark here

"Listen, Princess Rimuryu! I was searching the Heritage Room for some crystal,then at the back I heard Budoshi and Zel talking. The one who killed His Majesty was no one but It was Budoshi with his poison, I don't know how Zel agrees with him but he is also with Budoshi, Zel even succeed in convincing others with some lie and Trono is not missing, he was also killed by Budoshi because he defy him. Their plan is to awaken that berserk dragon and it already ate the sixty five human brains. In the train, thera are one hundred thirty five more. Budoshi is not making them play this game for connecting that train to Earth.There is nothing in the last compartment except all passengers. Zel can't teleport all of them here, so they are gaining Crystal first, when they have enough, they will transfer them here and give them to the dragon. I'm on the verge of vanishing, before you run from here. Please take her with you ,she will be useful and her power is amazing, you can use her to escape those humans from that loop." She says and vanishes in thin air and gives a map.Bookmark here

I wanted to cry and shout but after that I ran from there, first I went to take by that map she gave me. But I was found by guards of the Palace, they weren't listening to me. Then I realized they are in control of Budoshi. I was trying to protect myself with my dragon and some time attack. But someone from them broke my Crystal and power vanished. I didn't tell you but if our crystal has been destroyed in our territory, then we are the same as humans.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a light appears in front of me and looks like I got transferred here. I don't know how. That's all I remember.Bookmark here

"Oh! That's very sad! But if there is nothing in the last compartment except all passengers. Then we don't need to play this game." Jon reacts to the story.Bookmark here

Jon babbled," But if there is nothing in the last compartment, how will we escape from here?"Bookmark here

He was trembling then Rimuryu touch on his shoulder, says," Don't be Panic, there's a way that Zephy told me!."Bookmark here

After touching him she felt something and asked," What is your name?"Bookmark here

"Oh! Looks like you forgot that time you spent with us, saying all of us slaves you. But I'm Jon." He repliesBookmark here

Rimuryu apologized for what she would have said and then she asked one more question whether he had a family or not.Bookmark here

Jon repleid that he is an orphan. There is none.Bookmark here

"Impossible! Looks like I found it." She says and touches his face which was making Jon embarrassed.Bookmark here

Jon exclaims,"Huh! What?"Bookmark here

"You are the last survivor of the Akiyama clan. I can feel it, your blood when I touch you. Eiji is your Grandfather, Sorry for what my people did to your Grandfather and Mother." She reveals and apologizes.Bookmark here

Jon didn't show any expression of sadness or anything. Just a normal smile. Rimuryu asked," Are you not sad? Means that your family is killed."Bookmark here

"Nah! It's not like that. But I have never seen them, nor do I have any memory of their time when I was with them. I don't know how I should react." He answers.Bookmark here

Rimuryu Touch his head, a flash of memory come in his head. From his one year old self to six year old self, until he became an orphan. He was able to see his father, grandfather, mom. He was happy but a tear came out of his eyes.Bookmark here

"This is one of my powers. I can show you the memories which are lost inside of you, but I can't restore them." She tells Bookmark here

As crying, he replies," No problem! At least I was Able to see them."Bookmark here

Rimuryu said that there's a way to save those passengers but I don't know how I should tell you, now that I met you.Bookmark here

Jon after clearing his tears said,"Tell me what's the way? No need to hold back."Bookmark here

Rimuryu tells the way and then they both go from there to the next compartment before everyone worries about them and tells them about the truth.Bookmark here

In the next compartment, Germon and Others except Jon arrived and they saw a man with a bud on his left shoulder, his greying luscious hair. Reina was standing on his left side and Zel on his right hand.Bookmark here

The most scary thing they saw was Ziesha hanged above with all vines on her body.Bookmark here

Germon asked,"Who are you? What is happening here?"Bookmark here

"I'm Budoshi, the one who made you play this game. No need to worry, We have already taken care of that Bitch. By all means, you can continue the game. You will get keys when you clear this stage,which Zel is going to say as he will recover what his sister had done." Budoshi introduced.Bookmark here

Ashya says," Wait! Isn't she a Zel little sister?"Bookmark here

" Will you let this happen to your sister?" Ashya asked Zel.Bookmark here

Reina laughed and said," Don't worry, he won't listen because he's in control of our Majesty after his betrayal."Bookmark here

Jon and Princess Rimuryu arrive there, Jon shouts from behind," There is no meaning in playing those games,Guys."Bookmark here

Everyone heard this voice and Ashya asked," What do you mean, Jon?"Bookmark here

Before Jon could say something Budoshi looked at him and questioned," What are you trying to say, Brat?"Bookmark here

"He knows all the truth, Budoshi. I'm going to tell this now to everyone." Princess Rimuryu says after showing his face.Bookmark here

Budoshi and Reina weren't shocked to see Princess Rimuryu there. But a light flash from Germon's head and something came out.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"I was waiting for you, Princess!" She says and saw her faceBookmark here

Princess Rimuryu replies,"You…" Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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