Chapter 1:

6th Grade

Fast Time

What is this website? Honeyfeed? It lets me create a novel? I always wanted to make a manga but I was not good at art. What should my novel be about? Ahhhhhh, I can not think of anything. Next week my summer vacation starts. I am sure that I will think of something this summer.'' Its 12 you should go to sleep''. '' Yes mother''. Good morning me. ''Mother what do we have for breakfast?''. ''We can't eat breakfast today my handsome son''. '' I know we don't have the money for it''. '' Its 8 your going to be late for school''. Oh shit. ''I am going now, bye mom''. Now that I am walking to school I will think of an idea for the novel. How about an isekai but in the Doom world. Nah it wouldn't be a good idea. How about a shounen manga about a boy trying to find his father. Nah this already exists. Oh i hear the bell. Shit the school is starting. I got to run. Thank god I made it. Maths are our first class today. Lucky me. Amazing first class. Time for a break. Oh shit i see Paul. I hope he doesn't bully me today. Oh fuck he saw me. He is coming for me. Ok let me become ready for the beating. I wish that Sofia doesn't see me get beaten. Bookmark here


Fast Time

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