Chapter 25:

This World Will Miss That One Soul!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

All Truth came in front of Jon when Princess Rimuryu got her memory back and she told him. She told everything from Sakichi and Eiji to came in Etsuchi to about Etsuchi and the Plan of Budoshi and that there is no meaning in playing this game. In Next Compartment, Ziesha was already killed by Budoshi who was present there and her Brother Zel was in control of him because Budoshi got to know about his Betrayal which was thanks to Reina. Bookmark here

Now in the East Japan Railway Company, Rongi and Chairman Ryochi came back and called Rasya to come to his office room. They both sat on chairs.Bookmark here

Rasya comes and says,"Welcome Back, Sir! Why did you summon me?"Bookmark here

"Before that, how do you intend to find that boy, Rongi?" Chairman Ryochi asked.Bookmark here

"Hmm! First give me the file of all the passengers that were present in that and I'm giving you this date, so you can find in which orphan a six years old boy was taken." He says.Bookmark here

"Get on work, Rasya. As what you heard from Rongi." Chairman Ryochi Ordered.Bookmark here

Rasya gave the file of all passengers' names to Rongi. Then Chairman Ryochi was talking to every orphan who had taken a six years old boy, but there was only one orphan who took a six years old boy. The Mother of That Orphan tells the name of that Boy to Chairman Ryochi.Bookmark here

"Search for a boy named Jon." Chairman Ryochi told Rongi.Bookmark here

Rongi said with a worried face," Jon? No need to find. He is friends with my son." Bookmark here

"Oh! So then he is the one who is the grandson of Eiji." Chairman Ryochi says drinking water.Bookmark here

Rongi says,"Yeah! I hope they are."Bookmark here

On the train,after a light flash from Germon's head, Someone came out. When she saw her appearance, her green crystal with a blonde pixie cut hair and a tattoo of a Guardian on her neck. She says,"So you are the princess Rimuryu,I was waiting to meet you."Bookmark here

Germon gets better and asks," What's going on here,Man?"Bookmark here

Jon says,"Okay! everyone come here,let me tell you about why we shouldn't play this game."Bookmark here

After that Jon was telling the truth to Everyone about what he got to know from Princess Rimuryu.Bookmark here

Princess Rimuryu says,"Are you niece of Zephy,Right?"Bookmark here

"Yes! I'm Zhu and I think Aunt Zephy would have told you about everything." Zhu repleid.Bookmark here

"Yeah but what are you doing here?" Princess Rimuryu asked.Bookmark here

Zhu answered,"I came here when Aunt Zephy told me about the Budoshi plan and the map she gave you is the way to come here with me. But when you weren't there,I came here alone to complete the plan that Zephy Aunt had come up with. I got into the head of that Pompadour Boy."Bookmark here

"Okay! But there is no other way than that?" Princess Rimuryu asked.Bookmark here

"Currently, No!" Zhu answered. Zhu asked the identity of the last survivor of the Akiyama Clan. Princess Rimuryu fingered Jon."Oh that Fade hair one was.i thought Germon is that Boy." Zhu was disappointed in her decision.Bookmark here

When Jon finished explaining the truth and all. Everyone reacts differently.Bookmark here

Ashya says,"So you were right about People with power and all from the start. Then it came true."Bookmark here

"Yess! You should never underestimate my tenfold rule. Sometimes it works." Jon answers.Bookmark here

Amaiya starts her nonsense," I want to see that world and meet the lord. If it exists."Bookmark here

Germon asked something different," So who is the last survivor and what is the way to escape from here?"Bookmark here

"I'm the last survivor and Eiji Mikawa was my Grandfather. The way is.." Jon reveals and before he could have got a chance to tell the way. "Stop this Commotion! It's great now Princess Rimuryu and You Zhu are here.I will kill you, and then teleport everyone from here, awake the dragon and I will fulfill my mission."Budoshi shouts. He then leaves many vines from him,to capture them or attack them.Bookmark here

Reina, who doesn't have combat power, stepped back so she wouldn't get caught in this and she said,"Budoshi, don't forget that True is a hybrid. Her power is different from that of Normal True."Bookmark here

Zhu used her power and shrank the vines." looks like you forgot. That we True have three layer powers. This is my second, shrinking ability."Bookmark here

"Tsk! Do you really think I will let you go easily from here?" Budoshi and unleash the buds on them.Bookmark here

But it didn't work, as Princess Rimuryu guards everyone with her dragon. Then she orders the dragon to release the Breath on Budoshi.Bookmark here

Due to that he was on the verge of dying and he fell down. Murmured,"You will regret this, Princess. We could use this human to flee from this rotten world into their world."Bookmark here

Someone put his leg on Budoshi Stomach and said," You are the only one who thinks like that. But I want to know what the princess thinks about our world.?" He was Zel after Budoshi got hurt, his control on everything broke.Bookmark here

"Zel!" Princess says and then she answered," Budoshi you are the person who seek happiness in others than what you got. Your affection toward Etsuchi has never been and your desire to go into Earth after killing sixty five humans. You are utterly,foolish and lowly Flawn, I have seen. I, Princess Rimuryu, Daughter of Last Majesty's Beryuu,will take over the Etsuchi and evolve it in a much better form. Then what you are trying to do. Even if it takes a long time,I won't give up and take life with some innocence. You have been trapped in your mind thinking that this is the right thing to do. But now you need to sleep for a long time. Sorry but you won't be able to see that Etsuchi."Bookmark here

Budoshi smiled and then he passed away. "What about you, Zel?" Princess asked.Bookmark here

Zel came and kneel down in front of the Princess ."Sorry! I made this mistake, but I have never been with Budoshi. I just wanted to see your resolve, when I got to know he was just intending to take a few people to Earth. It would have been a partiality, so that's why I make him believe that I'm with him. The one who sent you here was me." Zel apologized for what he did.Bookmark here

Everyone came to The Princess. And then Zel asked," So what is the way to escape this loop because I've run out of crystal, so I can't teleport this much People. Budoshi who created this loop is dead."Bookmark here

"Let me tell you, if The hotspot dies, this loop will be closed because it is linked to him." Zhu tells the way.Bookmark here

"No way in hell!" Ashya reacts to that.Bookmark here

Germon looked at Jon and asked," Did you agree with this, Jon?"Bookmark here

"Yes! But The Princess Rimuryu said something different which gave me relief.." Jon answered.Bookmark here

"The way I told Jon was to come into our world is that he would be able to live and then we will try our best to unlink Etsuchi and his blood. If we do it in time, until then I will find a way to send him back to earth." Princess Rimuryu tells the way, which she came up with.Bookmark here

Zel was impressed,"You are amazing, Princess! I never could have thought this way. It'll work,right, Zhu."Bookmark here

"Yes! By the way, don't be frank with me." Zhu says and turns her face from looking at Zel's face.Bookmark here

"Don't worry! I will definitely find a way to come back to Earth. This way loop will end and you will be able to escape. There are many children,old people trapped here. For that I'm intending to go anywhere." Jon says that he is preparing for this.Bookmark here

Ashya came to him looking down, she slapped, grabbed his shirt and kee repeating that don't say anything more. She looks at him with a tear in her eyes,"Take me also with you!."Bookmark here

Jon denies,"Nope! You have to be on Earth, live your life. "Bookmark here

"Then what about your promise of spending time under that tree. " She asked.Bookmark here

Jon pat on her head and replies,"I promise you again,I will definitely find a way to come back to you and to fulfill that promise even if you have a kid at that time."Bookmark here

Germon also came and they hugged each other. Ashya says," I will wait for you and won't marry!"Bookmark here

" Yes! Yes!" Jon says.Bookmark here

In that, Zel asked Princess Rimuryu," What is their plan? Means I've run out of crystal,I can't teleport except myself."Bookmark here

"Don't worry about that, use me, we True are one who was born from the crystal, that's why we are like this. If you use me,you can atleast three people." Zhu says.Bookmark here

Zel," Zhu!". " Okay it's not a time for that, let's do this!" Princess Rimuryu ordered.Bookmark here

Before they start the process of teleport. Everyone was coming to Jon to say Goodbye.Bookmark here

Kyora comes and says,"I don't know when you will come to Earth. But the person whom I love is Hinro, if you ever remember me. Then surely to come meet us, when we find the way to come to earth." She hugged. Shingo patted his head and said that Be strong there and no matter what. Amiaya says she will pray everyday for him. Jireosan tells me to make the pose last time and repeat what he is saying," I will definitely overcome the distance between me and my loved ones. And will find the way of coming back to earth until my magma vanishes."Bookmark here

Lastly, Germon and Ashya hugged him. He says," Don't Cry! I will definitely come back. "Bookmark here

"I just want Ashya you to go to the Tree Site, there is something I dug up to give you a surprise gift." Jon tells Bookmark here

"Yess! I will go."Bookmark here

After Jon went, hold the hand of Princess Rimuryu. Zhu turns into a crystal and gets into the bracelet of Zel. Zel used his power before Zhu said," Catch this, Germon."Bookmark here

"What is this? Germon catches it and asks.Bookmark here

Zhu answered,"It's a particle of mine. When you reach earth, put it down on the soil and it will erase the memory of people who had encountered this truth of the train."Bookmark here

"Yess!" Germon answers but Ashya holds the hand of Germon in which that particle waa, then Zel uses his power and teleports Princess Rimuryu and Jon to Estuchi by which that loop ends. Train again got on the track but was stopped, everyone came out of unconsciousness. Bookmark here

Germon and Ashya were the only ones left who knew what happened. As for what Zhu said,they went to that Tree site.Bookmark here

First Germon dug up and took out what Jon had hidden - a letter in which a Morse code song was. He gave that to Ashya, until then she wrote Jon name on that tree by carving.Bookmark here

Says, "I will miss you! I love you! I hope this reaches out to you wherever you are."Bookmark here

Germon put that particle in the soil, it disappeared as Zhu had said it will erase the memory of the train truth. It did that, Germon and Ashya too forget that but not just this.Bookmark here

Ashya asked,"What are we doing here,Germon?"Bookmark here

"I don't know!" Germon answers.Bookmark here

"What is this letter?" Ashya saw the page in his hand.Bookmark here

Germon saw it and it was just a dot and dash mad into that paper, so he threw it.Bookmark here

"It was crap, let's go from here." Germon says.Bookmark here

Ashya said okay and they left from there.Bookmark here

In Etsuchi, " Why didn't you tell them that your presence will also erase from their mind? That you never exist in that world."Bookmark here

"Then they wouldn't have let me come here."Jon answers as he keeps looking at Etsuchi.Bookmark here

Zel asked,"So what do you intend to do here?'Bookmark here

"Nothing! I will help Princess in making this world beautiful and brighter until then you find the way of going back to Earth." Jon says.Bookmark here

"A sacrifice is worth when it's done for the loved ones. Even if it means to erase our presence from their life." Bookmark here

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