Chapter 28:

Best Friends For Life

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

The week is done and it's Saturday. Like always every weekend Makoto and Kota hang out and go to the arcade most of the time. This time around Makoto invited Kiyoshi so the three of them have now arrived at the arcade.Bookmark here

"What do you guys want to play first?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"Let's play Alley Fighter." Kiyoshi replied.Bookmark here

"It won't even be a challenge. It's too easy to beat Makoto in." Kota said jokingly.Bookmark here

"Hey! Be quiet just because you beat me doesn't mean I suck at that game!" Makoto replied back.Bookmark here

Kota laughed at Makoto's reaction as he always likes to tease him since he is to easy to get mad.Bookmark here

"You know what come on Kota I challenge you to a game of Alley Fighter!" Makoto said with confidence.Bookmark here

Makoto and Kota are ready to play while Kiyoshi is off to the side watching.Bookmark here

"You ready Makoto?" Kota asked.Bookmark here

"Of course!" Makoto yelled with faith in himself.Bookmark here

Makoto starts off fast and is exchanging combos with Kota. They both have near the same amount of health but Makoto is able to finish the job.Bookmark here

"Alright! See that Kota I beat you." Makoto exclaimed.Bookmark here

"Best out of 3." Kota replied back.Bookmark here

Kota wins the next game and makes Makoto mad. This time Makoto gets serious and gets down to business. Bookmark here

"I win!" Makoto wins the best out of 3 and shows a grin to Kota.Bookmark here

"I thought Haku-san was a easy challenge for you Nakahara-san?" Kiyoshi said laughing.Bookmark here

Kota and Makoto stare at Kiyoshi confused.Bookmark here

"Eh? What's wrong?" Kiyoshi nervously said.Bookmark here

"You can call us by our first name Habiki. We are all best friends now." Makoto answered back.Bookmark here

"Oh ok."Bookmark here

"Anyways that was all luck Makoto. Any other day I beat you all day." Kota was mad deep inside but didn't want to show it.Bookmark here

"So what happened right now. I've been practicing you know. I'm not an easy opponent anymore." Makoto snarked back.
Bookmark here

Kota put it off since he didn't like taking video games seriously.Bookmark here

"This time play against Habiki. Let's see how you do against him." Kota motioned toward Kiyoshi.Bookmark here

"I'm not that good at this game though." Kiyoshi replied back.Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter we're here to have fun. Don't get intimidated by our actions hehe." Makoto chuckled back.Bookmark here

For a couple of hours they keep going around the arcade playing different games and somehow Makoto is winning most of them.Bookmark here

"Makoto how have you gotten so good at these games?" Kota was confused at how well Makoto was doing.Bookmark here

"Practice." Makoto said with a thumbs up and grin.Bookmark here

They decide to take a break and head over to the food area. Kiyoshi goes to the bathroom and Makoto and Kota are sitting down on a table.Bookmark here

"Hey Kota can I ask you something?" Makoto asked Kota.Bookmark here

"Sure what's up." Kota noticed Makoto was talking differently.Bookmark here

"W-Well you see...I think I might have developed some feelings for...Sakuri-san." Makoto said while scratching the back of his head.Bookmark here

"W-What...I didn't expect to hear you say something like that." Kota was shocked to hear what Makoto just said because he never thought of Makoto coming out and saying it. He has been knowing for a while now that Makoto liked Sakuri.Bookmark here

Makoto stayed silent not knowing what else to say but Kota also didn't know what to think. Kiyoshi came back and they went back to playing games while Kota still kept thinking of what Makoto said.Bookmark here

-A couple more hours later-Bookmark here

Makoto and Kota accompany Habiki to his train and see him off. Both of them go walk to another train station and Makoto notices Kota has been acting strange for a while now.Bookmark here

"Hey Kota is everything alright with you?"Bookmark here

"Yeah...why would you think that?" Kota replied.Bookmark here

"Anyhow Kota I was thinking the whole day and I decided. I'm going to confess to Sakuri-san soon." Makoto looked up to see Kota with a weird expression.Bookmark here

Kota stayed silent and stopped to which Makoto stopped too and turned around.Bookmark here

"Go for it dude. You got this." Kota said with a sad tone which Makoto was confused by.Bookmark here

"Kota is there something on your mind you want to say. It almost looks like you don't want me to confess to Sakuri."Bookmark here

Kota sighs and lets out his opinion.Bookmark here

"Well it's just if she ends up accepting it and you two get together...what's going to happen to these kind of days when we hang out. I'm worried you might not hang out with me and Habiki as much anymore." Bookmark here

"Hahaha really that's it dude." Makoto started to laugh.Bookmark here

Kota stayed silent and didn't laugh just staring at Makoto. Makoto stops laughing and gets serious.Bookmark here

"Listen Kota. Nothing is going to change about us. I'm obviously going to make time for you guys to hang out like today. We're best friends for life." Makoto reassured with a thumbs up.Bookmark here

Kota feels better knowing that Makoto isn't going to abandon him and Habiki so he goes back to his normal self. Afterwards they go their separate ways and head home.Bookmark here

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