Chapter 29:

The Confession Day

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

A week has passed and it is Friday the day that Makoto decided to confess to Sakuri. Right now Sakuri is at home looking at her bathroom mirror contemplating if today should be the day she should tells Makoto how she feels about him.Bookmark here

"S-Should I do it t-today? Or w-what about next I should d-do it t-today." Sakuri had finally decided this day will be the day she confesses to Makoto.Bookmark here

Sakuri messages Aoki and Futaba in their group chat for advice on how to do it. Aoki immediately responds with joy in her message.Bookmark here

'Really! I knew it! I'll help you out when you get to school.'Bookmark here

Futaba didn't respond but Sakuri still felt better knowing that Aoki would help her.Bookmark here

-At school-Bookmark here

Sakuri arrives at school before Makoto is there. She sees Aoki waiting for her in her seat and waves at her.Bookmark here

"Sakuri-senpai how are you going to do it?" Aoki said with sparkles in her eyes.Bookmark here

"T-That's what I need your help with..." Sakuri replied back.Bookmark here

"Well first you should tell him to meet up with you somewhere and just tell him how you feel. You can't plan what you are going to say because it has to come from the heart." Aoki suggested.Bookmark here

Sakuri started to think of possible places.Bookmark here

"I-I don't know! G-Give me some ideas Aoki-san."Bookmark here

"Why don't you do it by the cherry blossom trees. It would be very romantic." Aoki thought up.Bookmark here

Sakuri decided to go with that and now all she had to do was tell Makoto. On the other side Makoto was walking to school and was thinking to himself how he was going to go about it too. He decided to wait to ask Kota and Habiki for some ideas.Bookmark here

-Lunch Break-Bookmark here

Makoto had told Kota and Habiki to go outside with him on the benches.Bookmark here

"So Makoto why did we come outside?" Habiki asked.Bookmark here

"I need some help on how to confess to Sakuri-san. I didn't want to talk about it in the classroom." Makoto came out and said.Bookmark here

"Just tell her how you feel. You don't have to do anything else just make it come from the heart." Kota said.Bookmark here

"You're right. Damn...I didn't think I could get this nervous about something." Makoto started to get nervous thinking about what he was going to do later today.Bookmark here

Lunch ends and they all head back. Makoto and Kota are nearing the door and spot Sakuri with Aoki. Kota and Aoki notice each other and leave Makoto and Sakuri to themselves.Bookmark here

"H-Hey Sakuri-san." Makoto started to scratch the back of his head not knowing what to say.Bookmark here

"H-Hello H-Haku-san." Sakuri looked away not being able to make eye contact.Bookmark here

It stayed quiet for a minute until Aoki peered over the corner and motioned Sakuri to do what they planned. Bookmark here

"Umm...Haku-san you think y-you could meet me by the cherry blossom t-trees after s-school." Sakuri was fidgeting with her fingers nervous about what Makoto will say.Bookmark here

"O-Okay sure."Bookmark here

Both of them then enter the classroom and go about the rest of the school day.Bookmark here

-After School-Bookmark here

Makoto gets up and Kota follows. Sakuri heads out too and meets up with Aoki. Kiyoshi goes to find Kota and Makoto since he wanted to know what was going to happen too. Since the whole day everyone was busy thinking about how the day was going to go they did not notice that Futaba did not come to school. She stayed home because from what Sakuri put in the group chat she did not want to be present when the whole thing went down so she stayed home crying.Bookmark here

"Why are you guys coming with me?" Makoto asked Kota and Habiki.Bookmark here

"We wanted to see what happens." Kiyoshi replied.Bookmark here

"Where are you guys going to be?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"We can hide behind those bushes." Kota pointed out.Bookmark here

Makoto didn't know how to feel about them being here watching as the confession goes down. Sakuri and Aoki have arrived and Aoki spots Kota and Kiyoshi hiding behind some bushes and heads over by them.Bookmark here

"So you guys also thought of watching too?" Aoki said with a grin knowing she wasn't the only one that wanted to watch.Bookmark here

Makoto and Aoki walk up to each other while the cherry blossom leaves are falling.Bookmark here

"Hey Sakuri-san." Makoto greeted.Bookmark here

"Hey Haku-san..." Sakuri said shyly.Bookmark here

"Umm...So I-" Both of them said in unison.Bookmark here

" go first." Makoto motioned toward Sakuri.Bookmark here

"'s okay you can go." Sakuri replied.Bookmark here

'Okay here goes.' Makoto said to himself.Bookmark here

"I've been enjoying the art club with everyone and I have made some great memories with all of you but...not as much as I've had spending it with you. The first time we met I thought you where just some shy girl that was to nervous to talk with anyone but as time went by I started to see more of the real side of you and I actually liked it. Especially your smile and your personality. I've been rambling for a long time now so I'll just get to the point. For some time now I've been developing some feelings that I didn't know what to think of but now I know what to do. Yasu...I love you." Makoto said with a slight blush and smile.Bookmark here

Sakuri looked directly at Makoto's eyes and was surprised to hear those words come out of Makoto's mouth. She was blushing and started to tear up from happiness.Bookmark here

"I love you too Makoto." Sakuri responded back.Bookmark here

They both stare at each other and slowly lean in and kiss. In the bushes Kota and Kiyoshi have their mouths open in shock that it went so well and Aoki has sparkles in her eyes with her fists up with happiness. The confession went well and a new couple has been formed.Bookmark here

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