Chapter 30:

New Relationships

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

A few months have passed and now it is the start of their second semester. Makoto and Sakuri have been a couple since the day of the confession. Both of them are walking together heading to the opening ceremony for the second semester. Everyone has grown from the months that have passed. Entering the school they spot Kiyoshi and Aoki. Bookmark here

"Hey Habiki! I see you and Aoki-san got together over the break hehe." Makoto teased.Bookmark here

"Yeah." Kiyoshi said scratching the back of his head.Bookmark here

Aoki and Sakuri talked to each other off to the side while Makoto was still teasing Kiyoshi about his new girlfriend. They all looked different. Makoto had longer hair and so did Sakuri. Aoki grew her hair out a little and Kiyoshi stayed the same but grew a little taller. Kota and Futaba have arrived and go up to everyone else.Bookmark here

"Hey Kota and Futaba-san." Makoto waved at them.Bookmark here

"Hey Haku-san..." Futaba said to Makoto.Bookmark here

"I heard that over the break you and Kota went on a date and got together. Congrats you two." Makoto mentioned.Bookmark here

"Thanks Makoto." Kota said while grabbing his shoulder.Bookmark here

"Yeah." Futaba responded. Bookmark here

"Damn Kota you got taller. And I see you cut your hair too. Futaba your hair looks nice too." Makoto complemented.Bookmark here

"S-Shut up..." Futaba blushed from the compliment. She still felt some feelings for Makoto but she has to learn to forget about it since now she is in a relationship with Kota. Bookmark here

"We should get going. The ceremony is going to start soon." Kota reminded everyone.Bookmark here

"Let's get going then." Makoto then grabbed Sakuri's hand and walked with everyone to the ceremony.Bookmark here

-After Opening Ceremony-Bookmark here

"We're switching seats today aren't we Kota?"Bookmark here

"Yeah I hope we get to sit next to each other still." Kota replied.Bookmark here

"Maybe we might end up sitting next to each other Yasu." Makoto said to Sakuri which she replied with a nod.Bookmark here

After the seat change Makoto was still able to sit next to the window and Kota was sitting behind him and Sakuri to his right.Bookmark here

"Yes! Looks like we ended up sitting near each other." Makoto said with joy.Bookmark here

The classes go by and they eat lunch and go through the day like usual. It is now after school and they all go to the art club room.Bookmark here

"Let's get to some painting everyone!" Makoto yelled out with excitement.Bookmark here

"Yeah!" Everyone said together with joy.Bookmark here

-Hours Later-Bookmark here

"You guys are still staying here?" Kota asked Makoto and Sakuri.Bookmark here

"Yeah for a while longer." Makoto responded.Bookmark here

Kota and Futaba were the last ones to leave leaving Makoto and Sakuri alone.Bookmark here

"I'm glad everyone has found someone to be happy with. Don't you think so Yasu?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm just happy that we all stayed friends after getting a significant other." Sakuri said with a smile.Bookmark here

"I know right." Makoto responded with a smile.Bookmark here

Sakuri was the most happy person in the world. She was finally with the person she loved the most and for the past months she's had the best moments of her life. She goes to hug Makoto and grabs him tightly.Bookmark here

"I love you Makoto!" Sakuri said with all her heart.Bookmark here

Makoto started to blush because of Sakuri's sudden actions.Bookmark here

"I-I love you to Yasu." Makoto hugged back.Bookmark here

Then for the rest of their high school days they spent their time together doing everything they could to have fun. The Art Club continued their adventures together.Bookmark here

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