Chapter 31:

Epilogue: A New Chapter In Life

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

A whole year has passed and it is now graduation day. Makoto has already woken up early and his mom is helping him get ready while his father and sister are getting prepared as well.Bookmark here

"Alright you're all set to go. You can go on ahead we'll meet you there." His mother said.Bookmark here

Makoto headed to school. Bookmark here

-At School-Bookmark here

Makoto is walking through the entrance and finds his friends all dressed up and sitting down in the seats.Bookmark here

"Hey guys! How do you feel."Bookmark here

"I'm happy." Kota responded.Bookmark here

"I'm doing fine just nervous." Futaba said.Bookmark here

"I'm feeling the same way as Futaba." Sakuri replied.Bookmark here

As they are waiting for the ceremony to start they start talking. Every parent is slowly making it inside and after everyone has now entered the principal walks up to the podium to address the audience.Bookmark here

"Good morning everyone! Today we are here to celebrate the day all of these wonderful students graduate. Could we all please stand."Bookmark here

After the principal is done with his speech he goes to call up everyone to get their diploma. They have to wait a while for their names to be called since it is alphabetical.Bookmark here

"Meinu Futaba." Futaba was called up first from the group.Bookmark here

"Makoto Haku." Then after a while Makoto gets called up.Bookmark here

"Kota Nakahara."Bookmark here

And the last one from the group that is called is...Bookmark here

"Yasu Sakuri."Bookmark here

The ceremony has now ended and everyone is going up to their parents hugging and smiling. Makoto finds his family and goes up to them with a smile.Bookmark here

"I'm so happy for you Makoto. You're already graduating high school. I couldn't be more proud." His mother smiled hugging him.
Bookmark here

"S-Stop mom...your e-embarrassing me." Makoto said blushing.Bookmark here

"Good job big bro." Himari said hugging her brother.Bookmark here

"I'm so proud of you son." His father said while crying tears of joy.Bookmark here

"Hehe." Makoto silently chuckled from his fathers actions.Bookmark here

Everyone else walks up to Makoto and begin to celebrate. Bookmark here

"Hey everyone!" Someone yelled from afar.Bookmark here

"W-Wait is that Aoki-san and Habiki?" Makoto said confused.Bookmark here

"Hey all of you. We came here to see you guys off and celebrate with all you." Kiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Thanks you guys. Actually before I forgot we have to tell you two something. Right guys." Makoto called for everyone's attention.Bookmark here

"What is it?" Aoki questioned.Bookmark here

"You guys are the future of the Art Club. We leave everything up to you two. So have fun with it." Makoto then tapped Sakuri to complete the announcement.Bookmark here

"Aoki-san you are now the new club president and Kiyoshi-san you are the new vice club president as well." Sakuri said with a smile.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi stared in surprise and Aoki began to tear up.Bookmark here

"Sakuri-senpai and Futaba-senpai! I don't want you guys to leave!" Aoki said while hugging the both of them.Bookmark here

"Don't worry we will always be able to hang out during the weekends." Futaba said.Bookmark here

Makoto then put his hand on Kiyoshi's shoulder and so did Kota on his other.Bookmark here

"Everything will be alright. We give all of our trust to you two." Makoto and Kota both said.Bookmark here

Kiyoshi then began to cry thinking how them four are going to end up leaving them behind since they are 1 year younger.Bookmark here

Makoto then walks off from the group and heads inside the school to have one last look at it. He goes up the stairs all the way to his classroom and heads inside.Bookmark here

"So many memories in this classroom. I'm going to miss it." Makoto said trying to hide his tears and shaky voice.Bookmark here

He remembers how his first day of school went and became friends with Kota and how he met Sakuri. Makoto then starts to laugh at how Futaba used to bully Sakuri and remembers how she used to act and how different she is now. Makoto for the next 15 minutes walks around the hallways reminiscing on all of the good times he had with his friends. Then for the last destination he goes to the Art Club room.Bookmark here

"I'm going to miss this place too. Luckily it's in good hands now with Habiki and Aoki-san." Makoto spots a picture on the edge of the table. It is a handful of copies of the photo they took with everyone in the Art Club. Bookmark here

Makoto decides to take all of them to give out to the members for memories. He heads back downstairs to the entrance of the school. As he is exiting the door he sees everyone standing waiting for him.Bookmark here

"Finally you came out!" Futaba exclaimed with her arms crossed.Bookmark here

"We were waiting for you slowpoke." Aoki and Kiyoshi both said.Bookmark here

"Let's go we're going out to celebrate." Kota said.Bookmark here

Makoto goes up to them and he starts walking in front.Bookmark here

"Wait! I invited some people too." Kota said stopping everyone.Bookmark here

"Hey ya'll!" It was the Anime & Manga Appreciation Club.Bookmark here

"What the...what are you all doing here?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"We also graduated too dummy." Ando the club president said.Bookmark here

"Alright then let's go everybody!" Makoto yelled.Bookmark here

"Yeah!" Everyone yelled.Bookmark here

As they began to leave to celebrate somewhere Makoto hands out the photos and then Makoto walks next to Sakuri.Bookmark here

"So Yasu what University are you going to?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"The same as you." Bookmark here

"What?! Really?!" Makoto yelled with joy.Bookmark here

"Yeah we all luckily got into the same University. So that means we are going to be able to hang out still." Kota responded back motioning toward everyone including the Anime & Manga Appreciation Club.Bookmark here

"You guys too?" Makoto asked the Anime & Manga Appreciation Club.Bookmark here

"Yup!" Ando said.Bookmark here

As they celebrated for the day Makoto felt the most happy and relieved he has ever felt.Bookmark here

-Months Later-Bookmark here

It's now move in day for University and Makoto arrives. Makoto meets up with Sakuri, Kota, and Futaba.Bookmark here

"Hey guys." Makoto greeted everyone.Bookmark here

"Hey roommate." Kota replied back with joy.Bookmark here

"I'm so happy we got to be roommates! Yasu you and Futaba-san are going to be roommates too right?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah." Futaba replied.Bookmark here

"Alright so how are we all feeling?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

Everyone responded with feeling well and nervous.Bookmark here

"Wait me and Meinu have to go get something. We'll catch up with you guys later." Kota and Futaba run to his car and leave them alone.Bookmark here

"Alright it's time to start our new chapter in life. I'm glad I get to spend it with you Yasu." Makoto said with a smile.
Bookmark here

"Yeah...I'm so happy too." Sakuri flashed a smile too.Bookmark here

Makoto and Sakuri stare at each other for a while with smiles and then lean in for a kiss.Bookmark here

-THE END-Bookmark here

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