Chapter 19:

March 27: Confession

One Month to Figure out my Future

Just like that, we were already at our third day in Tokyo. It was morning and I decided to give Miyo a call: "Hey Miyo it's me, is everything going well there?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Oh wow big brother you actually remembered to call me, yes everything is good here. We already went to see the cherry blossom and it was amazing!! I took so many pictures that I want to show to you. And how are things in Kyoto?"Bookmark here

"Pretty good I must say, the first day we make some sushi and yesterday we visited 3 different temples."Bookmark here

"And what about the places I suggested you?"Bookmark here

"Yeah about that, you shouldn't go around putting things in people's pockets."Bookmark here

"It's always better than removing things from people's pockets..."Bookmark here

"Very funny... I actually went to one of your places, one of the temples had some love related challenge."Bookmark here

"Yes!!! Did you do it?"Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"Big brother! You are such a pain, just tell her already!"Bookmark here

"I don't have anything to say."Bookmark here

"Whatever it's best if I stop here otherwise I might have an heart attack because if you."Bookmark here

"Well stay safe Miyo."Bookmark here

"Suuure, see you."Bookmark here

Hayato was still in bed but I knew he was pretending to be asleep.Bookmark here

"Hey Hayato, are you sure Miyo is not your sister?"Bookmark here

"What makes you think that I'm awake?"Bookmark here

"The fact that you are talking to me right know..."Bookmark here

"I see, anyways I'm pretty sure I don't have any sisters. Why are you asking that?"Bookmark here

"You two always talk to me about the same things: the career plan and Rihoko."Bookmark here

"Have you ever thought that we do it because care about you? We want to help you just like you helped Rihoko and Megumi the other day. The didn't want to be helped but you forced your way into their lifes."Bookmark here

"I had never seen it in this prospective."Bookmark here

"That's what they felt when you started pocking into their private matters, they knew you were trying to so something good but you were annoying them at the same time."Bookmark here

"But I don't think I need help, I feel good."Bookmark here

"Maybe we know something you don't know."Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Maybe we have seen similar situations before and have more experience. Experience is knowledge and knowledge must be spread."Bookmark here

It made sense even though I still felt like letting them take too much part into my businesses.Bookmark here

In the kitchen Miss. Kamuro asked us a weird question: "Do you guys like monkeys?"Bookmark here

Well they are our ancestors I might like them...Bookmark here

"We will be visiting the Monkey Park Iwatayama, when we will be there, just remember not to show off to many objects because sometime the monkeys like to steal stuff from the visitors."Bookmark here

While we were still at our table i said to Hayato: "Hayato, aren't you happy that we can go visit you relatives today?"Bookmark here

"They are not only my relatives, they are also your relatives."Bookmark here

That was actually true.Bookmark here

At the monkey park it happened something pretty funny. We were walking peacefully when a monkey hanging from a tree decided to steal Saki's headphones from her head. She tried to fight to get them back it didn't work.Bookmark here

I suggested: "We should look for someone from the staff that can catch that monkey."Bookmark here

Hayato decided to go take that responsibility while Rihoko said: "I will go warn Miss. Kamuro that we have a bit of a problem."Bookmark here

"Good idea."Bookmark here

I was left with Saki who asked me: "Why are you guys doing this?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Helping me, why are you helping me if you don't even know me?"Bookmark here

"We know you, you are a working Wikipedia, you like indie music and you will be joining the literary club. I think this is enough for us to care about you."Bookmark here

"Thank you nobody has ever said such kind words to me."Bookmark here

"Maybe because you don't usually stick out too much, but when you talk to people, you are actually a really nice girl."Bookmark here

After that Hayato reappears with a worker of the park who was holding a huge net attached to a stick.Bookmark here

"Sir. the monkey who stole her headphones is still on that tree."Bookmark here

"I see, i think we need to make her come out, hopefully she will still be holding those headphones."Bookmark here

The guy took out from his pocket s package of nuts and started shaking it. Immediately the monkey reappeared from the brunches, in on hand it was still holding the headphones. The guy opened the package of nuts and put some of them on the palm of hi s hand. The monkey started running towards him and left the headphones making them fell from the top of the tree. Hayato's quick reaction times made it possible for hims to catch the headphones before they hit the ground.Bookmark here

"Oh my god thank you so much for that!"Bookmark here

Saki wasn't stopping from thanking everybody at turns. Anyways that was a pretty fun experience, at least for me, not so much for Saki. This afternoon we were going to have another different experience, and this time I wasn't really looking forward to it. We were going to participate in a tea ceremony. I had two reasons why I wasn't really happy with our plans for the afternoon, the first one was that I didn't like tea, and the second one was that, the history teacher explain the ceremony to us and I felt extremely overly complicated. It seems that experiencing a tea ceremony in Kyoto is especially sacred due to its strong Zen Buddhist roots. During a tea ceremony, the cup of tea is prepared artfully and carefully before serving it. The ceremony is meant to acknowledge the utensils, each other’s company, and the tea itself all while being mindful of the present moment.It was all weird nonsense to me and fortunately it didn't take too long.Bookmark here

"Satoshi, you don't seem really impressed by the ceremony we just witnessed."Bookmark here

Well Rihoko was certainly right.Bookmark here

"No, I'm sorry but idolizing tea it's not my thing."Bookmark here

She laughed: "You are so pragmatic and practical sometimes yet you can be really sensitive."Bookmark here

I think that was the best way to describe me.Bookmark here

"Since we have some free time, do you mind if we go for a walk together?"Bookmark here

"No problem at all."Bookmark here

We passed a couple of shops and then Rihoko started talking: "Have you realized it?"Bookmark here

"Realized what?"Bookmark here

"That..."Bookmark here

I could tell that something embarrassing was going to come out of her mouth because her face had turned completely red once again. It was impressive how she could change color almost like a chameleon.Bookmark here

"...that I like you."Bookmark here

She... Did she really just confess? I mean she must mean that she likes me as a friend...Bookmark here

"You mean like..."Bookmark here

"I like you, I said it. I want to be with you Satoshi."Bookmark here

"But I can't. I can't be what you want."Bookmark here

"I had a feeling that you would say something like this. You are always there helping people, you do it because you genuinely believe in being nice to Friends and people in need but you are afraid of doing that extra step."Bookmark here

"If you know me that well why you told me that anyways?"Bookmark here

"I wanted to see your reaction, i wanted to see if you cared about being told something like that.""Was my reaction how you expected it to be?"Bookmark here

"I would say it's even colder that i thought..."Bookmark here

"I'm sorry."Bookmark here

"You don't have to apologize, I'm the inpatient who couldn't wait any longer to tell you my feelings."Bookmark here

"Now am I supposed to tell you what I feel?"Bookmark here

"That's not mandatory but it would be nice."Bookmark here

"I think there might be some truth in what people close to me have be telling me about the fact that I like you. Unfortunately I still can't confirm it myself. I don't know how long it will take..."Bookmark here

"I see, I don't regret hanging had this conversation with you. I know it might be hard but if we could go back to a couple of hours before it would be great."Bookmark here

"Sure. Thank you for being so sincere with me."Bookmark here

"Same goes for you."Bookmark here

Well, that was a pretty tough and powerful conversation, I hope it was the first and last one of this kind. I felt bad at the end, did I reject her? I think I did but it's not a full reject it's more like, stay on hold. But you can't tell a girl to stay on hold! I don't know it'a but of a mess and I don't have the energies to figure it out.I'm literally sleepwalking and my only desire is to lay in bed. I'm sure the next day I will be waking up with much clearer ideas.Bookmark here

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