Chapter 20:

The End

One Month to Figure out my Future

It was the next day and nothing changed. Today we were coming to come back home and we had the entire morning to ourselves.Bookmark here

"Hayatooooo, hear me out."Bookmark here

"What's so important that you have to wake me up??"Bookmark here

"It's about Rihoko, she confessed to me."Bookmark here

Hayato stopped moaning and got out of bed.Bookmark here

"Please Satoshi, please tell me that you acted properly!"Bookmark here

"I don't know... That's why I wanted to ask you."Bookmark here

"What did you tell her?"Bookmark here

"I don't even know myself, it was just a mess of random words with little meaning. I believe my point was that i was ready for a relationship."Bookmark here

"So what you are telling me is that you rejected her?"Bookmark here

"It's not really a straight up rejection, it's more like, wait a second we are going to fast. I mean at the of the day, we just spent like a month being friends, nor a year."Bookmark here

"Well, you might be right on the fact that it all happened too fast for you little brain to process everything..."Bookmark here

"That's harsh..."Bookmark here

"Ans what was her reaction?"Bookmark here

"She understood the situation and accepted it. For now everything will be the exact same as before even though now I now she feels something for me."Bookmark here

"Mhh, look at the bright side, you will have the summer break to put together your thought and maybe go see her from time to time."Bookmark here

"So you are not blaming me?"Bookmark here

"I understand both points of view, nobody here is to blame."Bookmark here

"Thanks for listening to my problems."Bookmark here

"Don't sweat it, you had to listen to much more boring stuff from me."Bookmark here

Was I feeling better now? A little bit, this topic was going to be the only thing in my mind for white some time. When we went to get breakfast, both Miyo and Saki where there, we sat with them and everything felt exactly like before, like never changed, expect that, something changed.Bookmark here

For the rest of the morning I went shopping with Hayato, and by shopping I meant buying souvenirs for my parents and Miyo. I knew that if I was not to come home with a magnet to put on the fridge, Miyo would have killed me.Bookmark here

"Hey Satoshi, i think I might have to go back to the Hotel?"Bookmark here

"Why what is going on?"Bookmark here

"It's my knee, I think I pushed it too far these days even though I haven't done any really stressful activity."Bookmark here

"Sure no problem, you can stand on your own or you want an hand?"Bookmark here

"If I can hold on to you it would be better so that I can release some of the stress off my knee."Bookmark here

"Sure, let's go."Bookmark here

We weren't that far off from the hotel and as soon as we entered, Miss. Kamuro run towards us.Bookmark here

"Did something bad happen? Do I need to call an ambulance."Bookmark here

She sounded really worried.Bookmark here

"No... Miss. Kamuro, I just over did it a bit and know my knee is hurting me."Bookmark here

"Ok let's get you to bed, don't worry this afternoon you will already be at home."Bookmark here

We brought Hayato back to the room and helped him to lay down. Miss. Kamuro later called Hayato's parents as a precaution, to let them know what was going on.Bookmark here

"Sorry for causing trouble..."Bookmark here

"Don't even mention it. It's not your fault."Bookmark here

"But I ruined you final day here in Kyoto."Bookmark here

"Do you think I had anything better to do?"Bookmark here

We laughed a bit and then we just chatted a bit more and played more games.Bookmark here

"Hey Satoshi, look in that pocket in my suitcase, I should also have a deck of cards, let's play with that."Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

Time flied and it was already time to go and leave Kyoto. Many things happened, maybe too many things, but I was happy. It's always good to experiment. We said goodbye to all the staff members of the hotel which had been extremely nice to us and then off we went once again.Bookmark here

One we got on the bullet train we took the 4 seats but this time we used to let Hayato extend his leg and try to reduce the pain. He was still able to sleep even if he was in pain.When we finally got to Tokyo, the bus brought us back at school where many parents where waiting. I wasn't expecting all of this.Bookmark here

Once we got off the bus, everybody went and looked for they families, I had many fought that my parents would come and wait ​for me.Bookmark here

I heard someone shouting my name: "Satoshi! Satoshi we are here!""Big brother come on are you deaf?"Bookmark here

And there I was wrong, I turned around and both my parents and my sister were there waiting for me. As I was going to join them, I casually looked around me and I saw that also Rihoko wasn't alone, her father came too. Bookmark here

My mum welcomed me with a big hug: "Satoshi, I'm so happy to see you, tell us all about your trip and what you saw. Miyo has already filled us in on everything that she did."Bookmark here

"Sure, thank you for coming."Bookmark here

For the rest of the day both Miyo and I went on talking about all the things that happened during those 4 days, except of course for only one small detail...The next day I still had to school and I still had important things to deal with.Bookmark here

But in the morning I had to first overcome a big challenge: Miyo."Did something happen between you and Rihoko? Something romantic maybe?"Bookmark here

What am I going to do? Shall I tell her the whole story or not? I'm sure she would figure it out regardless, might as well tell her.Bookmark here

"Kind of."Bookmark here

"REALLY??? Tell me now! Did my list of romantic places come in handy?"Bookmark here

"No, but she confessed to me."Bookmark here

Miyo took a couple of seconds to process that last sentence.Bookmark here

"You mean she confessed her love for you? Like in movies?"Bookmark here

"Don't be always so sarcastic!"Bookmark here

"Ok ok sorry, go on."Bookmark here

"She said she likes me, and that she wanted to be with me."Bookmark here

"Wow big brother that's awesome you finally made a girl fell for you. What did you reply to her?"Bookmark here

"Well... Here comes the difficult part."Bookmark here

"Don't tell me you rejected her?!"Bookmark here

"I might have done that..."Bookmark here

"WHYYYYY???"Bookmark here

"Because I'm not ready, that's why! I know you want to help me by telling me what to do in these situations but I'm no ready yet. I don't want a relationship, that's how things are."Bookmark here

"Are you sure of your decision?"Bookmark here

"Yes I'm sure, we agreed we should take it more easy."Bookmark here

"If that makes you happy, than I'm happy for you too."Bookmark here

"Now, enough with this stuff because I'm sick entire of it, let's go to school."Bookmark here

"Agreed."Bookmark here

At school I met Megumi after she had just finished to talk to some teacher.Bookmark here

"Hi Megumi hope your trip went well, where did your class go?"Bookmark here

"We went to Osaka."Bookmark here

"That's pretty cool too, did you already tell you parents about you switching front he calligraphy club to the literary club?"Bookmark here

"Not yet, but I will, I promise."Bookmark here

"Alright, no pressure. I will got to class, see you around."Bookmark here

Classes as you can imagine where super easy and it allowed me to think more about what I wanted to write on my career plan. I still really liked to the engineering field but something had changed recently. I think I finally found the something more that can make me happy.Bookmark here

After classes Rihoko, Saki and I all gathered in the club room where Saki fill the paperwork to officially ask to join our club.Bookmark here

"Thank you for letting me join you club, you are very kind people."Bookmark here

"You are one helping us but joking the club."Bookmark here

And that was done too. As Hayato said back when we where in the train together, there was just one more person to help. Myself. What did I want for my future? I think now it's still early for me to say what I want exactly but I'll write a couple of lines so that Miss. Kamuro can have a look at it. Or even better, I'm going to tell her directly.Bookmark here

I knocked on her office door. She came and opens the door: "Hi Satoshi, how can I help you?"Bookmark here

"I have a few ideas for my career plan and I want to discuss them with you if you can. You always wanted me to have little serious chat me."Bookmark here

"Oh you see i don't think that's a good idea now... But if you insist."Bookmark here

She let me in and when I got into her office I could see there was something wrong. There were boxes a over the palace, she was packing to go where?Bookmark here

"Miss. Kamuro are you going to change office?"Bookmark here

"Sort of..."Bookmark here

"And where are you going?"Bookmark here

"In the north of Japan."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"I'm changing school."Bookmark here

I was shocked, she had been a part of our class for so many years, she can't just go away like that, what happened?Bookmark here

"But why?"Bookmark here

"My mum lives there and see got sick, I need to be close to her to look after her. I can't do it by staying here, that's why I asked to be transferred over a month ago."Bookmark here

Well now I understand...Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Miss. Kamuro, it just that you were always there for us."Bookmark here

"And I'm sorry to have to leave you guys, it won't be easy. Anyways, you came here to talk about your career plan, tell me!"Bookmark here

"I... I want to help people. I don't want them to commit my some mistakes, that's why I thought that being a homeroom teacher would have helped me achieve this dream."Bookmark here

"Wow I wasn't expecting that, are you sure you are not just copying my idea?"Bookmark here

"No, I thought about it a for now, it's something that I would like to experiment. I'm not sure if I will keep this mentality for much longer, things just change too fast."Bookmark here

"I understand, I'm proud that you tried to think more deeply about this assignment. I shouldn't be stay that, but you are my best student."Bookmark here

I think it happened again, I could feel my cheeks getting very hot.Bookmark here

"Th... Thanks."Bookmark here

"Look at you, blushing for such a small compliment."Bookmark here

"It was a big compliment, you can count on that."Bookmark here

She laughed and invited me to shake hands.Bookmark here

"Satoshi, it has been an absolute pleasure to meet you, I don't think I will ever forget you."Bookmark here

"Same goes for you Miss. Kamuro."Bookmark here

"Please call me Reine, just for this time."Bookmark here

"Alright, Reine."Bookmark here

It felt so weird to call a teacher by her first name. Regardless of that, i was happy but at the same time very sad because we were going to miss her.Bookmark here

"Don't make that sad face Satoshi, you still have lots and lots of thing to do in live, go out there, explore, enjoy, live!"Bookmark here

"Thank you Miss. Kamuro I will."Bookmark here

After that I went back home still trying to process the fact that next year wouldn't have Miss. Kamuro to help us anymore. Who knows who will replace her, certainly nobody will ever be able to match her.Bookmark here

The next day she gave the new to all the class, as you can imagine everybody was shocked and couldn't believe that, that was really happening. Before leaving us she took the time to explain every single qualify each one of us has and should be proud of.Bookmark here

The days of school remaining where very few and we didn't have anything more to do. The results of the finals came out, I was pretty happy and Hayato too was satisfied with his results too, probably his best results in his career as an high school student.Now everything was settled.Bookmark here

School was over and I started reading Rihoko's book.Bookmark here

One thing was sure, in one month many things can happen.Bookmark here

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