Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Tulip

Leaves of hope

The bell rings Bookmark here

Toby: Another day for class at least the weekend is coming around soon. Bookmark here

(Bell rings) Bookmark here

Kasumi: Class is now dismissed please have a wonderful weekend. Bookmark here

Toby: Finally the new episode of Princess TAM-TAM should be airing when I get home. Bookmark here

Kasumi: Toby may I speak to you after class. Bookmark here

Toby: Sure I'll come in just a few moments. Bookmark here

Kasumi:There you are. Bookmark here

Toby: You wanted to see me? Bookmark here

Kasumi: I personally chosen you as you are the top student of this class and also given your lack of extracurricular activities of the sort I was wondering if you can do this favor for me? Bookmark here

Toby: What kind of favor? Bookmark here

Kasumi: As you may be aware your classmate Miyako Sakuraba has been hospitalized and put under observation for suddenly fainting and showing signs of cancer like syndrome lately. One day during cheerleading practise she suddenly collapsed and fell after sudden signs of bleeding. Bookmark here

Toby: I hadn’t heard about it. Bookmark here

Kasumi: The doctors don’t really expect her to live that long as each of the treatments provided to her has shown to only progressively speed the rate of the supposed growth. Bookmark here

Toby: How long has this been happening for? Bookmark here

Kasumi: The doctors themselves are uncertain but they only give her only just this month to live. Bookmark here

Toby: I I see. Bookmark here

Kasumi: Now Miyako’s family are the local priests/priestess of the nearby town shrine that’s been in reverence for about 100 years now. Bookmark here

Toby: Um Ms. Konishi how would this play in part of Miyako being sick? Bookmark here

Kasumi: You ever heard of “the leafs of the light”? Bookmark here

Toby: No I don’t think so. Bookmark here

Kasumi: Its something of a local folk myth around hopeville. You see, once upon a time a shrine maiden just like Miyako was struck with a mysterious curse from a wicked witch, who wanted her soul for herself to remain eternally young and immortal forever. But one day an lone wander who collected leaves saw the cursed maiden and as a symbol of sympathy he gave her the leaves and suddenly she was cured but the wicked witch was strifed with wrath and anger for the curse to be broken and she and the wanderer fought on the hill and after a long and strenous fight the witch was defeated and forever sealed away from this world but the lone wanderer he died while the maiden lived. But the maiden in honor of his memory collected 13 cherry blossoms and on the same place where the witch and the wanderer fought and the wind carried the blossoms away to each part of the world showing the wanderer will always be around traveling no matter what in life. Bookmark here

Toby: How much of this is really true? Bookmark here

Kasumi: To an extent the folklore does hold some merit but to an extent remains to be seen. Supposedly said petals are located to famous landmark areas of hopeville. And as you know, the fall is coming around just tomorrow so that means many leaves will be blooming so I was wondering if you can help me with this endeavor to see how much truth there really is in this story. I have each of the supposed landmarks the leaves can be found on but I hadn’t really looked at it myself yet due to work commitments but I'll do my best to help you out as best I can. Bookmark here

Toby: Do you really think something like that can work? Bookmark here

Kasumi: Most likely no but as a person of science it is my responsibility not to leave any opportunity to be missed. Bookmark here

It could lead to the key of Miyako to being cured from her illness. Bookmark here

Toby: Why would you get involved in this? Shouldn’t this be a family matter? Bookmark here

Kasumi: I’ve been friends with her family for quite a while but lets just say differing beliefs led to me being estranged in a sense and leave it at that. Bookmark here

Toby: So trying to make amends then out of the goodness of your own heart? Well ok then I'll help you but I better get something out of this. Bookmark here

Kasumi: I’ll put in a good word for you at any university of your own choice since I know you have an interest in game design and I'm sure they would really appreciate your talents. Bookmark here

Toby: If you say so but I doubt any good would really happen out of this. Bookmark here

Kasumi: I have faith that she’ll get better and maybe you should have some as well. Bookmark here

Toby: Well you know what they say expect the worst but hope for the best. Doubt you would really get what you wish though. Bookmark here

Kasumi: Poor child, life hasn’t really been so kind to him since the accident, and I really wish that he can see there is more to just life than just what he thinks is really given to him. Bookmark here

Chapter 1 ends Bookmark here

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