Chapter 9:


One Thousand Mornings: Chapter 2: Rebirth

     Having made their way out of the police headquarters before the soon to be mayhem ignited, Saori and Lee were well on their way towards Ms. Honshou’s residence in Shinagawa. “So, why exactly are we making this house call?” Saori exasperatingly asked. “Because she’s acting weird, and that means we need to find out why.” Sinking into her seat, Saori clearly saw what they were doing as a waste of time, but just like most of the car ride thus far, she had decided to keep the complaints to herself. “How long before we get there?” she then asked. “We’re already here,” replied Lee. Pointing his finger over the steering wheel, he continued, “That’s the house right up at the top of that hill.”Bookmark here

     Walking across the platform in an old black blouse, and nothing on her feet but socks, onlookers frantically stepped aside as she dragged herself carelessly through the crowds of people. The sounds that passed through her head were muffled, and incoherent. The world in front of her swayed like the tipping of a canoe perched on top of the sea. Her body felt like a feather, and her mind like dust. Planting her feet one right beside the other, she caressed her toes against the cold pavement. Shutting her eyes, she felt a breeze pour down from heaven and tip her over like she was weightless. Bookmark here

     Lee and Saori made their way up to the front door. Ms. Honshou lived in a corner house that stood three stories tall, but with a very slim design. Making the home feel as though it was ready to lose balance and capsize at any moment. There was a gloom that cascaded off of the towering structure; stretching its shadow over Saori and Lee as the sun began to fall behind the horizon. Lee stepped up to the door and pushed the doorbell. Waiting cautiously, the two of them began to grow suspicious when no one answered. As Lee reached to give the bell another push, Saori slipped her hand in front of his and gave the door handle a twist. Without even a slight hesitation, she pushed the door open and let herself in. “This is breaking and entering,” cried Lee, still hesitant to step inside. “We have probable cause,” returned Saori as she crept her way further in to the home. Walking through a narrow hallway, the space was somber, and the air felt dull. Saori stepped in to the first room on the left, just before the kitchen, with Lee not too far behind. The curtains were all closed, darkening the room and stripping it of any vigor. “What’s that?” Lee pointed to a cardboard box that stood about three and a half feet tall, sitting in the center of the room. Saori’s footsteps slowed drastically as she tentatively walked towards it. As they both stood on opposite sides of the box, they gave each other a final; speechless, confirmation before Lee reached down to pull the lid. As the box opened, Saori’s jaw dropped, and her eyes sunk into the back of her skull. Lee pulled the lid all the way open and immediately leapt backwards. Neither one of them had been prepared for something so gruesome. As they both peered over into the box once again; looking back up at them was Reiko’s mutilated head. Vacant of both its eyes and tongue.Bookmark here

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