Chapter 10:

Reality (Interlude)

One Thousand Mornings: Chapter 2: Rebirth

     Saori and Kawamura approached a holding cell; the clank of Kawamura’s crutch against the hard floor reverberated throughout the melancholy police headquarters. They arrived in front of the door where a lone officer sat on the floor. He was bandaged up in multiple areas; some of his wounds still bleeding through the gauze. “Is there supposed to be a point to all of this?” the officer wept out to Kawamura, “Because I can’t come up with a damn explanation for any of this shit.” Kawamura clutched the door handle as he peered through the window, watching Akazawa as she sat on a bench with her back against the wall. Attempting with no success to try and open the door Kawamura replied bluntly, “I don’t know,” as he gestured towards the officer to unlock it. The officer then slowly stood from his seat and typed in a passcode. Once the door was unlocked, Kawamura pushed the door open and worked his way inside. “Tachinasai!” the officer balked at Akazawa as he followed behind the detective with a pair of cuffs in hand. Akazawa stood to her feet as told without uttering a single word. “That won’t be necessary,” Kawamura ordered as he rested his crutch beside the exit, but the officer informed him that it was protocol regardless of the detective’s requests. “So long as any of you are in here with her, she’s gotta be in chains,” the officer explained as he sat her back down and chained her to the bench. “She’s all yours,” he then confirmed as he made his way out of the room. Saori took a few steps back as Kawamura stared Akazawa down. He then limped his way over to the wall across from her and eased his way down to the floor; sitting with his back and head leaning against the wall and hands clasped in between his knees. Bookmark here

     Akazawa looked straight at him without parting her lips even a bit. Kawamura, however, clearly noticed her growing a bit anxious in her body language. “Akazawa, talk to me,” the detective stated, “There’s no point in keeping your mouth shut.” Cutting him off short, Akazawa interjected. “Are one of you here to kill me?” she asked as she glanced over at Saori who was still standing by the doorway. “Not yet,” Saori informed her. Akazawa then turned her gaze away from Saori as she looked down upon her feet. “Akazawa,” the detective called out once more, “what are you looking for?Bookmark here

     “Reality…” she said solemnly.Bookmark here

     Kawamura stood back up and made his way directly in front of her. With a straight tone he asked her unwaveringly, “What the fuck is Yuki?” Akazawa lifted her head up and stared him dead in the eyes.Bookmark here

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