Chapter 0:

Prologue – Desires and Wishes

The Guardian: An Unfortunate Wish

Have you ever thought about how far you would go to reach your desires?Bookmark here

It is natural to have desires. Everyone has them. Every day people work hard to achieve their desires, to aim higher and reach goals that they have set for themselves. And one day we believe that our wishes will come true.Bookmark here

A surgeon desires to save as many lives as possible,Bookmark here

Police officers desire to catch criminals in our society,Bookmark here

Young people desire to find their true love,Bookmark here

Students desire to finish their degree and to find a good job,Bookmark here

Elderly desire good health,Bookmark here

Parents desire to protect their children, Bookmark here

Bookmark here

And the list continues on forever. Most of our desires are similar or even the same.Bookmark here

Even children desire things like toys or to know more about something which they do not quite understand yet.Bookmark here

And as we grow older our desires increase and get more difficult to accomplish, to the point where we start to work hard and plan how to achieve our wishes and goals. Bookmark here

Like the well-known novelist, George Eliot said, “It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.”Bookmark here

And to be able to satisfy this hunger we have to fulfil our desires.Bookmark here

But what if some people desire the bad?Bookmark here

“We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us” - François Rabelais.Bookmark here

Those people go beyond humanity to attain their desires. They get too greedy or their desire itself is dangerous and inadvertently cross the line between humanity and barbarity. Bookmark here

If the feeling to fulfil your desires gets too strong to bear, it can lead to chaos.Bookmark here

From a partner who is having an affair for their own pleasure and lust to politicians who use money and their position to obtain more power and money. From a student cheating on an exam to get good results to psychopaths who slaughter other people for their own satisfaction. From bullying another child to be cool to people enslaving other human beings for their own good. Bookmark here

And these are just a few examples of many. Bookmark here

Now let me ask you:Bookmark here

What are your desires? And how far would you go to fulfil them?Bookmark here

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