Chapter 11:

Nothing Good

One Thousand Mornings: Chapter 2: Rebirth

     The sudden darkness carried with it an echo of terror like children faced with the unknown of the night. Every person sitting in the precinct was on edge. Kawamura especially. There was something poisoning the air, and they could sense it. This wasn’t an ordinary blackout for sure. Bookmark here

     Kawamura grabbed hold of his wit and stood ready for action. “Someone needs to go check the breaker,” bawled one officer. Soon after, small chatter began filling the area as everyone began to lower their guards. “Shut up!” Kawamura howled. Sweat rising to the surface of his skin; his hands twitching from distress. It’s happening again, he thought to himself. What comes next?Bookmark here

     Conspicuously scanning her surroundings as insanity crept in from the corners of her eyes, Chiasa stumbled as she struggled to keep herself steady, bouncing into those passing by her. The night sky began to crawl its way overhead as the sun slowly laid low below the horizon. Her mind spacing out, Chiasa nearly collapsed from a sudden chime that sounded as if it was mere centimeters from her ear. The entire world stood still as that haunting sound had retuned yet again to cripple her where she stood. Like a light whisper, a force compelled her to look across the street. A figure dressed in what looked like an old kimono stood on the opposite side staring back at her, not making a single movement. Chiasa gawked at it for what felt like time immemorial. It was standing right in front of her, but somehow nearly invisible. Like a fragment of her mind projecting itself before her. Like an illusion bread from the deepest parts of her core. A reflection of her own self. Chiasa’s voice lodged itself in her throat as she attempted to speak, and before she knew it, the world around her clicked back on like the flick of a light switch. Chiasa, finding herself nearly colliding with oncoming traffic. She caught a single cold sweat fall from her cheeks onto the tip of her finger.Bookmark here

     She felt the oddest sensation that… something was trying to speak to her. Bookmark here

     Now standing in front of a three-story apartment complex, Chiasa burrowed her hand into her pocket, frantically checking for her cellphone, only to be reminded that it’d been confiscated. Slowly looking back up towards the apartment building, Chiasa, without hesitation, marched over towards the entrance and navigated her way up to the third floor. Not before long, she was standing in front of the door of apartment number 304. She rang the doorbell, and while quietly waiting for an answer, Chiasa caught a feeling that something was standing behind her. Like the faint whisk of someone’s breath breathing down on the back of her neck. At the same time the door slowly began to creak open, with a hand peering out of the entryway and resting against the door frame. Preoccupied, Chiasa swiftly turned around, but the presence vanished like a pinch of salt when dipped in water. There was nothing, but she could still taste something strange in the atmosphere. Confused, Chiasa couldn’t help but peer over the banister and see below her. “What’s wrong?” a slightly concerned voice wept from behind. Glaring down at the ground below, Chiasa saw nothing but a black cat trotting across the rather empty parking lot. It paused for a moment and looked up towards Chiasa with a casual glare, then continued onwards before disappearing behind another building. What is this feeling? Chiasa questioned to herself; slight traces of paranoia sinking into her gut. She took a quick scan of the surrounding area before turning back around. Standing in front of her halfway through the doorway was Yuhna. They both looked at each other with a graze of confusion on their faces.Bookmark here

     Back at the police headquarters, the room was left barely lit by the few traces of sunlight passing through the windows. With one hand close to his firearm, Kawamura made his way past the other officers, and stepped towards a small blueprint of the building which was hung up on a nearby wall. Shining his flashlight over the faded paper, he asked, “Is there ever anybody actually guarding the breaker room?” With a hard time following, one officer replied, “Isn’t this just some sort of a power outage?” Kawamura glanced back at the officer who stood with his posture laxed, and expression skewed. He realized that he was the only person in the room still acting jumpy. Just as he went to address the officer, the lights began to flicker back on. Everybody held their heads with their chins pointed up high as they watched the room slowly return to normal. Finally, able to relax, Kawamura asked out loud to himself, “What was—"Bookmark here

Eeeeeeeek!Bookmark here

     A screech ripped through the entire precinct. Mercilessly sweeping through every person in its path. Some people hunched over, pressing their palms into the sides of their foreheads, while others collapsed to the ground with their eyes nearly bubbling out of its sockets and blood rushing from their ears. Kawamura threw his back up against the wall, screaming so hard he felt his lungs about to pop. The sound was then accompanied by computer screens blasting into pieces until every device in the room had been turned to debris.Bookmark here

     Everyone shuffled to their feet once the sound had ceased. Some rushed to tend to the wounded, and others dashed around in search of answers. The room was filled with smoke, and the smell of fried computer components was just as putrid as the scenery. But amongst the chaos, one thing stood out the most. One officer had been impaled through the chest by a knife, with a piece of paper sandwiched in between the weapon and his body. “Get a medic!” Kawamura ordered, while making his way over to the wounded officer. He stopped about five feet away from where his body laid on the floor. He was struggling to breathe, and blood was gushing from his chest. Kawamura was cautious and remained tempered. “Did you see who did this to you?” He asked, but the officer only spat up a glob of blood as he attempted to speak. Still keeping his distance, everyone surrounding Kawamura waited for the detective to do, or say, something. But for the next few moments, that never came. As the dying officer began to open his mouth once again, Kawamura leaned in closer towards him. The officer began to mouth out a sentence, but his voice was so faint that Kawamura was only capable of catching the tail end of his statement. “I followed all of my orders,” the officer said, before his last breath of life left his body. Detective Kawamura couldn’t grasp what he meant by those words, but already knew it was too late to ask any more questions. Carefully observing the surrounding area, he scrambled to focus his senses; but a throbbing headache, blurred vision, and multiple lacerations from flying glass shards rendered the detective mostly immobile. Struggling to sit himself upright, he brushed himself clear of any debris, before carefully yanking the paper from the dead officer’s body. Turning it over, on the opposite side was nothing more than a picture of two middle school girls standing next to one another. Another officer that had managed to take the worst of the previous attack began harshly coughing as he came to. Slowly easing himself up to a seated position, “What. . . what is going on?” he questioned. He looked over towards Kawamura who was staring down at the piece of paper. “What just happened?” he beggingly asked once again. With nothing but utter puzzlement on his face, Kawamura responded...Bookmark here

“Nothing good.”Bookmark here

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