Chapter 12:


One Thousand Mornings: Chapter 2: Rebirth

     Staring down at the grotesque image stuffed within the confines of a cardboard box, both Lee and Saori were at a loss. Lee looked upon Saori, but her eyes remained glued to the horror in front of her. “I’m calling it in,” Lee mentioned as he fished deep into his pocket for his phone. “Where is her mother?” Saori asked, breaking the frozen atmosphere in the room. Lee stopped to think, as he had almost entirely forgotten about why the two of them went there in the first place. Bzz! Bzz! His disjointed attention was yanked aside yet again as a call from Kawamura came buzzing through.Bookmark here

     Kawamura held the photograph firmly between his fingers, trying to analyze every millimeter from corner to corner. “I need you back here right now,” he uttered to Lee, “drop whatever it is that you’re doing”. Bookmark here

     The absence of an immediate reply from Lee left Kawamura with a queasy feeling in his stomach. “I’m not sure I can do that. . . We’ve found Reiko Honshou. Whether or not this is all of her, will probably take some time to find out.” With a silent confirmation, Kawamura ended the call and dropped his head backwards. As he looked up to the ceiling and shut his eyes, he could feel his heart sink into his stomach. “What the hell is happening?” Bookmark here

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