Chapter 2:

Vol. 1 - Reverie 1.1: Late again!

Limerence Somnium (Demo)

Ichigo stood before the round mirror located by a corner of her pink pastel room.

Hair? All done! Her hair was messy no more! Instead, she now had tidy long black hair. It was glossy and soft to the touch, the change was unbelievable.

Clothes? All ready! Ichigo's favorite thing about college is how she wasn't forced to wear any kind of uniform, she had the freedom to wear whatever she wanted! Well, not really. She was still a demon, even after living within human society for a while, thinking of what was the norm and what wasn't confused her a little.

What was Ichigo's idea of dressing normal then? A half buttoned white shirt that showed part of her expensive, black bra and her cleavage? Sure thing. Not like there was a way to button that shirt anyway thanks to her ample chest, the buttons would just come flying right out in an instant. Even as a demon, that caused a lot of pain for her back though, flat-chested girls were something she was really envious about.

And what would go well with this shirt? A skirt! Surprisingly, it wasn't that short, it was just average. After all, dressing in a "normal" manner was part of her policy, well, the policy imposed by the boss at least. What a scary person the boss was, just thinking about it was enough to give her unpleasant thoughts.

Makeup? No need. Wearing her glasses was all she needed, with this her strawberry pink eyes were concealed.

All ready for another day at college!

Not really.

"GODDAMMIT." Ichigo let out another yell that shook up the entire neighborhood. Yeah, she was forgetting about a tiny little detail. Not like going to college was any fun anyway. She hated it. She was happy because she was forcing herself to be happy, which she always does to keep her mind out of stressing situations. But forgetting about this stressing situation would only come back to screw her over this time. After breaking her phone, she lost her only way to check on the time. Did you think fixing her hair like this was an easy task? She probably spent hours on it! In other words, "I'M SO LATE!!!!!!!!!"

W-What about all her books? Who cares, let's stuff them all in the bag and run for it!! Lucky for her, demons had great strength, carrying all of that meant nothing regardless of how heavy the bag was. She slammed the door behind her, not even caring to lock it. Doesn't matter anyway, not like there's anything valuable inside her house.

"This sucks!!" Ichigo lamented herself. "I lost my chance to run with a toast in my mouth! If I was going to be late I should have at least tried to experience the joy of living in some cliche anime!! I hate this!!!!"

She screamed without a care in the world, running so fast that she pulled up a gust of wind behind her feet. All of her neighbors stared in shock at the dashing demon. Despite the fact that this happened every single day, there was no way for them to get used to it.

A man watering his plants knelt down and broke in tears as the gust of wind blew away all of his flowers. Another woman covered his kid's ears as a young girl ran by while yelling crude swears. And a dog even clung to a tree like a scared cat as this projectile-like-human passed by him, almost running it over.

"I made it!" Ichigo smiled proudly. She was now standing at the gate of the university -Palette Academy- To her it was just the same old boring place she was forced to visit everyday but in truth this was a huge place. The place was almost as big as a castle, so much that it took a while for Ichigo to move across campus before she could make it to the main building. Looking to the sides, there was no one around. Good! Area clear! With this she could cheat and fly up instead of bothering with the stairs.

Wait, area clear?! After flying upwards across a few floors Ichigo panicked, someone was right there!! Wasn't everyone supposed to be in class?! Time for an emergency landing. Ichigo lowered herself into the stairs and withdrew her wings but she did it too fast, she couldn't help but to keep running while trying to balance herself. Of course she wasn't able to.

The person who stood just before the stairs, a short girl with a stylish blonde ponytail turned around the moment she heard Ichigo's panicked yells.


Both fell to the floor. What a horrible landing.

-Huh? Wait. What is this?!-

Ichigo's face moved close enough that her lips were almost touching the girl's lips. Her pink eyes looking closely, intently into her mint green eyes. She could feel the girl's breath luring her in. At this rate she wanted to... she wanted to!!

-No Ichigo, you can't!!-

This wasn't the time for it, this wasn't the place for it. Not in this form, she couldn't, otherwise it would just cause a big problem! She had to push her desire away before it was too late. Ichigo jumped away and bowed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!!"

"N-No. It's okay," The girl looked away while blushing. Ichigo couldn't take her eyes away from her. She was gorgeous. Her clothes were stylish too. She swiped off dust from her  white blouse. This girl's style was something else. Was this how "normal" humans were supposed to dress? Huh? Oh no, she wore a pantyhose combined with a black skirt, that was just too much. Her legs looked amazing, that was just too much for Ichigo.

"N-N-Name?!?!" Ichigo had stopped functioning.

"Um... I'm Vanilla."

-Ichigo!! What the hell are you doing?!?!-

"Sorry, I gotta go!!" Ichigo stormed away. Staying here any longer was getting too dangerous for her. Just who was this girl? God, she couldn't take her away from her head. She had to run before she lost control.

Ichigo didn't even bother to run to her classroom. No way in hell she could sit in class after this, screw that! Instead, she ran to the bathroom, locking herself in an empty stall. She had to catch her breath and calm down.

"Vanilla, huh?" Ichigo placed her hand on top of her chest, focusing on her agitated, beating heart. Ichigo bit her lip, just now, what was she about to do? She was letting herself get too carried away by temptation, but she couldn't stop thinking about it, she couldn't stop thinking about that girl. She couldn't get those soft lips out of her head. 

What if she kept going? That gave Ichigo way too many ideas. She thought about a way to follow up that scene. What if Vanilla was actually interested in her? Could they have... walked to class together? Or maybe she could have asked for her phone number- wait, who even asks for a phone number these days? Asking for her social media would be better! Ugh, no way! Ichigo was well aware she was the kind that wouldn't give away her username to anyone she knew in person even if they asked, no way! No way she would let Vanilla see half of the things she posts online! Well... it was mostly silly stuff but... still! It was too embarrassing!! 

While sitting on the bathroom stall, drool rolled down Ichigo's mouth as she continued to think about many more scenarios. W-What was this? She was sitting here like a loser while hiding and thinking about some girl she's never met before?! No Ichigo, get a hold of yourself!!

After taking a moment to cool down, she tidied herself up and walked out of the bathroom. Her face was still burning red. Sigh, and she was still late to class. This was the worst. Wait... after washing her face and looking at herself in the mirror something was clearly missing.

"Where are my glasses?! Wait, you are late Ichigo! No time for that!!"

Ichigo stormed away but another girl sat inside one of the bathroom stalls. Vanilla covered her face with her hands. Her bag lied on the floor next to her, and on top of that bag, there was a pair of glasses.

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