Chapter 0:

Chapter 1- Prologue

The Way of The Sword

Life was never easy in Japan to begin with. Since the Edo Period began alot has happened since then. I lost countless things since the end of the Sengoku Period in Japan. At the mere age of 9 years old I was fighting battles to death to open the path for a new era. Little did I know I was condemning myself to failure. I killed countless of men for those men to sit on a seat and now that I look at it it was rather idiotic of me.Bookmark here

“Come on don’t leave me man! You’re all I have!” said Kenkichi. Kenkichi wasn’t in the best shape either. The man had 3 arrows on his back, sword wounds, and was exhausted after fighting a battle for the shogunate. While on the other hand the man he was carrying was on his last legs. “Haha we were foolish weren’t we? We believed that making a name for ourselves would bring us everything we desired. All it brought us was a path of bloodshed.”. Said Miura. I had to kill newborn children, women, and the elderly all for a stupid dream.” Said Miura.Bookmark here

‘Don’t talk like that yet. We’ll survive this like we always have. After this, we’ll repent for our sins.” said Kenkichi. “Haha atonement huh? That would be nice to do. The least I could do with my life is to be a better person for everyone I killed” Said Miura. Miura was getting paler by the minute and losing consciousness. To Miura the world turned black. He lost his sense of touch and smell. It was almost like he was already dead.Bookmark here

Kenkichi begins tearing up. “You can’t die...we already lost the others and we promised to live for them. We have to keep our promise!” said Kenkichi. Miura smiles. “Believe me I wish I could live and keep my promise to them but my time is nearing to it’s end. The dreams of all 5 of them are living with us currently. As for creating a new era we kept our promise. But as for their personal desires we have yet to keep them. Now that I’m at the end I regret a lot of things in my life even though I always lived by the words “I live with no regrets.” Rather foolish huh?” Said Miura. Kenkichi holds back tears seeing the life leave from his friend’s face.Bookmark here

“Do me a favor and live your life free from all this war Kichi. As for you carrying on my dreams I have no need to place a burden on you. Live a long life and make a family. Cherish life as if it was meat. Haha meat oh man I wish I could have one bite of it before I leave. Kichi, I leave the rest to you.” Said Miura. Miura dies. Miura's body falls onto the ground.Bookmark here

Kenkichi breaks down crying. It was then he seeked to live but not for himself. But for everything for the ones that already passed on. Before you can empahize with Kenkichi you must know the events that took place to get to this point.Bookmark here

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