Chapter 0:


The Demon With a Heart

The church floor was just a pool of blood from about thirty people who all came to see a wedding; the roof completely destroyed, and there I was, in that pool holding my bride to be; a hole in her chest where her heart was, *Of course I put it in her, but not intentionally* I was there just holding her in my arms, crying, crying until they just became dry sobs *Maybe I ran out of tears* Then ‘HE’ showed and said with a dark and commanding voice, “Come my son, there is nothing here for you anymore.” So I got up, laid my bride in the pool gently and went with ‘HIM’ and we left the church, and….“Ugh!” I woke up in a cold sweat. I just layed in my bed staring at the ceiling of my house and made plans for tomorrow; “Fuck it” I said, “I’ll destroy the city.”
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Golden Boy
Abraham B. A.
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