Chapter 8:

Chapter 3 Part 3

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green)

The creature waited in a still stand, it was like a frozen stone full of emptiness, but somehow, Mayu new that inside that stone, was something living. Strange lines covered over its body creating images and symbols, that Mayu could not comprehend. Mayu felt a strange feeling, that somehow, it called to her... telling her to come closer. Before Mayu figured out what was going on her boy had already begun to move, it moved on its own drawing closer and closer to the creature that had called her.

Before Mayu new it, she was already standing, right in front of the being. It was bigger than Mayu thought, from far away it appeared a lot smaller, but it was everything but that. It had a presence of greatness and power, and right away Mayu knew not disrespect it. Mayu peeked behind herself and noticed that not a creature or animal was nearby. She concluded that the creatures stayed away from the huge being... afraid to light its fury... they respected it as if it was a god.

Slowly, Mayu reached out her right hand towards the being. Her hand moved forward without hesitation, it was strong and assertive.... This time she knew what she was doing, it would not be like before, this time she would be awake... she would see her miracle. Mayu didn't understand it herself, but she knew it was here. Mayu's heart began to pound louder than ever before... it was almost like a loud drum that echoed through the wind.

A strange sensation began to tingle in Mayu's fingertips... she could feel her heartbeat pounding in her chest, the trembling of her small hands, and the cold sweat that drifted down her cheek. What was this feeling?... Why did it feel so familiar? For a moment Mayu thought it was fear... but it wasn't... it was something different... it was a feeling she knew very well... it was excitement.

Mayu knew that she shouldn't be doing something so dangerous, after all, what if what Mayu felt was nothing but a lie, a trick from her own mind. The thought was scary, yet she couldn't get rid of the feeling, that the being that lay in front of her was something that she had already known for a long time, there was somehow this feeling of a bright light, that came from in front of her, that's why she knew, that what she felt, wasn't a lie.

Mayu's hand was about to approach the large being, but then a sudden tremor sent Mayu down onto her bum,

"Ow! What was that?!" Mayu said as she slowly got up and rubbed her behind, trying to sooth it from the sudden pain from the fall.

As Mayu got up she started to walk towards the huge creature, but suddenly stopped. She slowly turned around and realised her glowing stone on the floor.

The skin on the outside began to crack, its outer shell began to shift and change into something beautiful, a light began to surge from the rock as if it wanted to burst out and set itself free. Suddenly a blinding light illuminated the whole cave. For a quick moment Mayu had been blind, but the light quickly faded away allowing her to see again. When Mayu turned towards the stone it was not what it once was. It had changed into what seemed to be a crystal, the crystal was unlike anything Mayu had ever seen. Its edges lay ragged and chipped, it's center was smooth and transparent, the ancient symbols that were once on it seemed to have moved towards the center.

Inside it a blue dull light glowed, and on the outside a beautiful purple covered over the warm blue.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?" Mayu asked the huge being, Mayu reached out her hands towards the crystal and took hold of its beauty. She brought it towards her chest, and as she did she a felt the warmth that exuberated from the crystal,

"So this is your heart" Mayu said as she stood and faced the giant. Mayu reached out her right hand and placed it on the creature before her. At that moment she felt a strange surge of energy rush through her hand, it was as if the creature she touched was now living inside her, but for some reason, she felt as though she had known this creature.

Observing the creature more Mayu realized that the creature had similar marks, like the ones on her stone.

Then suddenly images began to flash inside Mayu's head, it was as if something was prying into her mind, her memories. Mayu pressed her left hand against the top of your forehead, as images that she did not know began to fill her.

Slowly Mayu began to remove her hand... but when she pulled on it, her arm wouldn't budge.

"Why won't you let me go?!" Mayu yelled.

"Answer me!" Mayu ordered, but not an answer came.

For a moment there was nothing but silence, but suddenly a loud noise began to ring in Mayu's ears, it soon became louder and louder. Mayu clenched her teeth as it became more and more unbearable, the pain continued to increase when suddenly it stopped.

"it's not the stone I want... It's you!" A voice spoke to her.

When it seemed to Mayu that things couldn't get any worse, her problems just got bigger. The cave walls around her began to fall and crumble, the floors, shifted and swirled as if they refused to stay together, and then, from out of nowhere came a loud and terrible roar. Mayu's head shot up to see a huge and terrifying creature, the beast roared as if had just awoken, from a deep slumber.

A strange sound began to ring in Mayu's ears, it was like a screech of pain and sorrow, it was loud and powerful. For every second that it continued to play its horrible sound, the more space it took up in Mayu's head.

It was like an infection... a disease... a virus that couldn't be stopped. Then Mayu felt a sudden pound in her head, it was if something had taken hold of her brain and squeezed it.

Following that came a sudden rush of pain in her right hand.

Mayu's eyes shot back up towards the beast as the markings on the creature's skin began to change and shift, they swirled and turned, releasing themselves from the creatures skin. An intense shock engulfed Mayu's right hand as the markings from the beast began to change,

"What are you doing?!" Mayu yelled out in question, but again she was was ignored. In return, she was given pain.

In seconds the lines moved in a quick motion, crawling onto her body, it ripped itself from the binds that once held it and gripped onto to the new flesh of its prey. Mayu screamed in pain, for it felt as though her soul was being ripped out of her body. The lines clawed on to her skin, pulling themselves further and further across her small frame.

In seconds, they had covered Mayu's entire body, Mayu could feel the burns as it touched her skin. It squeezed as if it wanted more than what Mayu could give.

Mayu dropped to her knees in agony as her heart and soul screamed out at her. It begged Mayu to stop the pain, but Mayu knew that if she could, she would... but this force was greater than what she could comprehend... she had no control over it... it would kill her.

Suddenly Mayu's was pushed towards the cold ground, the creature had discarded her like an item with no further use. She lay flat on the cold ground with her body exhausted and her eyes closed, she clenched her fist to stop the pain, but all it did was bring more.

Mayu's eyes suddenly shot open like a bullet, her chest began to rapidly move up and down... she was hyperventilating. What was the reason?! ... Why was she panicking?! Mayu turned her head to the right and stared down at her clenched fist... it was empty. The creature had ripped her stone from right out of her hands. Mayu took her hands and squeezed her chest in pain, for she realized that her precious stone was gone.

Tears streamed down Mayu's face as the pain became more and more unbearable. The marks began to burn on to her skin, like tattoos drawn on by fire, Mayu slowly turned around and screamed as she clawed at her own skin. She felt as though her body burning from the inside, out. It was unbearable, her heart, just couldn't take anymore. Mayu began to scream,

"Why?! Why are doing this?...

"Why was this happening? Why am I here?" Mayu asked again, but this time she could speak no words. Was the pain so much, that it rendered her unable to speak?!

She reached her hand towards the beast in front of her as if she were reaching for the light, and with a hard thud, her body lay cold on the cavern floor. Her body shook vigorously in an endless trauma, she clung to her hurt body, in an attempt to make it stop, but it only caused herself to shake more vigorously than before, bringing herself even more pain.

Mayu's began to clung on to her heart once again, and felt as her pulse increased faster and faster, it was abnormal and freaky like an endless cycle, only to destroy itself in the end.

The sudden marks changed into binds of light, Mayu's eye's shot wide open and she began to scream. It was almost hellish, like the deafening screech of a monster before it's agonizing death, the marks seeped into Mayu's skin and crawled deeper and deeper into her body until it finally wrapped itself around her heart. Mayu vigorously clawed at her own throat as it squeezed and burned itself into her soul.


A loud thud echoed throughout the cave. Mayu's cold body lay discarded on the cold floor.

The warm air that passed through the cave, suddenly turned cold, the warm green grass that spread throughout forest floor slowly turned old and feeble... everything was dying. Slowly, the lights, and trees, everything, faded into darkness.

A.A. James
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