Chapter 0:

“Normal” is but a concept that prevents us from seeing beyond what’s in front of our faces.

Omega Odyssey

During my short life in this world, I have come to experience many things.Bookmark here

Some of them are among the most basic of human instincts, such as pain, hunger, or happiness.Bookmark here

But some others, I can hardly call ‘normal’. Were they to know, some would deem me a mentally ill individual; some others would say I only desire unwarranted attention. Bookmark here

One of those things is what I would call my ‘special ability’. One that has brought me many a disgrace, but that remained as my only distinctive quality until certain incident started to escalate.Bookmark here

But the other one, is a lot more deserving of the term ‘experience’. It’s a memory I’ll never forget, a part of my life that shaped me into my current self. Bookmark here

That day, as she fell from the sky, a door opened for me.Bookmark here

A passage to get away from those familiar suburbs and the people that frequented them, and into a wonderful world of worlds that contained everything that one could imagine – and some things one could not.Bookmark here

And after all of that was over.Bookmark here

My name, Lurein, and my body, is all that remains of ‘me’. Of the ‘me’ that just peacefully waited for every day to end, like life was nothing more than a step in our way to something greater.Bookmark here

And that journey that transformed me, is the one I will tell. For this is my legacy, my atonement for all the pain I have caused. Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

The concept of ‘normal’ is one I have never been able to identify with.Bookmark here

In a world where there are no middle grounds between the rulers and the ruled, I stood there, rejected by the ones above and feared by the people below.Bookmark here

For I possess the mark of the powerful, but it is so distorted that I become useless among them. But that same mark forever separates me from the rest. What shall I do with my life, is something I attempted to question many times.Bookmark here

But I never reached any answers.Bookmark here

Why should I, when that stained mark of power allowed me to reside in other, more beautiful worlds that far surpassed my imagination?Bookmark here

What need did I have to abandon my little routine of escapism, when it made me happy and nobody suffered because of it?Bookmark here

None.Bookmark here

After all, I could just return to my world as if nothing had happened.Bookmark here

But that day, when I fell into that one world. I met him.Bookmark here

I could not go back. I caused the apocalypse. And it was entirely my fault.Bookmark here

When confronted with the truth, I wanted to run away. I wanted to scream. To never again open my eyes.Bookmark here

But I could not do that, and out of necessity, I persevered. Until nothing remained of my empty self, and my soul grew whole.Bookmark here

And that journey that transformed me, is the one I will tell. For this is my legacy, my atonement for all the pain I have caused. Bookmark here

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Omega Odyssey

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