Chapter 10:


I Once Believed The Sun Was A Legend

I drop the bag instantly, unsheathing both my knives. I get ready for battle, with one hand at my side and the other one shakily poised in front of me. I can hear nothing but myself breathing. A few droplets of sweat slide down my forehead.Bookmark here

A person…Bookmark here

No. It can’t be. It’s a monster disguised as a human somehow.Bookmark here

It’s wearing a cloak, as the little light coming from the pod shows me. I can’t tell what color it is, but I can spot a few buttons where the collar should be. And the face seems like it has a mask on it.Bookmark here

Or maybe that’s just its face…Bookmark here

It starts approaching me.Bookmark here

“D-don’t get a-any closer! I-I’ll h-hurt you!” I protest, my voice trembling more than I thought it would do. But it continues its slow advance towards me.Bookmark here

“S-stop o-or else…”Bookmark here

It’s getting closer, too close.Bookmark here

I have no choice but defend myself.Bookmark here

I hesitantly aim a stab at the creature’s fa-Bookmark here

What?Bookmark here

The knives aren’t in my hand anymore. They fly away behind me, disappearing into the dark.Bookmark here

Clank…Bookmark here

I look back at the creature with wide eyes and, before I can react, it grabs me by the throat, lifting me up.Bookmark here

It has a human hand alright. It’s dry, thick, and cold. It squeezes my airway tight. I struggle, while trying to gasp for some air, kicking at the damn thing. I keep punching it’s arm, but with no use, not budging a bit.Bookmark here

My vision is starting to blur.Bookmark here

Damn it!Bookmark here

An idea suddenly comes to me.Bookmark here

Right!Bookmark here

I charge every ounce of electricity to it, with a loud clap that shakes the ground. I see blue lightening through whatever’s left of my vision.Bookmark here

Then silence.Bookmark here

I look down at the creature expectantly, my mouth trying to gulp down some oxygen. But it’s still holding me, unscathed.Bookmark here

“Weak!” It says with a deep monotone voice, before tossing me to the side.Bookmark here

My back hits the wall, what little air that’s left in my lungs gets knocked out of me. I fall to the ground. As the blood in my body starts moving again, I sit upright while holding my throat, wheezingly breathing in and out. I glance up at the creature…Bookmark here

Or perhaps it’s a person?Bookmark here

I mean, it’s extremely muscular and has a deep manly voice.Bookmark here

A man then?Bookmark here

I look up at him and, to my horror, I see orange sparks emitting from his right hand. His seamless black mask reflects the dancing light as he stares at it. I can’t see any sign of his entity mark though.Bookmark here

No wonder why my Sukira didn’t work against him. But I gave it all I had!Bookmark here

This is the first time I fight someone with the same Sukira as mine. I have no idea how to beat my own kind, especially a huge bulky man who already has a physical advantage.Bookmark here

He probably works for the monsters that live up here. Otherwise, why is he trying to kill me?Bookmark here

I gather what energy I have left and stand, getting ready for another round. I straighten up, my legs madly trembling, partly out of fear, I have to admit.Bookmark here

He looks back in my direction and turns off his sparks, closing his hand into a fist. I lean in for an attack.Bookmark here

“Roarrr!!”Bookmark here

I feel a searing pain on my left cheek. Before I realize it, he already squared a punch to my face. I stumble and fall to the side.Bookmark here

I’m already used to getting punched liked this.Bookmark here

This brings back memories of me being bullied. He has no idea what I’ve been through. I can still fight.Bookmark here

“Ughhh.” The man says in disgust, wiggling his right fist. “Don’t make me get dirty you piece of shit. I just want to talk kid, nothing more.”Bookmark here

Talk? What?Bookmark here

That’s not how you approach someone you want to speak to. Why did he attack me then? That doesn’t make any sense. Although, come to think of it, he could’ve killed me by now if he wanted to.Bookmark here

Perhaps he wants to convince me to join their league.Bookmark here

I stand once again, my left cheek throbbing. My hands are on my side, ready for any attack, just in case. I glare at him without saying anything.Bookmark here

Go on.Bookmark here

“I’m glad you understand kid.” He says. He rubs the back of his hood before continuing. “Umm. Well, what was I going to say…”Bookmark here

I wait for him to do his ‘talk’. But he isn’t in front of me anymore!Bookmark here

Oof!Bookmark here

I am struck in the groin. I hug my abdomen, wanting to double over. But the man holds me back, pushing me against the wall.Bookmark here

“Do you have ANY idea what your doing, kid!?” He hisses in my ear. “Your RUINING what our fathers have done for us!”Bookmark here

What the hell is he talking about!?Bookmark here

Either way, I can’t understand what he’s saying. I want to throw up! I can feel whatever’s in my stomach getting ready to launch.Bookmark here

As if he knows what’s coming, he steps back, giving me enough space to fall on all fours.Bookmark here

Blaargh!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

This is refreshing, just like old times.Bookmark here

I wipe my mouth with my sleeve when I’m done.Bookmark here

“Huh?” I say without looking at him.Bookmark here

“Get up.” He orders.Bookmark here

I glance up at him before hesitantly obeying.Bookmark here

“Do you even know what I’m talking about?”Bookmark here

We look at each other for a moment. Silence.Bookmark here

I slightly shake my head.Bookmark here

“Haven’t your parents ever told you?”Bookmark here

I shake my head again.Bookmark here

And it’s just a parent, not parents. But he doesn’t need to know that.Bookmark here

I should be careful though. He’ll probably tell me that I am somehow part-monster.Bookmark here

“Damn it!” He shouts, his voice echoing off the tunnel walls.Bookmark here

“Well, you better listen, kid, because I’m only explaining once!”Bookmark here

Gulp…Bookmark here

He walks to the wall adjacent to me, putting his back against it. He’s engulfed by darkness. I can only see the outlines of his cloak.Bookmark here

“Well, about five centuries ago, our fathers were known for their Sukira.” He says in a flat tone. “They used to call them The Ultimates.”Bookmark here

I search my mind, trying to see if I’ve heard the name somewhere before. But I don’t recall anything.Bookmark here

“People took it too far though. They treated them like they were some sort of gods; from how much potential their power gave them.Bookmark here

“Our fathers didn’t like it. Not one bit. So they resulted to mind control, to make people forget about us. Haven‘t you ever wondered why people never heard of our Sukira?”Bookmark here

This is all too fast to comprehend.Bookmark here

I mean, of course I’ve thought of that, but I didn’t think it was a big deal.Bookmark here

Mind control though?Bookmark here

“It’s because we use this ability. Whenever someone witnesses our Sukira, we simply insert an electric pulse into his or her mind. Simply put, you can control people’s brains, as the name suggests.”Bookmark here

What? You can do that?Bookmark here

Seeing my confused expression, he explains further.Bookmark here

“Think about it kid, the brain works by sending electrical pulses to the muscles throughout the body. So haven’t you ever thought of putting your own electric pulse into someone’s brain? Inserting whatever order you want? Controlling them? But you can only do it by directly touching the person’s head, which is a dangerous process, as the brain is sensitive and can easily be damaged.”Bookmark here

He stops talking for a bit, and then continues.Bookmark here

“However, this doesn’t work on other folks with electric Sukiras. So it’s not like I can just control you mind.Bookmark here

“Anyhow, that’s not why I’m here. I came here to tell you to STOP showing people your Sukira. Unless you learn and master mind control, to make them forget that they ever saw your Sukira.”Bookmark here

Why does that even matter now? This man’s crazy.Bookmark here

“Then why did you just try to kill me!?” I say, frustrated. “And are you responsible for getting me off track with my team?”Bookmark here

Wait. Why am I having a mutual discussion with an enemy!? I shouldn’t believe a thing he’s saying.Bookmark here

“Are you seriously asking me that!? Because of YOU, you little, naïve, stupid, piece of shit, our legacy might come to an end!” He angrily responds. He sighs and continues. “Sorry, I just wanted to release my anger on SOMEONE. I was also testing your strength, which, to my disappointment, your pathetic. Anyways, don’t worry, I have some people that’ll take care of the damn mess you’ve made. And yes, I’m responsible for leading you off track. I have my connections.”Bookmark here

This angers me even further. But I know I can’t do anything to this guy. Bookmark here

He starts leaving.Bookmark here

“Wait I-“ I tentatively reach after him.Bookmark here

I still have questions.Bookmark here

Why does everyone end up dying here? How can I avoid death? And how are you here, still alive? Are there more people in this place?Bookmark here

And the list goes on…Bookmark here

But he cuts me off.Bookmark here

“Oh and also, some people will came and take you and your friends.” He says, without looking back. “People who know how to use mind control. It’ll just be one person who has our Sukira though, but no matter what, don’t trust them.”Bookmark here

My friends?Bookmark here

I’m snapped back to my senses.Bookmark here

“And why the hell should I trust you!” I say, gritting my teeth.Bookmark here

“You have no other choice, kid. It’s up to you anyways.” He replies lazily, his back facing me.Bookmark here

“Then why are you telling me all this!?” I yell, disrupting him from leaving. “And who are you?”Bookmark here

He stops mid-step, almost swallowed by the darkness now.Bookmark here

“I told you kid, to warn you not to make your Sukira famous, unless under certain conditions. As for who I am… sometimes things better stay unknown, kid.” He says and points to his left. “This tunnel will lead you straight to your friends. Don’t take any turns. Quick, your friends are in danger.” He finishes then disappears from my sight.Bookmark here

The flashlight!Bookmark here

I run back to where the pod is, tumbling on the bag. I grab it, unzip it, and pull out the flashlight. I turn it on and point it at the where the man is supposed to be. Only to find nothing.Bookmark here

He’s gone.Bookmark here

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